NEW ARRIVALS May 2024: vintage records and books

Vintage shop update

Hiya! Here’s a cool pile of mind-expanding goodies to check out. Several of nice original vinyl rarities and a few cool reissues and comps. These titles are not in the regular web-shop. Only listed here for you right now. Dig in!

Please note that the records are graded: DISC / COVER.


ALLMAN BROTHERS (Atco SD 33-308 US 1969) M-Ex- 599:-
US 1st pressing from 1969 in a gatefold sleeve. Their killer 1st album.  

ARBETE & FRITID – Håll andan (MNW SW 1979) Ex/Vg++ 800:-
Including the original printed inner sleeve. Amazing album that goes waaaaay out!

BEATLES – Yellow Submarine (Apple PCS 7070 UK 1969) M-/Ex 1800:-
UK stereo 1st pressing including the black inner sleeve. YEX 715-1/ YEX 716-1. At their most psychedelic.

CROSBY STILLS & NASH (Atlantic 588189 UK 1969) Ex+/Vg+++ 700:-
Superb and desirable UK plumb label original 1st pressing with amazing sound. Includes the original insert. What a beauty!

CULPEPPER´S ORCHARD (Polydor 2380 006  DEN 1971) M – / Vg+++  4600:-
Beautiful original Danish 1st pressing of this psych masterpiece rarity with the lavish multi-gatefold sleeve also in very nice condition. Only some slight writing on the glossy back cover that might be removable. Really this album is one of the best ever worldwide. Amazing west coast style heavy psych wit killer sneaky guitar leads all over and intricate song writing that blooms out in full. Goes way deep Wow!   

MAY BLITZ (Vertigo 6360 007 UK 1970) M-/Ex- 4600:-
Original UK 1st press from 1970 including the original Vertigo inner sleeve. Perfect disc and clean sleeve with only some whitening of the seams on the corners. Beautiful!

KRAFTWERK – Computer World (EMI EMS-91030 Japan 1981) M-/M- 890:-
Beautiful Japanese 1st pressing from 1981. Complete with the OBI and insert. 

CURTIS MAYFIELD – Roots (Curtom CRS 8009 US 1971) M-/Vg+ 530:-
US 1st pressing from 1971. Deep funk psych masterpiece. 

NIGHT SHADOWS – The Square Root of Two (Hottrax US1979) M-/Ex 2200:-
2nd pressing of this ultimate garage psych monster album that first came out in 1968. For this 1979 Hottrax release they remixed some tracks adding some awesome acid fuzz guitars and more making a great album even better!

JEAN JACQUES PERREY – Moog Indigo (Vanguard VSD 6549 US 1970) Vg+/Vg+ 530:-
US 1st pressing from 1970. Totally trippy electronica Moog masterpiece.

PINK FLOYD – Dark Side of the Moon (Harvest UK 1973) Ex/Vg+ 3800:-
Complete and original UK 1st pressing from 1973 with the solid light blue triangle on the label. Includes all the inserts (both posters and both stickers) and the black inner bag. Disc looks and sounds very nice. The sleeve is also in great shape but with rubbings that is usual on this fragile sleeve creating a slight white “fog” (see picture) that. Very nice keeper copy indeed 

QUEEN – II (EMI 0C 064 ◦ 95186 UK 1974) M-/Vg++ 1300:-
Original UK 1st pressing from 1974. Includes the original inner sleeve. Beautiful copy!

DENNIS SOARES – Surf Over the Reef (Kobe DS 101Hawaii 1975) Ex/Ex 1900:-
rare and nice original 1st pressing of this Hawaiian psych lounge masterpiece. Has the original printed cover. 

DONNA SUMMER – I Feel Love (Casablanca FEEL 12 UK 1982) M-/Vg+ 380:-
Absolutely mind bending surreal disco total trip 15 min remix from master mind Patrick Cowley 1982. Ultimate psychedelic disco poppers trip.

TILLSAMMANS (Kompas LPN7601 SW 1976) M-/Ex 330:-
Superb Sweish xian album from 1976. One track featured on the “Frälst!” comp. 

TVÅ & TVÅ (FJUGSTAPOJKARNA – En helt ny dag (Cavatina C71-1006 SW 1971) Vg+/Vg+ 499:-
Rare and quite fantastic Swedish Xian pop with psych leanings. 

