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General Inquiries
info @ subliminalsounds . se

*Subliminal Sounds is proud to deal directly with shops and distros. For wholesale inquiries please send us a email.


I want to spread the psychedelic experience in music and other art forms. First i worked as a musician and film maker myself. Then i felt like trying to widen the scoop and invited musician friends who wanted to record their own music. That eventually evolved in to a record label. First it was called Xotic Mind and then Subliminal Sounds. Over the years there has been highs and lows in the public interest of psychedelic music. But we’ve continued on because this is what we like to do. Today there seems to be a renewed interest in “psychedelic” music. We are here now and will be here tomorrow too.

“If you´re looking for psychedelic music, do not buy these records unless you’re looking for psychedelic music”–

Subliminal Sounds is a multi-media company operating as:
A record company with the sub-labels: Subliminal Sounds, Xotic Mind,  Horny- and Hit Records.
Music publishing:  Psychedelic Sorcery Music.
A booking agency.
Web-shop mail-order.
Various events, festivals, clubs and concept creations, including interior design.

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