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In these days of tension on a world wide scale, and hurry in our daily tasks, one of our greatest needs is for some means to relax, to find relief from worry. The answer is found when you encounter Bosse, his son Adam & their swinging gang of Exotic-nicks gives you a blazing hi-fi display of brass and percussion. Foreign, exotic instruments appear and dazzle your imagination. You’ll never experienced music like this before. This is music to see – on this record there are many new sounds that will force the listener to create his own word picture. This is music to feel – as Bo and his gang are careful to provide in their orchestration the specific feeling of  sipping exotic drinks while gulping in some unbelievably picturesque beauty.

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To put it with what may we’ll be deceptive simplicity, the rather modest purpose of this album is to achieve a kind of high fidelity travelogue – an intention, by the way, that is announced at the outset by the Saz and Egyptian drum in “Salome”.

This whole album, indeed, is as revealing of Bo’s resourcefulness as it is of the various musicians creative inspiration. Basically, indeed, it betrays nothing more complicated than an urge to provide an irresistible beat. And that, after all, is the way the drums were meant to be played.

Bo has been beating the skins for such musical dignities as Charro Pampas, to name just one This amazing debut album full of contrast and surprises, is an ideal showcase for the myriad talents of Bo Axelzon and his Exotic Sounds. The exotic mood music that you’ll hear in this set are right now commercial success as a new “pop” approach; but there’s nothing new under the sun, as this kind of playing has a long and colorful history that goes back over a thousand years…

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Bo Axelzon: Drums, Percussion
Adam Axelzon: Percussion, Bird Calls
Ebbe Belfrage: Accordion
Stig Bäckström: Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Bassoon
Gunnar Ericsson: Tenor Saxophone
Lars Hedström: Bass
Stefan Kéry: Lap Steel, Sitar, Saz, Guitar
Curt Landberg: Trumpet
Dick Malm: Accordion, Guitar
Anders Paulsson: Bass
Roger Petersson: Valve Trombone
Gunnar Örtenstrand: Guitar

Recorded at In Deep Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Produced by: Adam Axelzon, Stefan Kéry, Anders Paulsson