News from Subliminal Sounds – October 2019


It’s all groovy here. Hope you’re groovy too. I now have the pleasure to announce these fine  releases for  you: 


MATTIAS UNEBACK – Voyage Beneath The Sea (Subliminal Sounds SUB-131-LP) 210:-
500 copies limited edition LP on clear blue vinyl. Release date November 22, 2019. Pre-order now!

MATTIAS UNEBACK – Voyage Beneath The Sea (Subliminal Sounds SUB-130-CD) 140:-
500 copies limited edition CD. Release date November 22, 2019. Pre-order now!

Join Mattias Uneback (known from Ìxtahuele and The Test Pilots) on a fantastic underwater exotica adventure in sound. Sail the high seas, explore their depths, marvel at their strange and colorful inhabitants. Beneath the waves and through the depths, forgotten worlds lie waiting. Bioluminescent creatures that have never seen the light of day, ancient beasts of gigantic proportions, sunken continents and underwater caves all await you. The Voyage Beneath The Sea album project is about composing music based on underwater fantasy worlds, as well as actual places. A musical discovery below the surface of the ocean; the mysterious unknown and one of the last outposts still uninhabited by man, but also the cradle of all life on our planet. You travel in to the deep sea, as a parallel to, and parable with, the exploration of outer space, as well as the inner worlds of the mind and the subconscious. This is visionary music inspired by the space-age underwater themed exotica recordings of the early 1960s as well as the peculiar aquatic library type albums of 1970s. The songs are amusing and entertaining one moment, dramatic and fierce the next, but most of all: serenely beautiful. The production of the album has been an important process for Mattias and he feels it has seriously widened his views as a musical and composer. Using a variety of both classical and novel instrument; from exotic percussion and full-scale orchestra and choir to vintage electronics, Mr. Uneback paints a vivid and living tableau for the receptive listener. This is exotic orchestral seduction for those willing to embark on a journey of imagination. Submerge yourself in the sounds!

Ball 2

BALL – Horny Highlights from ‘Debauched’ (HORNY-B-13-666 / 1 st Spell) NEW  860:-
A unique 500 copies limited edition flexi-disc record and a massive deluxe  384 pages hardcover book. 
Release date 15 November, 2019. Pre-order now!

Ball is back from the grave! The disturbed, smut peddling, slime hardrock-psych band makes a triumphant return from the deepest pits of hell, soaked in bloody diabolical occult havoc. Ball now announces a new one of-a-kind release that boldly pays homage to everything Satanic. A unique, limited edition of 500 copies, flexi-disc record combined with a beastly behemoth 384 pages hardcover deluxe art book, cram packed with a visual testament to Ball’s unholy desires. * During the height of the turned-on 1960s and 70s Occult explosion even the under the counter men’s magazines got in on the act and began a surreal exploration of the haunting netherworld of Witchcraft and Satanism. This monumental art book reveals a world of diabolical smut that was so compelling and obscure that many people today would actually question whether or not the magazines were real or just an elaborate and detailed modern photo editing invention. Well, they are real, and they are spectacular! These magazines are in fact, out there in the world. They are collecting dust in attics, basements, and garages. Hidden away from sight. Unsavoury treasures deemed too filthy and then forgotten by their lustful owners. This massive 384 pages deluxe hardcover book is a glimpse into a vast and shocking world that still remains virtually unknown and unexplored. These artifacts come from a bygone era promoting sexual revolution and freedom with overt and unholy occult themes. If you have any issues with witchcraft and Satanism, body hair or nudity, don’t pick this release up and quickly get it out of your sight, and forget everything we’ve mentioned. It’s time to descend into the infernal witches’ cauldron and deep down into the hellish pit for a real Black Mass. – Educational material for adults only – Sale to minors prohibited.

cement02 (kopia)

CEMENT – Utmaningen
Don’t miss our release of this  creme de la creme rare late 1970s island hardrock release from Gotland/Swedens . Their sole 1977 cassette only release directly from the master tapes. If you haven’t heard it already you need to now. Listen on Spotify or iTunes etc.

