Joakim Skogsberg


Buy the Joakim Skogsberg “Jola Rota” vinyl LP

During the early 1970s Joakim recorded  mysterious, shamanistic and highly psychedelic “folk music” infused with incredible soundscapes of derailed fuzzed out violins, soaring guitars, rattling hand percussion, droning vocals and pulsating bass rhythms. The album was called Jola Rota and was originally released in 1972. It sold 300-400 copies and was then withdrawn and the reaming copies discarded making Jola Rota a much rumored and sought after Swedish droned-out and mesmerizing psychedelic artifact. The legendary Swedish musicians on this album include Pugh Rogefeldt, Göran Lagerberg, Mats Glenngård and Thomas Netzler. It’s now available again from Subliminal Sounds.