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When Sex Was Dirty – Josh Alan Friedman (Feral House US) M-
The grittiest, most perceptive look yet at Times Square – the Deuce when it was run by desperadoes, not Disney. This grab bag of essays has an emphasis on sleaze (and on the humanity of those who traffic in it), For example  Friedman’s haunting portrait of stripper Maria Krupa, daughter of jazz drummer Gene Krupa, who died of a heroin overdose. “The Strikeout King” brings readers vividly back to the oversexed Manhattan nightclubs of the mid-’80s and pits an editor who can’t get a date against a lothario who sleeps with almost every woman he meets. And “The Rise and Fall of Al Goldstein”—traces with empathy and amazement the arc of the infamous pornographer, for whom Friedman once worked.