IXTAHUELE – Mareld – 7″ EP- Black

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IXTAHUELE – Mareld EP (Subliminal Sounds) 7″
The Exotic Sounds of ÌXTAHUELE are back with three fresh offerings to soothe and entice your ears! Let your mind’s eye wander as this dynamic group paints an auditory landscape utilizing a wide array of both indigenous and symphonic percussion! Front and center are the vibrant, lush tones of the vibraphone, paired with piano, bass, and the occasional flute – all accompanied by an exciting and ever-changing thicket of bongos, congas, shakers, bells, gongs, cymbals and hand drums from all around the world, to only mention a few of the more common instruments used on these recordings. Following up on their debut album Pagan Rites, the Exotic Sounds of ÌXTAHUELE continue to develop their sound and song writing while exploring the heart, nuances, and boundaries of classic exotica. This is modern music in a postmodern world, made for the discerning listener. Three song E.P. extended play including : Mareld, Colors of Hawaiki, The Rose Of Bukhara.