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MADRIGAL (Subliminal Sounds SUB-115-LP) NEW
Black vinyl – limited edition 500 copies. 
Our exclusive Record Store Day release.  A completely revised reissue of this much sought after psychedelic rarity. We can finally tell the amazing background history of this unique record. The story is presented here for the first time in a deluxe 12-page booklet with an in-depth interview plus lots of never before seen photographs. The great-lost Grail’s of the NYC freak underground! Trading hands for $3-4000 on the rare occasions it is offered, Madrigal has grown into a legend among fans of psychedelic drone music. Here’s what Patrick wrote in the Acid Archives book: “…A rather amazing do-it-yourself descent into the murkiest depths of the early 1970s underground. It’s two guys sitting in what sounds like a boiler room, equipped with a drum machine, an electric guitar & bass and some oscillators, hotwiring themselves into the lysergic flow of the Now. The music drones and cavorts while incomprehensible screams and dialogue lurk in the background, as heard through a locked door. The atmosphere is as thick as in a nightmare…”. But Madrigal’s strongest achievement may be the seamless shift from the harrowing visions of machinery and faceless suffering on side 1 into a string of dark, haunting folk-rock numbers on side 2, a transition as natural as if these were simply the two sides of the same unclassifiable coin. Pioneering at the time and still unique today, vague parallels could be made to Suicide, the Patron Saints and Velvet Underground’s third LP, but first and last Madrigal can only be understood on its own”. Re-mastered for superior sound and presented here for the first time with the original artwork.