News from Subliminal Sounds – December 2019


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An alternate version of Ball’s new insane physical ‘Debauched’ single is now available on Spotify / iTunes etc and I just gotta say it’s totally bonkers. Links here: SpotifyiTunes

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Last Friday saw the much anticipated release of The Adventurous Sounds of Mattias Uneback’s amazing ‘Voyage Beneath the Sea’ album. Here’s a short but cool glimpse of the live set: YouTube-link.  The whole album is now also available on Spotify / iTunes etc. Links here: Links here: SpotifyiTunes


Dont miss these fine upcoming gigs:

28 Nov        KEBNEKAJSE @ Fasching, Stockholm
14 Dec         BABY GRANDMOTHERS @ Cirkeln, Stockholm
28 FEB (2020) KEBNEKAJSE @ Savoy, Helsinki, Finland

Other cool stuff up for grabs…

And here’s a fun pile of subversive mind-expanding goodies to check out behind the barn. Some great cool records, vintage posters  and magazines. All prices in SEK which we can conveniently convert to what ever currency for you for a smooth PayPal transaction. Just send na PM to order.


ARICA – Music In The Nine Rings (Poodle US) M-/M- 290:-
Immersive, psychedelic new age masterpiece with a jazz sensibility in the overall structure and playing, performed, most likely, by the same un-credited musicians who played on other early ’70s artifacts Heaven and Audition released by Arica Institute (whose cultish teachings were used to indoctrinate, among others, Jodorwsky’s film crew before shooting The Holy Mountain). The unhurried improvisations on this eminently listenable record—created with piano, synth, hypnotic percussion and plenty of tape delay (that has more to do with the subtle manipulation of musical tension than wallpaper relaxation promises. This LP is one of my all-time faves for the deepest of the good and turned on psychedelic New Age music. Previously unreleased recordings


THE BONNIWELL MUSIC MACHINE (Warner Bros / Seven Arts WS-1732 US 1968) Ex/Vg+ 1200:-
Original US 1st press of this classic US 1968 psych masterpiece. The 2nd Music Machine album. The fragile sleeve has seam splits and a small cut out hole but now ringwear whatsoever which is rare.


 CHRISTIAN YOGA CHURCH – Turn On!! Music For The Hip At Heart (Memorare ES-S101 US 1967) + magazine  M-/E/Exx +OFFERS
And here’s a perfect copy of this one of the heaviest expressions of psychedelia 1967…or any time. The legendary, but still pretty much unknow, tribal spiritual psychedelic mindblower LP. But this copy is extra special as it includes the beyond rare magazine insert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, this copy includes their beyond rare magazine Perception. I frankly don’t know of anyone else who has another copy. Produced by The Himalyan Academy that was being this LP in trippy colors and layout and also with cool ads and order info for the LP.

IMG_2058 IMG_2060

A truly mind-blowing   publication where you will learn lots about what they really were up to and an amazing artefact from the psychedelic 1967.  The magazine is in EX condition only the front cover has become a bit discolored. So, this is a grail within a grail and as for early 1967 deep spiritual weird communal lysergic psychedelia i think this is the heaviest aural sculpture pop art piece there is.

IMG_2063 IMG_2062

The first copy I ever saw of this LP was back in the very early 1990s when I got a huge shipment from a friend record dealer on the US West Coast. It was included as stuffing material and contained no disk. It looked extremely interesting, so I asked my friend, but he had no idea, had never seen or heard the actual disc or that record ever before either. Moving forward a few years I was in New York and together with my friends, and legendary US psych mafiosos; Paul Major and Mike Ascherman, we went to visit the originator original weird record collector Jack Streitman at his home. Jack pondered what record to start our treck into the deepest reals of obscure and weird and ultra-rare psychedelic records and finally decided to bring one out. I was stunned to see it was the Christian Yoga Church LP and Jack was very surprised when I said I knew it…even had a copy…but only the sleeve and I was so eager to hear it. And when the needle dropped on the wax that album delivered in spades. It was deeper, more turned on lysergic psychedelic, and weird and wonderful than I could ever have expected. That begun my quest in earnest to actually secure a copy with the vinyl included, which took me ages, and to turn on my friends, , like Patrick Lundborg, to it’s amazing sounds. Later Patrick did a great write up on the album for the Acid Archives book which i include here: ” Hampered by a misleading ‘group’ name and an exploitation-looking sleeve, the legend is slowly building around this extraordinary 50-minute tribal spiritual organ-percussion improvisation. With its ancient atmosphere it comes across as a late product of the beatnik seeker era as much as a precursor to the ‘70s communal trip-outs.  The Church was a progressive spiritual congregation with connections to the early San Francisco freak scene (mentioned in Stephen Gaskin’s Amazing Dope Tales). This album was made for internal use within the organization and had no commercial distribution, which is why it’s so rare today.


