Tom Zacharias


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“There are no limits. Either one has to go for it or forget it. What the hell does compromises mean? It’s now time for the artist to be uncompromising and to get the power once and for all.” – Tom Zacharias

There exists are large group of multitalented artists who seldom gets any recognition in mass-media or music history. They’re trying to reach out with their message but usually never managed to be heard. One example is the Swede Tom Zacharias, musician, lyricist, singer, poet, actor and much more. He has been active since the 1960s and has so far released six LP records. As most outsider artists Tom cant survive economically solely on his artistic activity. He takes any kind of odd job when things get rough.
-That’s really only for the good. You get new experiences and get to meet lots of people. But one always dreams of living solely one ones art, he says.- The most obvious proof of Toms artistry is his six albums. His other activities have yet to be publicized or have been forgotten, like several theatrical plays he has appeared in.

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Tom (announced with a fake name) on Swedish prime time TV.