News from Subliminal Sounds – March – April 2020


Hope ya’all are doing somewhat OK during these strange times.

We are still hard at work on several exciting new projects for later this year and will tell you more soon I hope. Everyone have troubled times right now so I won’t bother you so much with ours. Just a snapshot.

The current crisis means we don’t get payments from some of our distributors (many of them are under lockdown of course) and that mean payments from sales going back to December last year. As a small company that hits us and our artists very hard right now  as we’re in the middle of costly productions. On the top of that, and as I told you in the last short mail, we were hit pretty hard by the partial flooding of  our warehouse. We now have the final verdict from our insurance company = we’ll get nothing because the flood was due to the raising of the ground water level which the insurance don’t cover. Double whammy of unluck. We’ll try our best to keep on amidst this that’s all we can do. I guess that’s what we all need to do.

Lotsa love and stay safe brothers and sisters!

So that brings us to stuff that can put a smile on ones face and mind:

Right now we’re having a Support  small family own business Sale: 15% off all items in the web-shop (except for the new titles we offer up in this News-list below). Both new and vintage titles.  Please note that the prices in the shop are the normal ones and that the actual price reduction will be done when we reply back with a confirmation on your order . Real great bargains to be had.

And so some…

Here’s a fun pile of tasty and mind-expanding goodies to check out. All prices in SEK which we can conveniently convert to whatever currency for you for a smooth PayPal transaction. Just send a PM to order. Please note that these titles are not listed in the regular online-store. Oh yea…some titles says “OFFERS”, that means it’s a very special and rare gem and you can let me know what you’d be prepared to pay, or trade, to get it.


THE ACID ARCHIVES – The Second Edition (Lysergia Patrick Lundborg SW 2010) Ex- OFFERS
Hardcover edition. One of a kind unique personal authors copy copy of this monumental groundbreaking book. Inscribed and signed by the author: “Copy Z – Patrick Lundborgs personal reading copy 2010”.


MULATU ASTATKE 10” (Soundway UK re) M-/M- 200:-
Killer mini album by this Ethiopian legend. This release has his absolute wildest massive 70s Ethio groove tracks. So good.


YISHAK BANJAW – Love Songs Vol 2 (Teranga Beat re )M-/M- 170:-
Yishak Banjaw is a composer and keyboard player from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, known in his country for his innovative compositions and unique sound. His ability to transform traditional Ethiopian songs into spacey minimal-wave gems creates an ultra hypnotic and psychedelic atmosphere, a sound that you have never experienced before. Yishak Banjaw is a genuine talent who took the long tradition of Ethiopia to a next level in the 1980s.


BEAU BRUMMELS – Magic Hollow / Lower Level (Warner Bros 7079 US 1967) Ex 400:-
Truly magic US 1967 psych.  Comes in the original WB stock sleeve. Label has small drill hole. Amazing single sounds so much better on this original 45 rather than on the LP. Flip side is unique to this single. A true psychedelic gem.


BLACKWAY – New Life 12” (AFM Italy re) M-/M- 199:-
Reissue of fantastic dystopian DIY but lowkey DIY cosmic groove femme vocal exploration. Really deep and psychedelic “third-eye lowkey disco”. Huge fave. Perfect reissue on 12”.


BORN BAD Vol 3 (Born Bad re) Ex//Vg+ 190:-
Killer diller crazy rocking rare 1950-60s 45 compiled in an homage to the mighty Cramps.


MIRIAM BURTON – African Lament (Epic LN 24011 US 1962) Ex-/Vg+ 900:-
Huge exotica, spiritual femme vocal, fave that goes way way deep and out there. Title track is an extended lavish suite that just makes your mind melt.  Disc is nice and clean so is the sleeve with just a hint of ring wear. The more pronounced wear is a lot of whitening of the top seam due to the fragile nature of the sleeve. Solid keeper though.


COMPENDIUM (Julian Cope UK ) M 200:-
Unique and indispensable massive music book; 730 psged (1), on worldwide heavy underground psych, kraut, jazz and the undefinable. Very entertaining and enlightening. Defiantly a must read.


MARIE LOUISE DE GEER (Svensk-Franska Konstgalleriet SW 1970) Ex 660:-
Privately published in 1970 by the artist. 72 pages. Very unique and rare art piece magazine, exhibition catalog, richly illustrated with photos and drawings depicting the Stockholm underground intelligencia at that time. A peak right into the Swedish turned on underground art and music movement of the time.


MARK STEPHEN DESPRES – Looking Glass (Wolf Production 204021 US 1982) M-/M- 300:-
Still pretty much unknown US private press misfit psych lounge album from 1982.


DESI ROOTS – Weed Fields 12” (Hawkeye UK re) M- 120:-
Deep, beautiful and Crucial and killer ode to the herb complete with dub. Something that works perfectly for psych heads. Huge fave. Perfect 12” reissue of original Jamaican 1979 recording.


District Maryland Virginia: Compilation Of The Rarest Synth Funk Go Go Boogie 1983-1985 (PPU US re) M-/M- 150:-
Fantastic comp of mega rare local private press recordings with surreal psychedelic synth electro funk go go. Huge fave.