LISA WARRINGTON – I Like the Way You Do It (Sound Modification SM 101 US 1984) M- 4500:-
Totally outstanding sexy and totally turned on disco mega rarity from 1984 that goes waaaaay deep. Was in shrink and only played carefully a couple of times. Huge fave!


AFTER ALL IS SAID AND DONE – Taping the Grateful Dead, 1965-1995 (Mark A. Rodriguez’s Anthology US) 430:-
Beautiful deluxe 320 pages hard cover book. If any one musical act of the rock and roll era can be said to have transcended the simple categorization of “band,” the Grateful Dead is it: by the time they stopped performing in 1995, the Dead had become an international institution with a vast backing organization, a massive and devoted fanbase, and archival recordings both official and bootlegged. The cultural significance of these bootlegs—live concert cassettes which solidified the Dead’s legendary status even as they occupied a legal gray area for decades—is utterly unique in the annals of music, and the story of their creation, trading, and endless proliferation is a people’s history unto itself. Featuring dozens of interviews with tape enthusiasts and members of the Grateful Dead organization as well as the show stopping visuals from hundreds of archival cassette covers, After All Is Said and Done is artist Mark A. Rodriguez’s exploration of that history, a saga of homegrown psychedelia, anarchic graphic styles, and black market fandom as written in magnetic tape.

ROY CASTLE – Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors / Voodoo Girl (CBS UK re) Ex 260:-
Long out of print reissue of  this unique UK exotic jazz vocal horror themed (voodoo ritual with a goat sacrifice non the less) 45 from 1965.

FLEUR DE LYS – Mud In Your Eyes (Polydor UK re) M- 499:-
Exact and long out of print way rare reissue of this UK psych killer mega rarity from 1966.

FLEUR DE LYS – Gong With the Luminous Nose / Hammer Head (Polydor UK re) M- 499:
Exact and long out of print reissue of this UK psych killer mega rarity two-sider from 1968.

STORMY GAYLE – Flipsville (Staff US re) 7”  M- 590:-
Exact re of impossibly rare and surreal femme rockabilly from 1959. In fact, this long out of print reissue is very rare in it’s own right and has sold for over 1000 SEK in the past.

HONEY AND THE BEES – Psychedelic Woman / GYEDO-BLAY AMBOLLEY & THE STENEBOOFS – Simigwado (Mr. Bongo re)  7”  M- 160:-
Long out of print and very cool reissue of two completely ultra-rare psych 45s out of Ghana early 1970s. Wow! 

THE JAZZ BOX (Jazzman UK re) 3×7” Ex//Ex 450:-
Long out of print killer 3×7” single reissue housed in a gatefold sleeve. Way-out!!!

THE VOICE – Train to Disaster (Mercury UK re) M- 499:-
Exact and long out of print reissue of this UK psych killer mega rarity two-sider from 1968.

CECIL LEUTER – Pop Electronique (Pulp Flavor re) M-/Vg+++ 190:- 
Reissue of totally over the top magic French library album from 1972. 

MAD MAN JONES – Snake Charmer / Yeah (Mad re) M- 590:-
Beyond the beyond and ultra-rare crazed beatnik 1958 surreal killer 45s best sides comped on to one now rare in itself long out of print reissue. Yeah!

PEBBLES VOL 11 (AIP US re) Ex/Vg+++ 200:-
This is the rare original 1983 pressing of this one of the better late volumes in this classic series compiling ultra rare 60s US garage/psych 45s.

Pebbles Vol. 20 The Continent Lashes Back! European Garage Rock Part 4: Sweden (AIP US re) M-/M- 300:-
Long out of print comp of way rare Swedish 60s beat and psych.

Pebbles Vol.26: The Continent Lashes Back! Garage, Beat & Psych Rarities: Sweden Pt. 2 (AIP US re) M-/M- 300:-Follow up to the above comp. Long out of print comp of way rare Swedish 60s beat and psych.

RELICS Vol 2 (Phorward US re) M-/M- 290:-
Rare and cool private comp of rare and obscure US 60s psych.

TINTERN ABBEY – Beeside / Vacuum Cleaner (Acme re) Ex 590:-
Rare and out of print exact reissue of UK 12967 psych monster mindblower 2-sider. 

Trans-World Punk Rave-Up Volume One (Crypt re) M-/M- 200:-
Amazing comp of raving 60s beat and r&b from all over.

Trans-World Punk Rave-Up Volume Two (Crypt re) M-/M- 160:-
Amazing comp of raving 60s beat and r&b from all over