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20 years before bands like the Hives, Sweden was already well known for it’s amazing garagerock through bands like the Creeps, Crimson Shadows, The Stomachmouths and of course the Backdoor Men, maybe the sharpest of them all. The mighty Backdoor Men originally started up as the mod-band Pow in 1982 but when the amazing vocalist Robert Jelinek, who was also in The Creeps, joined forces with them the they changed their name to The Backdoor Men. The rest is garage rock history. For the first time you can hear all their recordings and read their exciting story. Lots of unreleased bonus tracks, a groovy booklet with extensive liner notes giving an uncensored, first hand, peak in to what really happened + lots of photos etc. It’s all here! Ultimate mid-1980s jangly garagerock/pop/folk from Sweden!