DENNISE NORWOOD – In The Skin With Me – LP


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DENNISE NORWOOD – In The Skin With Me (Dennise Records DDA-101 US 1961) Ex-/ Vg+
Woooow! Here’s a very unusual and unknown private press record from what can only be described as another dimension. The turned-on pre-hippy/psychedelic beatnik skin-diver, nature boy/woman swinger scene out of Florida. Music has an amazing underwater theme and imaginary, with bubbling scuba effects and surreal femme vocal folky exotic trips. Nothing else quite like it. For those in the know; a small circle of the most diehard US psych private press collectors, it has also long been a very legendary record.  The first, and only known copy for a long time, eventually sold for $2000 (that’s over 20 000 Swedish krona!). Now over the years a few more copies have appeared and sold for a lot less by sellers who didn’t seem to have any clue on what kind of amazing rarity they had on their hand. Probably because it was still considered a “secret” records by collectors in the know and not hyped or listed in any reference books.  But having had people look for this LP for me over many many years now I know that it hardly ever pops up so it could be many years before another comes loose. Vinyl plays great with just some light surface noise here and there and nothing that overpowers the music. The sleeve has slightly bumped corners and some age spotting. A chipping present on the top seams. Otherwise very nice and tidy.