ÌXTAHUELE – Call of the Islands – limited edition LP

Mystery colored vinyl (a unique and kooky mix-up from an exotic palette) and including an insert with a unique drink recipe by Martin Cate and more. Limited edition of 600 copies only!

Limited edition Mystery Coloured Vinyl LP

Lush and exciting, rich and vibrant, the modern masters of exotica –  Ìxtahuele’s  2nd album is finally available again. Release date August 30, 2024.

Guiding your mind’s eye over oceans and mountains, through jungle and desert, teasing and enticing your ears with layered soundscapes and catchy melodies, you’ll find yourself whistling along on a winding mountain road, stalking through the rainforest, or humming lazily on a tropical beach. Building on their previous releases, both musically and thematically, the group flirts with jazz, mambo, and space age pop, all the while retaining their classic acoustic exotica sound and a high level of musicianship.

This is music to lounge by the pool to, to armchair travel, to share a cocktail with a lover or a friend or to imbibe sacred libation in the rumpus room or Tiki bar. Sophisticated and savage, it’s exotica for the modern age!