Eden Ahbez’s Dharmaland arranged and recorded by Ìxtahuele recording sessions.

Eden Ahbez’s “Dharmaland,” the lost follow-up to “Eden’s Island” to be released by Subliminal Sounds, is almost here! But before it drops… let’s take a quick look back to the recording sessions!!

Ixtahuele Eden Ahbez Dharmaland

The album was put together between summer 2019 and fall 2020 and was recorded mainly in Los Angeles, CA, and Gothenburg, Sweden, with some additional overdubs in NYC and Northern Cali.
Ixtahuele arranged and performed the entire album and can be seen here in SlideAway Music Studio in Shadow Hills, CA, slide 1. They are joined by Ahbe’s friend/former collaborator Dave De La Vega on congas (second from left) and the composer’s last collaborator, Joe Romersa, second from right. Arranger Mattias Uneback is in the center.
Eden Ahbez Ixtahuele Dharmaland
Co-producer Brian Chidester (right) looking on from the mixing booth with Anne Rainwater (left), a classical pianist, and also a blood relative of Ahbe.
Eden Ahbez Ixtahuele Dharmaland
Anne Rainwater records on the grand piano.
Eden Ahbez Ixtahuele Dharmaland
Ixtahuele percussionist and co-producer of the album, Johan Hjalmarsson (left), and co-arranger, Henrik Magnusson.
Eden Ahbez Ixtahuele Dharmaland Subliminal Sounds
Chidester and Romersa hamming it up at the mixing desk at Shadowbox Studio, in Woodland Hills, CA.
Here’s one more in a series of mini -documentaries about the creative process that pulled this long-lost follow-up to “Edens Island” out of the ashes. Íxtahuele keyboard/windwood player Henrik Magnusson recount his role as the album’s co-arranger here. Stay tuned for more.