TeenBeat Mayhem!


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TeenBeat Mayhem! – Mike Marksich M- 650:-
The ultimate guide to garage rock in the 1960s North America. A massive A-Z discography documenting every known garage/teenbeat 45 release—over 16,000 songs by thousands of teenage rock ‘n’ roll groups from across the USA. Also includes a detailed history of the mid-60s teenbeat explosion and its lingering impact on popular culture. Plus the Top 1,000 ’60s Garage Tracks, as voted on by a panel of experts. Lavishly illustrated (in black & white and full-color) with rare band photos, label shots, picture sleeves and more. Essential! If you were on the cusp, or right smack dab in the middle of adolescence during the 1960s, playing in a rock & roll group was the coolest fad around. TeenBeat Mayhem! is an historical account paying tribute to this unheralded musical class from that decade, one comprised of American teenagers who forged their own brand of homegrown rock & roll. This 400-page hardcover book relates how this nationwide craze exploded following the Beatles nationally televised debut on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964; how amateur and club-working groups were forced to update their sound to stay competitive, and how young novices deftly practiced their craft to become energetic performing combos. You’ll read accounts relating what it was like getting a shot at making a record, and tales of summits and pitfalls which either fortified or broke a combo’s collective spirit. It’s a timeline account of the popular, regional and lesser-known groups who occupied different hierarchical levels, separated by age, life experience and musical ability, whirling around within a rapidly changing music scene.