Infra / Treklöver


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The fabled Treklöver, and Infra, out of the Stockholm’s southern suburbs early 1970s were known to play louder, and more advanced, than any other band in the land. Their first incarnation was called Treklöver; this killer heavy power trio then grew in to a four-piece and changed their name to Infra.

Treklöver recorded a demo for EMI in 1972, and then in 1974, in their Infra incarnation, a prestigious demo for RSO in the UK. Had these recordings yielded actual record releases back then music history would have been different, but sadly nothing at all was ever released.

But you can now finally listen to all those amazing recordings, presented in their full glory directly from the original master-tapes. This release installs this legendary band in their true status as one of the ultimate Swedish hard rock / heavy psych bands of the 1970s.