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THE MANDRAKE MEMORIAL – Puzzle (Poppy 40.006 USA 1970) OFFERS
Here’s something you dont see everyday: a pretty much perfect copy of the rare and elusive deluxe promo edition of Puzzle It was originally sent out to a select few elite radio DJ.s prior to the official album release back in 1970. It’s a very impressive promo package and not something that was sent to the regular press (they got the regular promo copy) but only a select few VIP radio DJs.. The estimated printing quantity for such expansive promo releases, by comparing to other’s of the same style, is around 100 copies only. So this one will stay very rare forever. The album is of course one of the acknowledged foremost psychedelic masterpieces. The very frail and oversized box style outer cover rated VG has wear tear and creases and some small pieces of non-visible tape to reinforce the corners. Stains on the back as on all the few copies of this that has turned up over the years. However it’s still very nice and presentable. The promo materials inside consist of 4 unique glossy promo photos, one of each band member plus one of the full group. There is also a picture and letter of Seiji Ozawa talking about the band and a 4 page biography. All these are in perfect M-. Condition.  Then there’s a copy of the actual Puzzle LP. The sleeve has a hardly visible Not for sale – promotional use only embossing. There’s a little wear including some very slight ring wear and is rated Vg+. It includes the fine round insert of course, Poppy inner bag and then the actual LP disc, which is in M- condition. Wow!!!