Life On Earth!


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The existence of humanity is constantly threatened! War! Climate collapse! Overpopulation, diseases and starvation! No wonder some days feel a little heavy. But let us be frank – we are located in the place of the boat that will disappear beneath the surface last. We are not the ones to be downhearted. And although there’s a lot of people in our end of the boat who don’t contribute with much more than misery, that ain’t us. We are the ones that are well off and appreciate it, who care and give of what we get as long as it lasts. Aren’t we? With these thoughts as the point of departure Mattias Gustavsson fantasized about a band playing as if life depended upon it, a backlash against indifference, a celebration and invitation to pleasure, awareness and communion. Not decadent – but Dionysian! He gave it the name Life on Earth! In the breaks between tours with Dungen, where Mattias plays the bass, he recorded songs to that imaginary band.  Now the fantasy band is made real.