News from Subliminal Sounds – Jan – Feb 2020


Hope ya’all had a good start on the new year.

Lotsa exciting projects taking shape here right now and i will tell you more about them soon. But now we have a nice little batch of special record below, but first:

Right now we’re having a grand New Year Sale: 15% off all items in the web-shop (except for the new titles we offer up in this News-list below). Both new and vintage titles.  Please note that the prices in the shop are the normal ones and that the actual price reduction will be done when we reply back with a confirmation on your order . Great bargains to be had. Go grab some goodies:

And don’t miss these fine upcoming gigs:

31 JAN         SKOGEN BRINNER  @ Slaktkyrkan, Stockholm
28 FEB         KEBNEKAJSE @ Savoy, Helsinki, Finland

Here’s a fun pile of tasty and mind-expanding goodies to check out . All prices in SEK which we can conveniently convert to whatever currency for you for a smooth PayPal transaction. Just send a PM to order.

(Soul 3006 Jamaica 1966) Vg 1600:-
Totally devastating and haunting rare and massive ska monster killer from 1966. Huge fave. It’s a wonder these things even survive. Plays Ex for most of the songs duration.  But visually looks VG. Definitely a keeper copy that most would grade higher. Only marred by the writing on the label.

DET MOOR ORCHESTRA – Jazz Dramatic / Blue Sax (Gallant GT 3004 US 195?) Vg- 170:-
Much sought after rare and obscure haunting noire crime jazz beatnik instro with a swingin beat (sought after by funk collectors too). Crackles at the beginning but then quietens down.

ERNEST RANGLIN – Surfing  / Surfing pt 2  (Studio 1
SO-0093 Jamaica 1979) Vg+ 390:-
Oh boy this Jamaican original 45 from 1978 is quite amazing and has a truly unusual turned-on sound and vibe. Featuring Ernest Ranglin’s jazz influenced guitar plucking and was first available on an early 70’s compilation called Solid Gold. The flip side version which is the main mind blower here features overdubbed instruments: synth drum, bass, keyboards and percussion to really … yeah blow your mind, The uncredited wordless vocal group remains intact from the original mix.

IDEALS – The Gorilla
(Cortland US) Ex- 280:-
Superb and wild swinging 60s tittyshaker exotica supreme.

Johnny Daniel and Soul Malibu’s – I’m Gonna Make You Mine / Malibu Theme (SM Records SM-08US 196?) M- 250:-
Luckily just got one more copy of this winner! A-side is late 60s sought after Georgia sweet soul but it’s the flip that does it for me. A fantastic instrumental with a deep heartfelt vibe…for the love of Malibu of course. Great guitars and a weird effect to the horns or it’s some weird keyboards. Just a perfect song that woks well for psych heads too. Comes highly recommended obscure late 60s 45 in perfect condition.

JUNIOR DELGADO AND THE HEP TONES – Warrer No Tarry Yah / Leave Yah (D.E.B Music Jamaica 1978) Vg+ 190:-
Original yellow label Jamaican press. The dub side is totally surreal carribean rum and pot dream about pirates carrying dead mens bones and some very crude (in a good way) editing. A real obscure winner that can be had cheap nowadays.

KEITH MEEHAN – Darkness of My Life / Hooker St. (Marmalade UK 1969) Vg 160:-
Flip side is an amazing tour de force deep brooding psych dancer killer. Disc looks Vg+ but graded Vg due to a lot of passive crackling, especially in the beginning.

KERRY – Stargazer (Eros US 1973) Vg 600:-
This is pretty amazing: complete unknown and not listed anywhere (except I played it on my podcast) extraordinary deep and trippy US psych out of Chicago. No one has or knbow about it and it looks to be the only existing copy in this dimension. Plays strong all through  but with crackle (check the podcast if you like) but this is the only chance to actually own this piece of amazing music on vinyl.


MYSTIC TIDE – Psychedelic Journey Pt 1 / Frustrations (Solid Sound WB 156 US 1967) Ex 6000:-
I’m real happy to offer a nearly perfect original copy of this absolute mind melting 1967 acid garage punk heavy killer two-sider masterpiece of the highest echelon and You probably heard it, and if for some reason you haven’t…you need to…but you haven’t really truly heard it until you crank up awn original vinyl  original 1st press 45. Woooow!

