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SOGMUSOBIL – Telefon (Subliminal Sounds SUB-109-LP) LP NEW

Red vinyl limited edition of 300 copies
I finally get the pleasure of presenting one of the heaviest Swedish underground psych jams from the early 1970s which is the next in line for my Gump label reissues. This one is of course dedicated to the most awesome Johnny Mowinckel who just passed away. RIP Johnny! First ever vinyl reissue of this rare and sought after AND stoned to the max Swedish underground psych / progressive / experimental treasure from 1971. Originally released on the legendary Gump label and featuring the mythic underground personalities and musicians; Einar Heckscher and Johnny Mowinckel. Side 1 is sung in English and side 2 in Swedish. Includes a fine booklet with lots of previously unpublished photos and in-depth liner notes and interviews.