COFFIN CHEATERS book 1st edition


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COFFIN CHEATERS (The Western Empire US)  M-
First edition. 304 pages. 1000 copies limited edition. Hard cover. Rare, long out of print and highly desirable book. Amazing visual history of outlaw motorcycle gang, the Coffin Cheaters. The Coffin Cheaters were originally established in Long Beach, California in the 1960s. Every motorcycle club is unique in some way – the Coffin Cheaters are no exception. With this club there are no prospects whatsoever. In other words, you cannot join the club by performing any specific tasks or rituals. You must be born into the club or be a blood relative of an existing member. The only exception is for a non-member who hangs with the club for at least five years and gets a 100% vote of approval among existing membership to be fully patched. The volume is illustrated through with rare photographic images of members and their bikes, with supplementary text by members. Scarce in this first edition which sold-out shortly after publication.