CHARLIE TWEDDLE – Fantastic Greatest Hits – LP


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CHARLIE TWEDDLE – Fantastic Greatest Hits (Private KM 1500 US 1974) M-/M-
Huge personal fave here and one-of-a-kind album mind frying lysergic outer space hillibilly. Rare US private press from 1974. From the Lama’s description in Acid Archives: ”Incredibly strange (true, for once) real people artifact from a Bay Area guy who claims to be “king of the flying saucer people. Moves in a Grudzien/Skip Spence direction but without their big city vibes, more like if one of those inbred hillbilly degenerates in “Deliverance” made an LP, complete with pig oinks. First side is twisted back porch acid folk blues with amazing lyrics, side 2 is mostly the sound of crickets, water and nightbirds with fragments of music here and there, like if the tripper wandered off into the woods. It’s hard to determine the angle Tweddle is coming from as the music is obviously retro yet has an undeniable authenticity to it. The “Alien Invaders” track rivals Grudzien for surreal mountain music, and the “sounds of nature” side sucks you into a forgotten movie inside your mind. One of the major pieces in the Fringe Of Everything genre, and a great foldout sleeve too. One of the most-discussed, bent-mysterious homemade recordings of the era- a legend to some, a casualty to other”.