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TIMOTHY LEARY: CBS ROCK CONNECTIONS with Mike Harrison (CBS Radio transcription disc US 1986) M-/M-
Patrick the Lama sez: ”Here’s a rarity for the psychedelic collection that few people are aware of. CBS Radio pressed up this transcription disc for distribution to regional stations, who could broadcast it as a complete radio show, including music segments and advertisements. The theme here is psychedelic music and culture, and we hear from Timothy Leary about taking acid in the 1980s, Alan Parsons regarding Pink Floyd, and Buck Dharma from BÖC about the greatness of early ’70s rock and their relationship to ‘acid music’. Songs include Floyd, Stones, Steve Miller Band, Jefferson Airplane, Traffic, Doors, Hendrix. The playtime is more than 55 minutes, and Tim Leary gets several minutes of on-air time, in a 2-part interview. The advertisements are amusingly targeted at baby-boomers and their woes with athlete’s foot, mixing strangely with the LSD raps. The disc comes in a generic CBS title cover and includes an insert program sheet with segment times etc. 1986 was not a strong year for acid (unless you hung out with our local scene) and this radio show is a curious initiative from staid old CBS. The Timothy Leary material is unique to this disc. Only copy I’ve ever seen, perhaps because people followed the CIA instruction on the label to ‘destroy the recording immediately after broadcast’..”