Kvartetten som sprängde


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With Rune in the fold, Finn and Fred’s songs started to take form and take off, and the group started to play more steady gigs around town. Soon they were selling out most of the smaller clubs they played at, Laset, Bullerbyn, Fyran, and Kurbits, and they also ended up playing shows at the Modern Museum of Art. They were also invited to play the now-legendary jazz and folk-club Mosebacke. Upon finally deciding to make a proper demo-tape, they approached Rune’s old musician friend Bernt Rosengren who guided them towards a practice space on Åsogatan in town, where the demo-tape was finally cut. Through Rune’s contacts with Anders Lind and Bo Hansson, the tape was brought to Silence Records, but was, strangely enough, rejected. The tape finally ended up in the hands of ex-jazzman Anders Burman, another old acquaintance of Rune’s. Anders had just put out his new project, the GUMP label. Upon hearing the recording, Anders was blown away. Legendary engineer Rune Persson managed to produce an amazing sound out of the group, using the present 16-channel AMPEX MM 1000 recorder with the delicate use of the studio’s own echo-chamber, lending a magical, gossamer reverb to the whole album’s sound. Few instrumental albums recorded in Sweden at the time have the same amazing sonic atmosphere as Kattvals. Fred played his C-3 organ, Rune played his Ludwig 18, 12, 14 inch kit, and Finn used his 50-watt Marshall head with a home-built cabinet. The band absolutely soars on this record, with the track “Gånglåt fran Valhallavägen” as the true epic centerpiece.