Kebnekajse – LP

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The highest band in Sweden flies again – Kebnekajse releases a new album! They have been extremely influential and their sound can be hard in most Swedish psych/prog bands, and of course Dungen whos lead guitarist Reine Fiske has been working with recording and production of this album: There’s a rumble in the mountain, the forest swings and sings, the wind grabs tones that meanders high up amongst the clouds. It is time for the troll-dance again…Kebnekajse releases a new album in February 2009. They may be the highest mountain in Sweden but they are known as the highest band in the land. They were pioneers with their instrumental, electrified Swedish folk (fiddler) music. When they unleash their heavy version of Horgalaten at a festival the ring dancing spins around so that the hippie-hair flutter and the knee-tassle starts smoking. Kebnekajse, with Kenny Hakansson, Goran Lagerberg, Mats Glenngard, Thomas Netzler, Hassan Bah och Pelle Ekman, are back on stage and record. Six men loaded with eight new songs recorded in the woods (in the legendary Silence Studio with Anders Lind and Reine Fiske behind the controls) and mixed in the city; electric folk-rock with psychedelic overtones.