And here’s a fun pile of subversive mind-expanding goodies to check out behind the barn. Some great cool records, vintage posters  and magazines. All prices in SEK which we can conveniently convert to what ever currency for you for a smooth PayPal transaction. Just send na PM to order.


African Scream Contest 2LP (Analog Africa re) EX/M-  200:-
Superb comp of raw& Psychedelic Afro Sounds from Benin & Togo 70s . The cultural and spiritual riches of traditional Beninese music had an immense impact on the sound of Benin’s modern music. Benin is the birth place of Vodun (or, as it is known in the West, Voodoo), and some of the rhythms used during traditional rituals – Sakpata, Sato, Agbadja, Tchenkoumé and many others – were fused to Soul and Latin music as early as the mid-1960s and later to Funk. That fusion is the essence of this compilation. In the late 60s and early 70s rock and soul music started creeping into the region. In particular, the music of James Brown and Johnny Hallyday became immensely popular with university students. It was then that the music scene in Benin really started to take off. What made this musical revolution even more interesting is that most of the musicians could not read music. Often the music they made sounded one semi-tone away from being out of tune, but somehow they always managed to bring all the elements together into something new and exciting. One of the greatest bands of their era, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, who are of course featured on this compilation, took the Afro sound to another level by showing their musical versatility in many forms. Although they were consciously copying western artists, they would always inject a dose of psychedelic Afro grooves that would make their music unmistakably Beninese. Their biggest song, ‘Gbeti Madjro’ is believed to have revolutionised the music industry in Benin in the 70s when the country went through a period of political turmoil. The song is full of raw breaks and the hypnotic rhythms as well as screams à la James Brown – after this song many bands in Benin started screaming on their recordings, hence the title of this compilation. Latin-influenced sounds are present on this compilation, too. Ouidah, a city on the Atlantic coast of Benin, is home to a large Brazilian community, or, as they are called in Benin, ‘Agoudas.’ Members of that community are descendents of slaves who returned from Brazil at the end of the 19th century. Their dances (such as Kaléta and Buriyanj) and songs are still being performed and fused into the traditional Beninese rituals. That, too, can be heard in modern Beninese music. There are countless stories to be discovered in the extremely well-researched booklet and the music is truly mind-blowing. So delve into the forgotten raw and psychedelic Afro sounds from 70s Benin and Togo and experience the African Scream Contest.


AQUARIANS / H2O – Medusa Pt & 2 (Aquarius PS re) M 125:-
Reissue of rare killer diller Jamaican early 1970s 7”. H2O’s ‘Medusa’ is a scorching, Temptations-esque funk breakdown complete with wah wah guitar and pulsing organ and horn riffs. Jamaican producers and artists kept a watchful eye on the US RnB scene and this is a fine example of the crossover between Jamaica and the US funk output. Comes in a hand stamped bag.


WARREN BARKER & HIS ORCHESTRA – William Holden presents A Musical Touch of Far Away Places (Warner Bros B 1308 US 1959) Vg+/Vg+ 250:-
Great Les Baxter style exotica album from 1959. Got all the trappings of a turned-on swank space age bachelor pad opium drug den with stoned tracks like “Junk City Hong Kong”. Really good stuff here. Rare promo pressing.


BEACH BOYS – Pet Sounds(Capitol T2458 UK 1966)Ex+/Vg++ 1190:-
Just beautiful condition on this desirable UK mono original 1966 pressing. Flipback Laminated Rainbow Label MONO.


Fantastic cool and in-depth 1960s US garage and psych zine.


 BURNING SPEAR: Living Dub Vol. 2 (Jamaica 1982) Ex/Vg+++ 350:-
Original Jamaican 1 st press from 1982 of this monumental ganja soaked dub trip.. On the blue Burning Spear labels, figure only pale as should be, Distribution Tuff Gong, matrix D.S.R. 5401-AS-SPIDERMAN· B·M·R B.SPEAR·/ D.S.R. 5401-BS-SPIDERMAN· B·M·R B.SPEAR.


