AnnaMy – Woodpecker LP



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ANNAMY: Woodpecker (Subliminal Sounds SUB-094-LP) LP
Vinyl LP limited edition of 500 copies. Spellbinding debut album of Swedish femme psych-folk-rock delight. Top notch song writing and stellar musicianship in a style reminiscent of the masters of the early 1970s; (like Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Mellow Candle, Trees, Comus, Vasthi Bunyan, CSN, Linda Perhacs and others). But yet AnnaMy performs in an unmistakable style all of her own that is both fully rooted in the now and timeless, and ultimately leaves any comparison futile. Listen to AnnaMy:

Full electric band setting with guitars, bass, organ, flute, cello, drums and percussion with Annas crystalline and heartfelt voice soaring on top. Electric guitar duties handled by the grand wizard of the craft; Reine Fiske. The AnnaMy band also consist of musicians from The Amazing, Dungen, Life on Earth!, Lisa o Piu, Anna Järvinen and many more. The band went in to the legendary Silence studios situated in the mysterious, deep and wintry forests of Koppom, Värmland . During the next couple of days recording the full album was committed to tape. I’d never been as extraordinarily productive, says Anna. Today I am no longer in the protected environment of the Värmland woods but in the hustle and bustle of my hometown Stockholm inner city, which can sometimes drive me crazy. Every song on her debut album ‘Woodpecker’ came to Anna when she listened to her deepest feelings and each song has its own story. What kind of feelings they might be are up to listeners to feel for themselves.