JERRY SOLOMON – Past the 20th Century – LP


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JERRY SOLOMON – Past the 20th Century (MH US re) NEW
Limited edition deluxe reissue. At last, the self-released 1971 LP by LA-based outsider psych artist Jerry Solomon gets reissued on vinyl! Though his earlier recordings (dating back to the ’60s) were based on wobbly rock’n’roll beats, ‘Past The 20th Century’ features uber psychedelic and hallucinatorty droning minor-key melodies, irregular percussive jabs, toy piano strums and impenetrable lyrics delivered by Jerry’s self-overdubbed and echo-laden vocals. The reissue of this much sought after, ultra rare album comes with reproduced artwork and a zine-styled insert. Way back in the 1990s thids record was a secret only wispered about by tghe US psych mafia in closed circles.