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TRES AND KITSY – Dandelions (KBK MK 27-61US 1971) LP


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TRES AND KITSY – Dandelions (KBK MK 27-61US 1971) LP S/S
Incredible still sealed in the shrink copy of this unique album. Truly remarkable  folk/singer-song-writer/ psych album by the two talented young girls Tres & Kitsy, aged 10 and 11. Here’s an excellent review of it from the always trusty Acid Archives 2nd Edition: “The album is in some ways, exactly what you would expect, but is also quite a bit better than that. The songs (all self-penned) cover child-like subject matter to be sure, with an appealing wide-eyed innocence and joy, but also tackle more complicated issues (i e: ―War‖) with surprising poignancy. The lyrics may be simplistic, as would be expected, but I find them a lot more intelligent than much of the quasi-high brow, quasi-poetic and naively political songs spewed forth by a lot of adults in the genre. The songs are pretty catchy too, and it‘s a short album that, while sparse (acoustic guitars and some light jazzy drums) and simple, doesn‘t drag the way a lot of guitar-and-voice and harmony folk records do. I like them better than well-known collector favorites like Wendy & Bonnie, for example. It‘s a real breath of fresh air to find a record from this time period without any guile or obvious agenda, and, unlike, say, the Shaggs or New Creation, this is legitimate music that shows budding talent. And I love the way they keep using the phrase ―hey man‖.”