Stefan K

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“Two long oriental esoteric jams with sitar, flute and percussion. This is a really psychedelic party where almost all of Xotic Minds members contribute. The improvisations that were recorded at Adam Axelzons home and at the Babalon Bar in Stockholm reaches orgiastic crescendos, especially the “Io Pan”, a primordial invocation to Pan, with polyrhythmical structures that grows and grows. Reminds one of such masterpieces as “Seven Ate Sweet” or “Taxim” by the mythical Kaleidoscope (USA). The Entheogens LP is a cleansing dip in a oriental acid distortion. A kind of record you seldom see nowadays.” – Rockerilla, Italy

Personal fave of LP on the label; as appealing as any US private press monster. All of the label’s talent gathered for extended tribal acid oriental jams, partly recorded live. Strange cult inspiration adds an eerie vibe. Never reprinted and hard to find. Has insert. – Patrick ”The Lama”/The Lama Reviews

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