NELTA WYATT  – Step Right On To Love (Ice CE-099 Trinidad and Tobago 1978) Vg+ 850:-
Huge fave amazing heartfelt and much wonderfully warped and murky stellar femme vocal soul from Trinidad/Tobago. Reminds me of Gloria Ann Taylor in the best possible way. This must-have ‘version’ is only available on this ICE 45. Played once or twice deadstock M copy but graded Vg -as this is a very poor pressing and all copies have surface noise throughout. In original WIRL company sleeve! Rare!

RANDY LUDACER & THE GREEN SCENE – Hot Water/Green Scenery/Betting on Gravity (Private RL-500 US 1981) Ex/Ex 240:-
Huge fave obscure US private press EP in a psychy vein. “Green Scenery” is the ticket to bliss here.One of those needle in the haystack private press wonders that were advocated and by Paulk Major in the 1990s. Small quantity find back then makes this fairly cheap to get to this day.

ROSCO WEATHERS QUINTET – Echoes / Rice and Rum
(Vended 106 1963 US) Vg+++ 600:-
Rare, fantastic and mysterious West Coast jazz exotica from 1963. Every time one DJs this someone is certain to ask you what it is. So good.

RUDY RAY MOORE – The Human Tornado (Kent K 4575 US 1976) Vg+ 120:-
Mind-blowing theme song to this totally mad low budget blaxploitation classic.

SOUL SEARCHERS – It’s All In Your Mind (Sussex SUX 244 US 1972) M- 140:-
Fairly unknown deep funk psych killer from 1972. Very good one that luckily can be had for a nice price.

STEVE PARKS & STEVE MARSHALL – Still Thinking Of You (Reynolds Records PR-403 US 1978) Vg+ 1600:-
Rare 45 and one of the most haunting and beautiful soul vocals of all time. Not to mention the superb flute. Anyone that hears this beauty is floored. Has just the right psychedelic edge too.


TRUBROT – Starlight (Parlaphone  DK1694 Iceland 1970) Ex/M- 300:-
Fantastic electric folk psych from Iceland 1970. Some of the best stuff they did is on this non-LP single.

TRUBROT – Ég Sé Það / Ég Veit Þú Kemur (Parlaphone  DK 1693 Iceland 1970) M-/Ex 1000:-
Fantastic electric folk psych from Iceland 1970. Some of the best stuff they did is on this non-LP single.

WHITE STAINS – The Energy / Phase of Madness (The Temple Ov Psychick Youth Scandinavia SW 1988) M-/M- 500:-
Rare Stockholm underground occult cult pseudo-psych rock from 1988 that was only released in 93 # copies. Intense acid guitar ripping all through side A. The flip side is stoned. Most copies have black viyl but this is one of the very few on red vinyl!

Supa MkI Fuzz (Castledine Electronics UK) M-  2600:-
The Supa MkI is a replica of the rare prototype Supa Fuzz from 1966. Please note that. There are a few reissues of the regular Supa out ther but non of this rare and best soundiong prototype. And this one is done by one of the worlds ultimate electroci wizards abnd stomp box builders so it’s the best thing one could ever hope to have…finding an original is impossible. The circuit has three OC75 germanium transistors and is similar to the MkI Tone Bender. The main difference is that the fuzz is fixed at maximum and the fuzz control in the Tone Bender (Attack) is replaced with a tone control (Filter). This is the reason for the fuzz control being mislabelled as “Filter” on the production Supa Fuzzes, which had the MkII Tone Bender circuit. Only half a dozen of these Supa Fuzzes are known to exist and only one without the ‘Marshall’ branding. Supa MkI features: Built with the original Supa Fuzz prototype as a reference. Circuit on 0.15″ pitch strip board using the same layout as the original (bar the addition of an output capacitor, which the original lacks).Three germanium OC75 transistors. Wow! The pedal is listed as for sale on Castledines website but go ahead and try to order one. You’ll find there’s a waiting list for a couple of years at least. This you can get now!

ANANDA SHANKAR: Ananda Shankar And His Music (His Masters Voice ? re) Ex/Ex 270:-
Very fine exact deluxe reissue with a thick and embossed cover of this amazingly swinging Indian hippie trip.