CREAM PUFF WAR issue #1 Ex 180:-
Mindblowing 1960s US psych and garage mag from 1995. Very in-depth.


CREAM PUFF WAR issue # 2 Ex 180:-
Mindblowing 1960s US psych and garage mag from 1995. Much in-depth.  Includes the rare bonus flexi-disc record.


Johnny Daniel and Soul Malibu’s – I’m Gonna Make You Mine / Malibu Theme (SM Records SM-08 US 196?) M-300:-
A-side is late 60s 2sought after Georgia sweet soul but it’s the flip that does it for me. A fantastic instrumental with a deep heartfelt vibe. Great guitars and a weird effect to the horns or it’s some weird keyboards. Just a perfect song that woks well for psych heads too. Comes highly recommended obscure late 60s 45 in perfect condition.R-525047-1344098862-1952.jpegDEEP THROAT (LitA US re) M-/Ex+ 260:-
Deluxe reissue of this swinging fiunky psychedelic soundtrack with a thick gatefold sleeve and poster. Has much better sound than any other versions: “In the early 1970s, the U.S. government seized all film reels and master tapes of “Deep Throat.” Therefore, all of its musicians and writers are unknown. In early 2004, a number of long-lost reels were discovered, giving fans a deeper glimpse into the legend of “Deep Throat” with this release. After a detailed restoration by John Golden Mastering, sonic imperfections still apply but definite aural improvements have been made, including the conversion from mono to stereo and a considerable decrease in hiss and distortion”.R-4578282-1368972549-5791.jpeg

DR. Boogie presents Bear Traces: Nuggets From Bobs Barn. First Paw (Sub Rosa US re) M-/M- 150:-
Suberb collection of obscure tracks taken from the collection of 78rpms owned by the late and legendary Bob Hite. The collection of this boogie music ogre reached 20,000 78rpms in 1968. However, toward the end of his life, Hite was forced to sell chunks of his treasure to pay off debts, and the leftovers were literally pillaged after his death. Canned Heat’s drummer Fito de la Para managed to salvage a tiny slice of this collection. I didn’t want to alter the dynamics of these fabulous 78rpms, so I opted for only a very light mastering, keeping the inevitable audio defects, artifacts and surface noise occasionally heard on the tracks that were more damaged. Bob ‘The Bear’ Hite was a crucial part of the West Coast Blues revival of the late 60’s. Along with fellow musicologist Alan ‘Blind Owl’ Wilson, he helped formed the first incarnation of the legendary Canned Heat as a jug band. Their performances at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival and the 1969 Woodstock Festival put them on the map as true bluesmen seeking to revitalize an art form. Hite toured nonstop with Canned Heat and performed as the group’s barrel-housing lead singer until his death of a heart attack on April 5, 1981. He helped revitalize the careers of John Lee Hooker, Sunnyland Slim and Albert Collins, and produced the now legendary Hooker and Heat double album in 1971. Hite is most remembered for his endless on-stage boogie jams. 


ERSEN (FK UK re) M-/M- 260:-
Some of the best Turkish psychedelia from the 1970s compiled here.


Ethiopian Modern Instrumentals Hits (L’Arome Prod re F) M-/M- 250:-
Exact reissue of one of the ultimate and totally hypnotic Ethiopian 1970s records. Long out of print. Original copies of the 1972 pressing are rare as gold dust. Here’s a legit reissue.  Seminal compilation of instrumental tracks, originally released in Ethiopia in 1972. Features tracks from Tèsfa-Maryam Kidané, Bahta Gèbrè-Heywèt and Mulatu Astatké including the hit “Yégélé Tezeta”


EXPANSIVES – Life Without You (Leader 1982 re) M-/M- 160:-Totally way out disco monster! Psychedelic in many odd ways. Exact reissue of the mega rare 1982 pressing. 300 copies done.. Official replica edition. Remastered from the original master tapes.


