News from Subliminal Sounds – June 2019


we’re back here with some fun stuff for your eyes, ears, nose and mouth….you’ll have to imagine the esoteric smells of the different objects…from mildew to fresh cotton :).

Lotsa fun gigs coming up this summer including the return of Skogen Brinner! Here are the tour dates:

31 May – KEBNEKAJSE – Gamla Folkets Hus, Sundbyberg
8 Jun – ÌXTAHUELE, Nostalgifestivalen, Vårgårda
29 Jun – BABY GRANDMOTHERS, Hammerhigh, Hammenhög
25 Jul – KEBNEKAJSE –  Teater Klämman , Mellösa
26 Jul-  KEBNEKAJSE – Innergården Nöjesfabrik, Karlstad
27 Jul – KEBNEKAJSE – Kate Deluxe, Växjö
28 Jul – KEBNEKAJSE – Far i hatten, Malmö
1-3 Aug – SKENET – Urkult, Näsåker
30 Aug – KEBNEKAJSE – Musikens Hus, Gothenburg
31 Aug – KEBNEKAJSE – Festival of the Midnight Sun, Mantorp
31 Aug – SKOGEN BRINNER – Festival of the Midnight Sun, Mantorp
7-10 Nov – TRÄDEN – Le Guess Who?, Utrecht, Netherlands

And here’s a fun pile of subversive mind-expanding goodies to check out behind the barn. Some great cool records, vintage posters  and magazines.


ARBETE & FRITID – Se upp för livet (MNW MNW 75P SW 1977) M-/M-/Ex 600:-
Fantastic and way under rated Swedish psych 2LP. Musicians includes both Thomas Mera Gartz and Torbjörn Abelli of Träd gräs och stenar. The music was created for the exhibition “Se upp! För livet October – November 1976. Includes the booklet.


 ARK – Voyages (G S RE) M-/M- 220:-
Exact reissue of very rare an amazingly good US Xian psych private press from 1978. Includes informative liner notes by Patrick Lundborg.


LES BAXTER – Jungle Jazz (Capitol T1184 US 1959) VG+/VG 420:-
One of the exoica maestros  best albums. The cover has a lot of seams splits but otherwise nice. Disc plays great.


BABY GRANDMOTHERS – Poster  Ex 100:-
Great gig poster.


BEAUTIFUL –Shadows In The Sun / Walter’s Dream  (Cyclops Records CS-71XXUS 1967) Ex 5900:-
Vinyl is Ex, only the label has the damage you see. It’s like some of the paint fell off for some reason. Anyways the disc is not at all damaged. Here’s a special treat forn you: Ultra rare early version of the Soft Machine’s “Feelin’ Reelin’ Screelin”. Apparently Kim Fowley made copies of an impromptu recording session that he was present for in London before the Soft Machine secured any kind of record deal and sent the tapes to Los Angeles where he remixed and released the recording on this unknown independent label in 1967. Whatever the exact facts regarding this sole release by”The Beautiful”, there is no question in anyone’s mind that has heard “Shadows In The Sun”that it is truly one of the top tier holy grails in the 60’s psych freak out genre. The flip side ”Walter’s Dream is equally cool and very heavy and pounding psych freaky sitar raga wig-out. Extremely rare and some have speculated that only 40 (!) copies were ever manufactured.


CURE OF SOULS– Poster Ex 350:-
Cure of Souls”. Rare and beautiful blotter acid art show poster from the Psychedelic Solution 1988. Psychedelic Solutions was a gallery in New York which specialized in psychedelic posters from the 1960s onwards but which closed in the mid-1990s. This poster is of particular interest because it depicts a new form of graphics which was introduced in the 1960s – the decorated acid blotter squares. Blotting paper was soaked with LSD and divided by perforations so that individual ‘hits’ could be sold. The different types of LSD were indicated by the different imagery printed on them: the blotters had specially designed logos and a wide range of images.


KAREN DALTON  – t-shirt (Rotter & Friends US) M- 180:-
Blue t-shirl male size Small. Exclusive and limited edition Rotter & Friends design.


