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US, TOO – Long Tomorrow / Crazy Boy – 7″


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US, TOO – Long Tomorrow / Crazy Boy (Arts & Stuff ) Vg
Deep, haunted  loner private press psych monster unknown. Has just the perfect timeless sound and ambiance with dreamy lost vocals, echoey electric tremolo guitar (magic beyond belief) and crisp bongos. Surreal lyrics “Lost on liquor, spent my wallet on a hand, leaving faces that I changed at my command” filled with a gloomy stoned twilight lost gambler despair. The A-side; isn’t anywhere near Long Tomorrow but still great in its own way.  “Crazy Boy” , has a strong beatnik ambiance  is also great and shows that this record must be earlier than I thought. Maybe like 1964. Incredible. This seems to be the only known copy and can’t find it anywhere online. I got this record in trade from Paul Major way back. It was from his private collection of 45 and a huge fave of his. Like the only record I got from him where he asked me to record a tape of it for him as he would surely never ever see another copy. Plays strong with just some surface noise and minor clicks. So for offers as this probably once in a lifetime chance to score this amazing record.