LASSE FÄRNLÖF – Att angöra en Brygga – Soundtracks and rehersals (Mello SW re) M-/M- 160:-
Beautiful release including a booklet with lots of photos and historic texts. Soundtrack music from the movies “Att Angöra En Brygga (1965)”, “Troll (1971)”, “Komedi I Hägerskog (1968)” and “Rötmånad (1970)”.


GNOSIS No. 26 Winter 1993 – PSYCHEDELICS & THE PATH  (Lumen Foundation US 1993) Ex-100:-
“A journal of western traditions”. Much sough after and unique issue. Includes insightful articles like Drugs and the path, Adelle Davis and Jean-Paul Sartre trips, Ram Dass interview, Ecstasy revisited, Gerald Heard soul guide and lots more. Also filled with great illustrations and art.


CHUCK HIGGINS – Greasy Pig / Candied Jam (Lucky US re) M- 120:-
Big fave ultra greasy and drunk R&B honker from 1954. Exact reissue.  Knockout uptempo instrumental with squealing saxophone on top of chants of ‘Greasy Pig’ by sax instro boss man Higgins. Flip offers more of the same for those left panting for more. Early and now pretty scarce on the collectable Lucky label from California.



REV. DR. O.L JAGGERS – Life (World Records WR 4717 US 196?) /Vg+++ 960:-
Here’s a grail from the outer regions of incredibly strange religious weirdness cosmic lounge psych.  Reverend O. L. Jaggers incredibly strange private press LP masterpiece. Jaggers’ teaching focused on sensational topics that drew crowds to listen to him. Topics he spoke on included UFOs, space aliens, atomic bombs, and the communist threat. He made spectacular sermons where his wife Miss Welma would descend up in the air like a shining angel as Jaggers himself preached enhanced by psychedelic echo effects. Amazing! Jaggers traveled widely holding his bizarre and spectacular campaign meetings around the United States and had both radio and television programs during the 1950s. Jaggers started the World Church in Los Angeles, California in 1952 where he remained as pastor until his deathThis copy also includes the amazing book “That’s Life – The O.L. Jaggers Story by Michael Daley. The book really goes in-depth on the weird side of things and is a real trip.


KALEIDOSCOPE – Side Trips (Epic BN 26304 US 1967) M-/Vg+++ 1490:-
Rare original US 1967 1st press with the blue lettering on the backside (later pressings has black instead) of this monumental acid US west coast monster.The disc is perfect M- and the sleeve just has some corner bumps and some discolouration of the fragile white sleeve from 52 years of age.


KOSMIC LIGHT FORCE – Mysterious Waves (Nightbeat Records NB00185) M- 1750:-
Rare and totally perfect late night outer space Los Angeles 1985 electro. Original 1stpressing with dark brown transparent vinyl (when held into the light). The sounds on this beauty just makes you melt away in to the night.


KURT AND KATHI – Hangin’ On / The World Of Men(Chara-Kay KK-1 US 196?) Vg 1500:-
Attention! Here’s something surely out of the ordinary and probably a once in a lifetime chance to score. This mega obscure 45 is like a portal to another dimension. It’s not listed anywhere on the Internet and no one except the guy I originally got it from (non other than the legendary Paul Major) seems to know about it. On the mega cool private press imprint Chara-Kay and definitely stemming from the early 1960s beatnik era. The track that really does it for me is “The World Of Men”. A haunting world-weary downer trip that echo’s some of Eden Ahbez feelings from “Nature Boy” but now in the light of the realities of the early 1960s; “To love and be loved is the greatest thing they say, but the heartache left behind you just don’t throw away”.  Not sounding like Ahbez thought but this is all  delivered with a fantastic spooky garagy production and slightly out of tune femme vocals. So good. Wow!



AIGBE LEBARTY – Unity(PMG G re) M-/M- 150:-
In 1979, long-time Nigerian Highlife veteran Aigbe Lebarty decided totry his hand at high-energy psychedelic disco funk. He borrowed the Sex Bombers from Prince OmoLawal-Osula and created ‘Unity’, a sure-fire Afro psychedelic dance floor trance inducing monster track. And lots of other goodies too. Real killer LP!