DUNGEN – Stadsvandringar –poster 490:-
Original rare and vintage 2002 promo poster. Slight clean tear upper left otherwise like new.


DUNGEN – Ta det lugnt – tour poster Ex  300:-
Original rare and vintage Swedish 2004 tour poster.


DUNGEN – gig poster Ex 80:-
Original vintage US gig poster. Slight slight bend to middle


RIN ERIC –The Soundtrack To The Movie In Your Mind (Branco JP re) M-/M- 320:-
Rare deluxe Japanese, and  only reissue of this legendary but mostly unknown ultra rare and mysterious deep US psych private press from 1972. Phenomenal LP that’s gotta be heard. I remember flipping out totally when Paul Major first sent me a cassette copy back in the early 1990s. Still today it seems not many people have heard the Rin Eric album, which must rank as one of the Holy Grails of the loner folk field. “Originally pressed in only 50 copies for friends and family, the LP clocks in at over 60 minutes, and manages to hold the listener’s attention for most of that time. Opening with the extraordinary ”Montona D’Anjo”, a strong psychedelic presence is felt despite it being only voice and acoustic guitar (an achievement similar to Perry Leopold). With a world-weary, soulful voice Eric sends you into an acid trip where his life unfolds and merges with the external hallucinations around him: ”…that Chevy is a molecule… Those mountains are a small dog’s face… Now it’s a boy learning to fish…”, given further depth by a spooky, recurring sound effect in the background. This extraordinary piece of music sets a level the rest of the album works hard to live up to, and arguably it never does. Still, thanks again to his fine voice, which sounds a bit like a Charles Manson at peace with the world, and some excellent lyrics, the LP continues to surprise and delight, given additional coherence by a melancholic guitar figure that is inserted between each song.   The LP came with a thick booklet with illustrated song lyrics in a William Blake-like manner. Unfortunately, the staples used for the booklet has damaged the vinyl on most copies in existence” Patrick Lundborg – The Acid Archives 


Festen  – poster  Ex-  SOLD
Original Swedish vintage poster from 1970 for the first, and illegal, legendary Swedish Gärdet hippie festival. Designed by Thomas Mera Gartz  Like new except for a slight tear bottom middle.


RICK GROSSMAN – Hot Romance(Thunderbolt Productions 8094N2 US 1978) M-/Vg+++ 700:-
Perfect copy of this peculiar and great album.And it really is a must have for anyone in to the stranger alternative world of psychedelic music. Fantastic real people New York catchy swingin deeep weird trip in to the dustbin of your mind. Huge fave!


HASHISH – A Product of…  – poster M- 100:-
Perfect to hang on the wall above the toilet.

IMG_1059 2

Head Magazine Volume 2 Number 3 – May/June 1977 (Alshar Corporation Freytner Press US 1977) Vg+ 200:-
Nice copy of this rare US 1970s stoner classic mag. Way more radical than High Times. This was the slick high profile magazine aimed directly ath the dealers! With features like local drug price lists etc. Outta sight!  Also all articles are really serious jobs with end depth knowledge on dosages, etc. An enlightening and fiun read for sure. Heavy on coke pharpernelia etc too. The good life of the 1970s :D Features: San Isidro: The King of Psilocybin, Frankenweed – A Look at the New Underground Labs, The All Time Best Stoned Flicks, How To Grow Dynamite Pot Outdoors, Mescalineand, of course, the regular columns/departments including Stems & Seeds, Price List, Dope Forum, Reviews, Joynt, Pressing Print.


HÅR – Poster Ex SOLD
Rare original Swedish 1968 poster for the Swedish production of the musical Hair, which included the legendary Swedish psych band Mecki Mark Men. 


