Yellow vinyl! – SWEDISH MEATBALLS Vol 2 – The Psychedelic Hard Rock Underground 1970 – 1977


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SWEDISH MEATBALLS – The Psychedelic Hard Rock Underground 1970 – 1977 Vol 2 (SUB-144-LP) SPECIAL COLOURED VINYL EDITION!

Pre-order now! Yellow vinyl special edition. Strictly limited to 150 copies only worldwide. Comes with a striking day-glow colored sleeve and a massive 16-page booklet cram packed with photos and previously untold stories and fun facts.

And here’s Volume 2 already going even deeper into the murky depths of the Swedish underground shining light in the deepest recesses of the Nordic caves.

Way-out heavy psych mindblowers with blistering guitars and pounding drums! Sweden – heaven and hell.

Hippies, stoners, teenage hoodlums or whatever they were called. Anarchists. Freaks United! Amazing musicians! Clandestine underground garage hard rock heavies’ recordings in the basement of an adult movies film studio. Chicks like wah-wah! Get on board!

This is a tasty new release in our series: “The Swedish Hard Rock Underground – A Smorgasbord of Heavy Sounds”!    Release date June 23, 2023.