Love Sick: A Smoldering Look at Love, Lust, and Marriage (Michael J Nelson)  M- 120:-
From the bodice-busting covers of Harlequin romances to personal ads to wedding cake toppers, romantic subjects have thrived in the fertile soil of American modern-age media and pop culture., Love Sick celebrates the many facets of love: dating, marriage, heartbreak, sex, and strange, thin men in shorts with funny socks! Containing more than 200 images from the print and advertising archives of Charles S. Anderson Design Company in combination with a sharply hilarious text by Michael J. Nelson, the main writer and host of the legendary Mystery Science Theater 3000, Love Sick is a steamy, kitsch, and campy testament to America’s love of LOVE.


MANTIS – Turn Onto Music(Vertigo 64140 851 NZ re) M-/M- 250:-
After a pair of booleg s with bad sound here’s the  first official reissue of this album from the original master tapes.Limited Edition of 300 copies only. Insert with photos and  emphera from the Matis archivesThe most elusive of all good Vertigo label albums. An amazingly groovy and psychedelic hardrocky band out of Fiji who recorded and released this their only album in New Zeeland 1973. Total kilkler and the mindblowing sidelong suite on side two sends me trippin every time with psychedelic guitars galore.


”BIG SAM” MAROWITZ – Sounds In The Night (ROULETTE R 25091960 US) M-/VG+++  380:-
Just superb but largely unknown late night nocturnal themed beatnik type album with Big Sam and his alto-sax and band. Seductive and deep sounds with a tantalizing burlesque twist. Fill up those high ball glasses and go. Big personal fave and this is a perfect M- copy with just a slight hint of ring wera on the cover. Night Tide!


THE MUSIC PEOPLE (SP F re) Ex/Ex 130:-
Superb comp of obsucre and rare US early 70s funk monsters, several that goes way in to psych territory. This will get anybody movin’ and groovin’ on any good freak-out!


Rare, sought after and amazing pioneering Texas psych magazine by legendary collector/dealer Doug Hanners from way back 1975 with the legendary 13thFloor Elevators special.  Cram packed with rare Elevators material; photos and interviews.


MUSTAFA OZKENT VE ORKESTRA – Genclick Ile Elele(FK UK re) M-/M- 360:-
Long out of print exact deluxe gatefold reissue of this rare and sought after Turkish psychedelic funky masterpiece from 1973.


RATTLES  – Devil’s On The Loose / I Know You Don’t Know(Philips 6003 170 G 1971)M-/ Ex         150:-
Perfect 1971 satanic discotheque hard rock killer.


SELDA (FK UK re) M-/M- 250:-
Original 2006 reissue 1stpressing of these amazing Anadolu psychedelic grove recording from Turkey 1976 by the one and only Selda. Includes several bonus track too. A must have of course.


SOUNDS UNLIMITED / AUGUSTO PABLO – Middle East Skank / Sounds of the East (Aquarius PS re) M 125:-
Reissue of rare killer diller Jamaican early 1970s 7”.  Sounds Unlimited’s ‘Middle East Skank’ is grounded by the familiar ‘Drum Song’ bass line, allowing Chin Loy and his musicians the freedom to explore the outer limits of horn-driven Jamaican soul. The flipside comes with a Pablo piece on the same rhythm. Comes in a hand stamped bag.


SPADES – You’re Gonna Miss Me / We Sell Soul(Zero re) Ex 540:-
Now very rare and sought after reissue of the mega rare pre-13th Floor Elevators band The Spades (featuring a young Roky Erickson fantastic  raw1st 1965 recording release of the classic ”You’re Gonna Miss Me. Backed by the equally cool song ”We Sell Soul” (which evidently also ended up a 13th Floor Elevators song later too).


S.P.Q.R – Plugget /Giljoe Kid(Pang SW 1980)  Ex/Vg+ 110:-
Really cool and great and totally obscure Swedish 1980 hard rock/punk/power pop. On prolific vanity press label.  I really dig it! Autographed.


