Träd gräs och stenar


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Back in 1967 the guitarist BoAnders Persson had already started his Terry Riley-inspired underground band Pärson Sound with the bass player Torbjorn Abelli and drummer Thomas Mera Gartz, amongst others. They evolved into International Harvester, then Harvester, and finally striking root as Träd gräs och stenar in 1969. The following year they arranged, end performed at, the legendary Swedish Gärdets-festivals that pioneered the Swedish alternative music movement. Träd gräs och stenar created their own contemporary music, even if they have been compared to Krautrockers like Can and Faust internationally. Rhythmic heart pumping and sound streaming, sure – but at the same time peculiarly Swedish, with their roots in the mould and with branches that reaches high up in to the clear air. The band is still going strong today under the shortened name Träden.