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REFLECTIONS – The Unique Sounds of – LP


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REFLECTIONS – The Unique Sounds of… (US) LP    M-/M-
Qouting Will Louivre/Companion Records spot on commentary here. “If you’re the kind of person who buys homemade, locally-issued thrift store records in search of a more personal sound, this collection of instrumentals may be right up your alley. For us, the moods captured here are as deep and soulful as it gets for this genre. Recorded in in drummer Harold Collins’ parent’s living room, this is the one and only document left behind by Louisiana’s Reflections, who KO’d all comers in local battle of the bands contests and worked weekends at the Holiday Inn down the road in Slidell. This was 13 year old Collins’ first professional gig and his drowsy, rat-a-tat-tat jazz style lends a flavourful back beat to the selections. The deft organ work and soul-stirring horn and guitar solos from Allis Murray is what pushes this one over the top. Incredibly, she performed all three instruments at once, working the organ with a foot pedal. “Would you believe a five-piece band with only two people in it?” begins the liner notes… “We’re not putting you on. The sounds you will hear on this album are two people…No double-track recording tricks, no extra help — just two of the best musicians…playing their favourite numbers.” Multi-tasking aside, what lures us are the haunting moods captured in Murray originals “Autumn in the Air” and “Evening by the Sea” and cover tunes like “Moonlight in Vermont”. The rickety, upbeat jazz/surf numbers are brimming with personality as well, in fact if the whole album were made up of these, it’d still be a top thrift store keeper. Original vinyl copies are virtually non-existent”.