NEW ALCHEMY – On The Other Side Of Light – LP



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THE NEW ALCHEMY: On The Other Side Of Light LP (Subliminal Sounds SU-B-089-LP)
Limited edition orange vinyl LP 300 copies.

“The New Alchemy is all about Swedish artists Per Svensson and Ebbot Lundberg making dark, intricate, swirling rock psychedelia.” Ebbot Lundberg and Per Svensson had started their careers as artists at the legendary Radium 226.05 in Gothenburg during the swinging 1980´s. Per was releasing soundart and poetry and Ebbot being the lead singer of Union Carbide Productions at that time. During the following decades both guys have been developing their art; Per continuing on as a solo artist and Ebbot as the well known lead singer of TSOOL – The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Now the time has finally come for them to join forces in the New Alchemy. The band is made complete with an all-star cast of Mats Gustafsson (highly renowned musician with Sonic Youth and myriads of other bands), Patrik Caganis (Union Carbide Productions) – We’ve been living parallel lives for a while and sometimes we’ve bumped into each other during the last decades. And now finally we have decided to collaborate and put our ideas, our density and our gravity together /Ebbot Lundberg. – It feels like a groovy alchemic trip. The songs are created in the eggs of the cosmic serpent that uncoils into the year of the snake. /Per Svensson. The concept of the New Alchemy is to mix, and deliver new psychedelia. This will be done with the constellation of cunning artists/musicians followed by more psychedelic live alchemy, a world wide release and live shows.The new album is being released by Stefan Kéry’s wayward music company Subliminal Sounds, that has worked with making Swedish psychedelia a universal concern for the last decades. Sessions were executed at Northern Europe’s largest megalithic monument; Ale´sStones(Ale Stenar)at Kåseberga in the South of Sweden and at the new secret space observatory at Råö situated by the sea on the Swedish west coast south, amongst other places and studios