S.TMIKAEL – Claustromania (Xotic Mind Productions SW) M/M 1100:-
Legendary Swedish psychedelia. His 3rdalbum from 1991. That’s almost 30 years ago now! Actually when we made this one the company that worked with folding the paper for the LP sleeve refused to do it and it had to be sent to another company that finally could do it for us. Mind you not the printer but the company that folds the paper. Why; because they thought the images on the sleeve were unnatural, bizarre. So crazy! An incredible psychedelic tour de force of an album.


Super 7: International Toy Pirates (Super 7) Ex 400:-
Elegant to the extreme in a slip cased black and silver Flexi-bound, this beautifully designed and immaculately photographed title is a giant museum quality catalogue for collectors, aficionados or self proclaimed toy geeks . Super 7 International Toy Pirates takes you on a nostalgic journey to the endless days of youth and summers spent watching Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan battle for world supremacy. Contains features and interviews of the quality we have come to expect from the editors of Super 7.


THE UNKNOWN GOD: W.T. Smith and the Thelemites (Martin P. Starr Teitan Press 2003 US) Ex+  OFFERS (goes for gazillions of dollars on Amazon…make me a resonable offer instead)
Rare. 1st edition. The first documentary study of Aleister Crowley’s contemporary followers in North America, told through the life of their de facto leader, Wilfred Talbot Smith (1885-1957). Smith, the unacknowledged offspring of a prominent English family, emigrated to Canada where he met Charles Stansfeld Jones and through him, the works of Aleister Crowley. Although Crowley and Smith met only once, their twenty year correspondence proved to be a major link to the few and the faithful attracted to Crowley’s work in the United States and Canada. Smith’s spiritual life centered first on the initiatic structure of the Order of the A.·.A.·., complemented by the emerging fraternal and social schemes of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). Smith followed Jones into a few long-forgotten movements like the Universal Brotherhood and the Psychomagian Society, but he declined membership in C.F. Russell’s Choronzon Club. To promulgate the Crowleyan teachings, in 1934 Smith incorporated his own “Church of Thelema”–known to Los Angeles newspaper readers as the “Purple Cult.” The following year he initiated OTO activity in Los Angeles which attracted its own cast of occult characters. Smith’s life reached a strange conclusion when Crowley, taking a page from Louis Bromfield’s novel, THE STRANGE CASE OF MISS ANNIE SPRAGG, which explored “the twin mysteries of love and religion and the confusion that lies between” and combining it with a reading of Smith’s natal chart, sent him off on a retreat to determine which God he was incarnating. It was a journey from which Frater 132 never returned…THE UNKNOWN GOD is a fascinating and complex human story, intimately interwoven with the lives of most of Crowley’s disciples in the United States including C.F. Russell Jane Wolfe, Max R. Schneider, Jack Parsons, Louis T. Culling, Frederic Mellinger and Grady L. McMurtry as well as occult teachers like H. Spencer Lewis (AMORC) Paul Foster Case (BOTA), and Wayne Walker (OM), Hollywood actors such as John Carradine and even the founder of the Mattachine Society, Harry Hay.


Rare and beautiful original 1968 psychedelic US, local LP underground music magazine magazine .  Lotsa cool photos and adds I haven’t seen elsewhere and a lengthy interview with Ultimate Spinach! Newspaper format.Beautiful. Can I take offers on it…? Never seen another for sale so I have no idea on how to pricer it.


LYMAN WOODARD ORGANIZATION – Saturday Night Special 2LP (Wax Poetics US re) M-/M 340.-
Long out of print deluxe 2LP reissue of this Hand-numbered in red ink on back cover out of 1,500 copies  With folded poster insert. Fantastic jazz funk classic with lotsa awesome keyboards (including the Mellotron) from 1975. These guys even played Tiki bars. Too much. What an amazing 2LP. Will have you all grooving in no time.

Stay cool! ;-D