Directed by two formally trained musicians, a certain amount of planning and preparation went into the live-recorded, semi-improvised sounds. A spooky reed organ and French horn lead the charge as the music goes through a series of psychedelic chameleon tricks, while different church members tune in to do their bit via percussion, flutes, spinning coins on a table, or mumbling Sanskrit chants. Sound effects, including a real live waterfall in the Church temple, are employed alongside gong chimes. Not really a ‘rock’ record, but a unique, early psychedelic (the word is used in the liner notes) fringe artifact along the lines of Alan Watts’ legendary This Is IT, less intense, more eerie, and just as interesting. An unplugged version of Beat Of The Earth also springs to mind. One of my personal favorites in the off-the-beaten-path category, this is also a previously unknown addition to the Haight-Ashbury chronicles. There was a shake-up and change of direction in the Church in the late ‘60s, which contributed to the complete lack of documentation for this album in the past”.  Please note that in order to get as much music as possible crammed in on one record (so that they didn’t have to make it a double as they describe in the liner notes) the grooves are tight on the cheap pressing which make for audible surface noise, most pronounced closest to the lead in and lead out grooves. Once in a lifetime chance to score this complete set.


SAM COOKE Lonely Island / You Were Made For Me (Keen 3-4009 US 1958) M-. 160:-
Swinging Eden Ahbez “Nature Boy” song “Lonely Island” seldome heard by Eden fans it seems,  has great arrangements and typical cool Eden lyrics. “I live on a lonely island in the heart of the city….”


XAVIER CUGAT & HIS ORCHESTRA – Jungle Flute / Blue Tango (Mercury 5817 US 1952) Vg+ 250:-Fantastic and wild early exotica masterpiece. Rare 7” from back in 1952!


LARRY DEAN – Paula’s Dream (Private US 1978?) Vg/Ex 1600:-
Well waddya know here’s a perfect copy of  this mega rarity private press hardly listed anywhere and pretty much an unknown funk psych head twister with a nice dose of real deal third eye lounge. Long extended instros with superb funky drums and  killer Hammond organ and Moog workouts. A wet dream for many ears and heads for sure. The cover has a slight tear on back but it only effects a black line as the rest is white on white.


EQUATION .- Funky Woman / I do Take You (Velvet Lounge Records 7313VL US 1973) Vg+/Vg 800:-
Very rare private press lounge funk “psych” third eye louge oddity from the twilight zone. One of those amazing Paul Major finds that are still pretty much unknown. Disc has marks but the good side “Funky Woman” plays much perfect Vg+. The other side has some clicks but otherwise plays strong Vg.


HEADS FUNK BAND – Hard World (PMG G re) M-/M- 190:-
Perfect reissue of this huge fave killer Nigerian funk psych from 1975. One of the best with tracks like “Money Makes You Happy” and “Hot Funk”.


WANDA JACKSON – Funnel of Love / Right Or Wrong (Capitol 4553 US 1961) Ex+ 500:-
Stunning copy of this haunting rock n roll masterpiece from 1961. A couple faint scuffs only – plays loud and well.


MANDISA – Summer Love / Love’s Dream (El-Leo  ELR-00126 US 1981) Ex+ 1050:-
Perfect copy, with only some hardly visible superficial scuffs that doesn’t affect play. of this amazing and surreal 1981 femme vocal sweet soul monster private press. Seen from another angle this track is weird and turns way psychedelic in my head. Awesome Moog licks too. Very rare!


RICKY MILLER – Meet (Custom Fidelity RM-4925-1US 196?) Ex-/Vg 900:-
Totally surreal beyond the haze twilight zone Twin Peaks third eye lounge private press masterpiece. Every track a winner as Ricky takes everything to another dimension of beautiful weirdness. Autographed sleeve of course.


More Ethiopian Soul And Groove – Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 3 (L’Arome Prod France re) M-/M- 190:-
More ultimate and totally hypnotic funky and just plain spellbinding Ethiopian 1970s records. Amazing!


MUSICAL LINN TWINS – Rockin’ Out The Blues / Indian Rock (Blue Feather OP-277×45 US 1958) Vg+ OFFERS
Woha!!!! Ultra rare rockabilly madness 2-sider holy grail from 1958. Original pressing!!! Trail out wax #s 45-OP-498 & 45-OP-499. Here is a an extremely thorough grading description: Labels are Ex+ just shy of Mint- both labels are clean & sharp with no writing or tears  just faint wear on B side. The vinyl is strong Vg+; a bit of wear at the rim , several tiny microscopic grit marks on the early grooves of A side  numerous lite scuff hairlines diagonally across both sides &  some small press stains/smudges (mostly just on B side), all superficial  plays excellent with just 1 or 2 odd occasional quick soft lite clicks & just a touch of occasional  lite low level surface noise / soft surface crackle in 2 or 3 spots ~ it’s very low level and does not compete at all noticeable mostly just on intro / outro, but faintly noticeable in a couple of spots during play too. Definitely a strong keeper copy of this almost impossible to find masterpiece.


 GOOGIE RENE COMBO – Wild Bird / Soul Zone´65 (Class C-702US 1965) Vg 900:-
Totally amazing soul-jazz monster flute masterpiece instro. Championed by Keb Darge and others. Disc has marks but this pressing is built like a tank and so it plays very strong and loud.


As one of the mots iconic tape delays ever designed, the RE-501 was the last child of Roland’s dynasty of electro-mechanical effect processors. With onboard chorus, spring reverb and noise reduction, this unit is amazing and it’s hard to go back to anything else once you’ve tried it. This unit is in perfect working order and shape in every way except for a few minor outer blemishes: missing plastic foot which can be easily replaced and some wear and tear on the edges. Only minor superficial wear. Recently serviced, looked over, checked, tested and cleaned by Swedish tape echo master mind POAlm.