MARK ERIC – A Midsummer’s Day Dream (Revue RS 7210 US 1969) EX/VG+++ 1200:-
True California sunshine pop masterpiece from 1969  by Mark Erik Malmborg  (so I guess his family came from Sweden). Deep and beautiful psychedelic California vibes. Wow! Superb copy only a small drill hole on the sleeve.


INGEGERD ”SUDDEN” ERIKSSON – Wildhussens Blues (Private SW 1988) M-/M- 250:-
Rare private press cassette from 1988 by this legendary Swedish outsider artist made famous by hear inclusion on the legendary Sunkit compilation. This cassette features material only available on this release and so have only been heard by a few. Amazing!


MERRELL FANKHAUSER – The Maui Album (Reckless UK) M-/M- 170:-
Great and long out of print reissue of this must have US west coast / Hawaii psych masterpiece from the mid-1970s. So good it will cheer up even the darkest day.


FARM – Innermost Limits of Pure Fun (Sundazed re) M-/M- 190:-
Really great psychedelic soundtrack that originally came out as a private press in. Fantastic US west coast psych and long trippy instrumentals. Superb reissue with unseen photos and liner notes, Fantastic LP all through that shouldn’t be missed.


FERRIS WHEEL – Supernatural Girl (Nicro K 240574 UK 1974) M-/M- OFFERS
Perfect original copy of this rare as hens teeth amazing UK folk psych private press from 1974. Wow!


HULLY GULLY BOYS – Yabba / Tassy (Amy 800 US 1960) Vg+ 330:-
Killer titty shaker Las Vegas grind sounds from 1960. Strong Vg+ pretty much perfect copy. Housed in the original stock Amy sleeve.


THE JOURNEY BACK – Synthetic People / Run Away Baby (Nottingham Disc Co 849 US 1968) Vg-+ OFFERS
 Incredible two-sider heavy psych garage monster from 1968. Super rare micro pressing from loval Virginia label. Side A has some marks in the lead in that makes for some clicks that then disappears as the song and heavy fuzz guitar comes on almost instantly. Side B nice Vg+. 


ERKIN KORAY – Elektronik Türküler (NEX G RE) M-/EX 390:-
Long out of print perfect deluxe reissue of this seminal Turkish psych masterpiece from 1974.


LEMIEUX AND JEANNE PETERS – Hey, Jesus Christ Welcome to this World (Wright 3372 US 1971) Ex+/Ex- OFFERS
Holy moly! One of the ones on top of the heap for outsider record masterpieces. An album were everything goes so horribly wrong but which makes it turn out so exceptionally great and rewarding. Warm a, alive, human. Huge personal fave on so many levels. Disc: Strong Ex. Was M and played carefully a few times. Side A vinyl has a few spots of discoloration that does not affect play. Sleeve: Totally clean and no ring wear or seam splits at all. Just yellowing from age and some slightly bumped corners. Hard to ever find a better copy.


LILY & MARIA (Columbia re) M-/M- 160:-
Reissue of must have US 1968 femme psych wonder.


LISA O PIU – Whisperers, Wavers, Hunters And Sailors ( AUTUMN UK 2008) M-/M- 70:-
Lisa O Piu’s debute record before the albums. Long out of print. Spellbinding Swedish femma folk psych.


 JON LUCIEN – Search For The Inner Self (Ampex X11036 US 1971) M- 1300:-
Fantastic copy of this rare and seriously deep soul masterpiece. Cosmic and very fit for psych heads to. Huge personal fave and  Paul Wellers fave 45 also btw.


JIMMY MAWI – Black Dialogue 10” (Soundway UK re) M- 110:-
Perfect reissue on 10” of mega rare killer funky psych guitar excursion from Kenya 1970s.


MISTY HUSH REVIVAL Your Heart Is Broken (G RE) M-/M-
Perfect exact reissue of pretty much still unknown US private pressings from the late
’60s/early ’70s. For many years, The Misty Hush Revival’s name was only a rumor whispered in collector’s circles, with only a handful of copies of the original album known to exist. I was one of the lucky ones to first get it and spent years trying to track the band to no avail Like The Bachs or The Index, this is one of those hard to describe albums which seem to live in a world of their own. Despite the late ’72 release date, the music here sounds more late ’60s than early ’70s and the whole album has a deep, heartfelt lost-in-time outsider atmosphere. The group were in fact a club band from New Jersey but surprisingly all the tracks are originals, no cover versions, and they range from fragile, dreamy pop-psych numbers to raw garage, fuzzed-out jams and teen-beat sounds. First time ever reissue, original artwork, insert with rare pictures and liner notes. Huge personal fave.


THE ONE “O” ONES – Radio Cosmo Disco 12” (BEST REC ITALY RE) M-/M- 140:-
Originally released in Italy back in 1977 Majestic but lowkey DIY cosmic groove femme vocal exploration. Really deep and psychedelic “third-eye lowkey disco”. Huge fave. Perfect reissue on 12” (the OG was 7” only).


