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L.A. DESPAIR – John Gilmore (AMOK US) Ex
This singular book follows a mad, tumultuous landscape without remorse or pity, the high and low life of Hollywood/LA. Gilmore obsesses on a relentless panorama of sex, violence and death in five new chronicles of So Cal sickness: The sex-and-drug soaked Wonderland murders featuring porn legend John Holmes. Sexpot Starlet Barbara Payton’s hellbent descent into the gutters of Tinseltown. the Hollywood Hooker who landed in San Quentin’s gas chamber, the Ice Blonde Murderess Barbara Graham. For those already steeped in the canon of John Gilmore’s work, this is the long-awaited true-crime capstone to a celebrated collection of works, a blood-and-semen-soaked noir trail of all-night diners, nightclubs and cheap motels.