Mylla – Vanya CD



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MYLLA: Vanya (Subliminal Sounds SUBCD19) CD
The mythical speakeasy BC was located somewhere in Stockholm’s southern suburbs. A slushy and cold January night. In a cave, down in the cellar. The rook is filled with heavy, blue smoke and sweaty intoxicated bodies, filled with a longing for life, a longing for a feast. All of them wants to have a break in the weekday, drink a beer and jam. But something ignites, something backfires. The music is released from the introvert jamming and evolves in to a full feathered feast. More friends flow in and the feast and the music grows forth. Endorphins rains down heavily. The feast finally turns into a steaming night train that nobody can stop. Mylla (Mylla means “mould/earth” in Swedish) grew out of that feast, an everlasting feast. 2 years later. A quivering hot Gotlandish summer. A butterfly hatches out of it’s cocoon. The clothes are thin, light or not at all. It’s vacation time and it’s party time and it’s a recording time. The friends gather and more friends turn up. When the summer has melted the ice in the bodies and when beer and pipe both has cooled off and overheated the spirit the party reaches a new phase. Out of the Mylla grows a tree. During a week the summer 2007 the loft in a limestone cottage became a recording studio by day and a dance floor by night. The feast and the creativity had free reign. At this place and in this condition Myllas debut album was created. A beautiful experience, a brutal experience. Mylla grew out of the mythical speakeasy BC, in a context where also both the Works and Dungen figured. After intensive gigging at clubs they recorded their debut album at the Faro island (a secluded island far out in the Baltic Sea known by sailors for centuries as the “White Hawaii”. The island Faro has been closed for all foreigners up until a few years ago as it contains several top secret army bases) in June 2007. It was as much party and dance as recording. This is a feeling that permeates the whole record and it is this feeling that is Mylla. The band consists of a bunch of friends and is a mix of experienced musicians and some that never has stood on a stage before Mylla was formed. Just as you invite friends to a feast so has Mylla also invited several friends to contribute to the to the album, among others Gustav Ejstes from Dungen and the word artist Lasse Fabel. Mylla consists of: Choban, who plays bass guitar. Swahno, who plays electric guitar. Sebbe, who plays acoustic guitar and sing. Roban plays organ and sing. Psychedelic Eric plays flute. Krippa plays drums. Bockarn plays piano and sing.