ÌXTAHUELE – Mareld 2021 – new single

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Happy New Year! Here’s a toast from yours’s truly, ÌXTAHUELE, with a new super groovy single! Mareld 2021 is perfect for the cocktail lounge and will get things swinging in no time. Works just as well on the beach as in the snow, or in lockdown. Just grab a Mai-Tai, or Dry Martini, and go! Mareld 2021 is the groovy new take on the worlds #1 exotica band’s classic song. The world renowned Ìxtahuele comes from the ancient harbor town of Gothenburg, Sweden. They strive to combine an immersive, research-like approach with their collective experience in jazz, pop, surf, classical, Latin and world music to create authentic, exciting, and innovative world-class exotica.

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