Ixtahuele_13 (kopia)

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From the mystical realms of a secluded ancient island, rising from the icy spray of the forbidden northern waters, comes the haunting, savage beat of a mysterious and primitive ritual. In this forgotten place, awash with wonder and enigma, echoing with the booming of sharkskin drums and bone rattles, the rock speaks with the voice of the gods.

ÌXTAHUELE is a Swedish exotica band  from Gothenburg; a damp, foggy harbor town that ever since its founding in the early 17th century has been an international melting pot and that has been associated with exotic, faraway destinations ever since the days of the East India Trading Companies. Having grown up with the exciting tales of the sailors and the luscious smells and flavors of the markets, an interest in the romantic and exotic is an integral part of life for the group.

Coming from a variety of musical backgrounds, ÌXTAHUELE strive to combine an immersive, research-like approach with their collective experience in jazz, pop, surf, classical, Latin and world music to create authentic, exciting, and innovative world-class exotica. The aim of the group is to provide the perfect soundtrack to bring your mind’s eye on a time-traveling, round-the-world trip.  ÌXTAHUELE try to push the limits of where they can take you,  to faraway exotic islands, lost lands, and ancient cities – bringing back the Ottoman Empire, Port Royal, or even the mythical continent of Mu.