WILLIAM ONYEABOR – Body and Soul (Williams Records WRLPS 1007 Nigeria 1980) Vg+/G+ OFFERS Mega rare original Nigerian pressing. About as good as it gets for cosmic African electro funk with psychedelic leanings. So hard to ever score clean copies of his amazing albums. The disc here is a nice Vg+, solid keeper copy, the cover has lots of wear and front and back cover are loosened from each other,  but still very nice and presentable in a clear plastic bag.


PAUL PAGE AND HIS PARADISE MUSIC – I Remember Blanding (Paradise Records US 1964) Vg+/Vg OFFERS
One of the rarer ones from the master of real people exotica. Few copies originally pressed and this one rarely comes up for sale.


PHLEGETHON – You’re No Good / The Sun (Pre-Heat Us 1970) Ex 760:-
Rare original US heavy psych 45 from 1970 with extended massive fuzz guitar and swirling organ.


QUEER PULP (CHRONICLE Susan Stryker US ) M- 200:-
“From homicidal homos to locked-up lesbians, and almost every sexually dangerous combination in between”, Queer Pulp: Perverted Passions from the Golden Age of the Paperback is the first complete expose of queer sexuality in mid-twentieth century paperbacks. Compellingly written by historian Susan Stryker, Queer Pulp gives a complete overview of the cultural, political, and economic factors involved in the boom of queer paperbacks. With chapters covering gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexually oriented books, a lively overview of the genres, and loads of scorching paperback covers, Queer Pulp reveals the complicated and fascinating history of alternative sexual literature and book publishing. Featuring the work of well-known authors such as W. Somerset Maugham and Truman Capote to the low-brow and no-brow scribes who worked under several names, Queer Pulp is the entertaining and informative introduction to these lost, salacious literary genres.


LONNIE LISTON SMITH – Space Princess 12” (re) Ex 130:-
This rare reissue 12” collects three of LL Smith’s most amazing extended spacy funk psych disco excursions from the 1970s. “Space Princess”, “Space Lady” and “Astral Traveling”. Far-out!


SECOND ORACLE (Lazy O SW 2019) NEW 190:-
Beautiful psychedelic debut album by Lisa Isaksson (Lisa o Piu) and Rebecka Rolfart (Hanged Man) and their friends from last year. Now already hard to fin.


S.T. MIKAEL – Psychocosmic Songs (Xotic Mind MS4-XMLP 4 SW 1994) M/M 540:-
Legendary Swedish one man band private press psych.


S.T. MIKAEL – Soul Flower 2LP (Xotic Mind XMLP-11 SW 1996) M/M 880:-
Legendary Swedish one man band private press psych.


SHELTER (Shelter Publ L Khan B Easton US) Ex 300:-
Amazing book about alternative housing and living during the psychedelic 1960s. Huge massive size and awesome design will make this  a joy on your own shelters coffee table. With over 1,000 photographs, Shelter is a classic celebrating the imagination, resourcefulness, and exuberance of human habitat. It includes a history of shelter and the evolution of building types: tents, yurts, timber buildings, barns, small homes, domes, etc. There is a section on building materials, including heavy timber ­construction and stud framing, as well as stone, straw bale, adobe, ­plaster, and bamboo. The spirit of the ’60s counterculture is evident, and the emphasis is on creating your own shelter (or space) with your own hands. A joyful, ­inspiring book.


 TARANTULA GHOUL AND THE GRAVE DIGGERS – King Kong / Graveyard Rock(Meadows 2475 US 1959) Vg 3000:-
Mega rare monster rocker killer 2-sider of the highest echelon. 1959 is the year. Wooooow!!!! Definitely has some scuffing and light marks, and some dirt that can be washed off, from a well-loved 45 but it’s a solid copy and plays good and strong. Label side A has two small stickers and side B some ring wear and name stamp.


VEJTABLES – Shadows / Feel The Music (Uptown 741 US 1966) M- 770:-
Original promo copy of this mind melting psych garage two sider 45 from 1966.


UNDER THE RADAR: Underground Zines and Self-Publications 1965 – 1975  (Spectator) New 590:-
Massive 386 page huge spiralbound format. Fantastic book on DIY publications from the late  1960-70s. The mid-1960s witnessed a boom in underground and self-published works. Offset printing not only allowed for the production of small, low cost print runs but also promote a unique aesthetic: using wild mock-ups, messianic amateurs combined typescript aesthetics, handwriting, scribbled drawings, assemblages of collaged visuals, porn photos, snapshots, and comic strips. The typography consciously frees itself, in parallel to a liberalization of linguistic and visual forms of expression in the name of a new sensibility. This book is the first to present the underground and self-published works that came out of West Germany in such depth, while also showing the international context in which they emerged: not as an anecdotal history but as an attempt to tap into the aesthetic cosmos of a Do-It-Yourself rebellion, one that also challenges us to take a new look at the current boom in independent publishing and so on.


WAVY GRAVY (Beware UK re) Vg+/Vg+ 160:-
Original 1st pressing of this legendary crazy and demented 1950’s -60s rare 45 and psychtronic movie trailer comp. Goes from demented inbread rockabilly madness to Jamaica dub horror madness. Such a wonderful ride. Long long long out of print