Modernized The Shadow – LP


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Modernized The Shadow ( Metro MLK 916 Thailand 196?) M-/Vg+
Rare and great release from the late 1960s land of smile with best tunes from Legend Johnny Guitar & PM here. The music of Payong Mukda, as well as Johnny Guitar), was known as “Shadow Music”. The term was in reference to the British instrumental band The Shadows, who were quite popular throughout all of Asia. Recordings of this music were often billed as “Thai Modernized Music“, taking classic Thai compositions and mixing in elements of surf guitar, a-go-go music and other styles to create an entirely new form of music. SHADOW MUSIC was a broad term given to the Thai guitar pop movement of the 1960s and the groups that came out of it, all under the profound influence of early Western rock and roll. British instrumental wonders The Shadows (as in Cliff Richards & the Shadows) were the origin of the genre’s title, also coined ‘Wong Shadow’ or early Thai ‘String’ music. Shadow records were often marketed as ‘Thai Modernized Music’ which it was in the truest sense. Traditional Thai melodies were given the Shadow treatment; incorporating rock, surf, a-go-go, exotica, soul, blues, Latin and other worldly styles of the times. Inventive compositions and instrumental genius meet the occasional odd vocal arrangement and the results range from plaintive guitar and organ-driven lullabies to full-blown electric garage folk-psychedelia.