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Lisa o Piu: Behind the Bend - CD: 40 SEK / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

lisa o piu


Lisa o Piu: When This Was The Future- LP: 180 SEK / CD: 40 SEK / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Lisa o Piu "Behind the Bend". Brand new album from this bewitching Swedish folk siren and her band. This is the follow up to last years critically acclaimed debut album “When this was the future”. To get inspiration for the creation of the new album “Behind the Bend” Lisa spent time in a small cottage located deep in the vast woods of Vastmanland, Sweden, where she enjoyed the last breath of the summer. Every evening she and David walked further in to the woods to an old rowing boat that lay on the edge of a forest lake. In the light of the magically ever glowing Swedish summer midnight sun they paddled across the lake and then further along a forest creek with lush green trees that hangs down over the fresh running water and water lilies. This is the kind of set and setting where you travel into another world….and they did. The initial recordings were made under a vaulted blue ceiling with gold stars in the old 15th century timber church of Hjulsjo, Sweden. The new album is filled with delicious and bewitching watery woodland folk hymnals, eloquent yet eerie. The harp has been given more space, the violin plays a greater role, the twelve-stringed guitar plays graceful melodies and all is led by Lisa's gossamer vocals, as delicate as a wavering candle flame. Come along for the ride. The LP is a limited edition of 500 copies and the CD limited 1200 copies worldwide.

Lisa Isaksson grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Stockholm where she spent most of her time in horse stables dreaming of becoming a riding teacher and owning her own stables. When she wasn’t with the horses she was drawing and spending time on her own in the garden and fantasized about the future. As Lisa grew older and discovered music the drawings and horses soon turned into song lyrics and it wasn’t long before Lisa had rescued her mother’s old guitar from a life in the attic. Lisa soon began experimenting with her voice and songs and began exploring recording techniques with a 4-track recorder. Through the years her love of music continued to grow and she started performing with friends and eventually forming the band Piu together with some friends from school. Lisa’s debut record was a single released in Scotland in 2008. The single got a lot of good reviews and Lisa & Piu gave a couple of concert on the British Isles as well as home in Stockholm. They also came to perform with the British folk musician Roger Wootton who led the legendary acid folk band Comus during the early 1970s. The performances went so well that they were released as a live album. As summer came and turned Sweden into a green and pleasant place again the core of Piu; Lisa, David, Joel and Anders went to a small cottage in the beautiful archipelago north of Stockholm. They arranged and rehearsed the music and also had a lot of fun on the cliffs enjoying the endless sunsets of midsummer. So started the making of what was to become the debut album: “When this was the future”. The album is filled with delicious and bewitching woodland folk hymnals, eloquent yet eerie, and led by Lisa’s gossamer vocals, as delicate as a candle flame. The album is produced by Mattias Gustavsson (Life on Earth! / Dungen).- When I heard Lisa o Piu it was if someone opened the portals to the secret world where from the greatest get their divine inspiration; Linda Perhacs, Bridget St. John, Joni Mitchell, Sandy Denny, Vashti Bunyan has all been there. And now Lisa Isaksson has apparently been there too. So I hereby warmly recommend you all to seat yourselves in a comfortable position and sink in to the most beautiful music this world can offer. Far away from any genres and  trends.