THE KAPLAN BROTHERS – The Universal Sounds of… (Kap Record Production PM-6912US 1968) Ex-/Vg+ 1200:-
The rare 1stalbum by this incredibly strange psychedelic lounge band. Theyäre most famous for their  masterpiece “Nightbird”. This their first private press, which is a lot rarer than “Nightbird”,  album is incredible in it’s own right though. Has several amazing tracks with fuzz and everything that these guys had going for them. Total surreal lounge psych private press extravaganza third eye lounge. My fave album of theirs. Disc is pretty much perfect. The sleeve is nice and clean only a smaller seem split, some corner bumps and front paper slightly unglued on the lower right corner.


KROPP MOT KROPP – Poster Vg+++ 100:-
Beautiful original 1960s Swedish poster version for French Nudie flick.


 THE LEWIS SISTERS – Way Out…Far(Liberty LRP 3128US 1959) Ex+/Ex+ 690:-
Promo copy of this rare one-of-a-kind album.  Amazingly hip jazz album with femme harmony vocals that you would never expect this to be. The Lewis sisters, dubbed the singing school teachers, popped up on Motown records in the 1960s. Wrote songs for Marvin Gaye, but this album was their debut. And it’s quite remarkably ahead of its time. Recorded in 1958 and release in sounds like one of the greatest harmony vocal albums of the late 1960! Like Free Design or even Wendy & Bonnie. Totally amazing!!!



 MOONKYTE – Count Me Out(Mother SMOT 1 UK 1971) Vg+++/ EX-  8550:-
Mega rare original UK copy of brilliant small label mysterious psych folk. Huge personal fave. Housed in extreme fragile gimmicks cover that is in perfect shape, no tears which is very unusual given the extremely fragile nature of the sleeve design, only a little ringwear. Disc real clean.  So perfect keeper copy  of one of the ultimate kingpins for UK psych here. Wow!


PI-R-SQUARE – Fantasy(Wee 1009US 1976) Ex 650:-
Rare original pressing of this amazing psychedelic jazz funk 45. Plays at 33 1/3 speed for a great extended play. Superb and freaked out extended Fender Rhodes  and fuzz guitar solos.


ELVIS PRESELY – The King of Western Bop 2xLP (RevOla UK re) M-/M- 160:-
It’s 1954 and Elvis is young, sexy and dangerous.  Double LP with the essential  roxking recordings including discarded takes and killers like “Good Rocking Tonight” and “Milkcow Blues Boogie”.  Essential!


JOHN RYDGREN – Cantata For Life– poster  Vg 150:-
Rare promo poster for pastor John Rydgren’s epic psychedelic mindfuck album “Cantata of New Life” from 1967.Heavy bend mark in the middle otherwise fine.


SATELLITE – You Can Drive My Space Ship / You’re The One I Love (High Altitude Records 406059X US 1984)  M- 2500:-
Rare  private press elctro monster 45. Mindblower!


Original 1976 headshop velvet blacklight poster “Schizoid”


SEEDS – Future (GNP Crescendo GNP 2038 US 1967) Ex+/Vg++  1800:-
Rare original US mono 1967 1st pressing of this psychedelic classic.  Includes the rare 3 inserts: 1 A4-sized photo 1 square 12″ photoand a square 12″ sheet with printed rectangles and “cut out paste on wherever” printed on it. The disc looks marvelous like new except for a very slight hairline, the label in spindle whole looks pretty much untouched. The gatefold sleeve has a clean cut out hole on the upper left corner and some slight ringwear. Otherwise pretty much perfect. Two of the three inserts also have the cut out hole.

 STEPPENWOLF (Dunhill DS 50029 US 1968) Ex/vg++ 320:-
US 1stpress from 1968 of this legendary biker psych classic in a cool silver foil sleeve.

IMG_1040 2

Träd, Gräs och Stenar -70 – poster     Vg+++ SOLD
Original rare vintage Swedish tour poster from 1970. Designed by Bo Anders Persson.


Träd, Gräs och Stenar  – poster M- SOLD
Rare original 1969 smaller tour poster(31 x 22,5 cm) designed by Bo Anders Persson.


UNRELATED SEGMENTS 10”(Sundazed US re) M;-/M- 220:-
Long out of print comp of all the singles from this ultimate US 1960s garage punk band out of Detroit, Michigan.


Original vintage promo poster.