News from Subliminal Sounds – April 2019


we’re back here with some fun stuff for your eyes, ears, nose and mouth….you’ll have to imagine the esoteric smells of the different objects…from mildew to fresh cotton :). Yikes we’ve been doing mail-outs, and released record like these, now since 1989….that’s 30 zonked-out years. Far-out!

Don’t miss the legendary Baby Grandmothers live at the Dödskallen festival at Visby (on the island Gotland) on Friday March 29. Subliminal Sounds will be there too with some nice records and stuff up for grabs. See you there!

Also Träden are on a roll as you already knew. The reception of their new album Träden has been phenomenal and they are now going on their 2nd US tour in a short time. Here are the April 2019 dates:
23 April  Liquor Store  Portland
24 April  Sunset Tavern  Seattle
27 April Marfa Myths,   Texas
28 April  Barracuda, Austin
29 April  Rough Trade, Brooklyn

And here’s a pile of subversive mind-expanding goodies to check out behind the barn. Some great cool records threads and magazines.

The equinox just passed so have a very merry spring!



Vinyl  7” / LP records and books etc

Now here’s a  nice little pile of hand-picked out-of-this-world music and literature. Some rare OGs and some decently priced reissues.  All up for grabs. Please note that these titles are only listed here, not in our regular web-shop.  Records are graded disc/sleeve. Prices in SEK (Swedish Krona) Just send us an email to reserve. Check for approximate exchange rates.


HARVEY ANDERSON – Jivaro / Monday Night At 8 P.M. (Mona-Lee US 1959) Vg+ 600:-
Original 1stpressing of scarce 1959 double-sider 45 from this Ft. Worth/Dallas Texas be-bopper. This record does so many things I love, and brilliantly executed. “Jivaro” is mysterious exotica for night owls, “Monday Night at 8 p.m.” is about as good ‘n’ gritty as beatnik crime-jazz gets. Strong VG, very solid player. Worst mark is a little scratch heard at the beginning of “Monday Night.”


LES BAXTER – Ports of Pleasure(Capitol T868 US 1957) Ex/Vg+  350:-
Exotica masterpiece from 1957 with black labels with the rainbow design. Cover has seam splits, some general wear, slight ring wear and slight writing on the back. But all in all very nice and presentable. The scan here is this actual copy. The vinyl is very nice.


NILTON CASTRO – Rhythm And Soul (Phase 6 Super Stereo – Vedette Italy 1972) M-/Ex 460:-
Original 1stpressing of this nice Afro Cuban style album that  also including a jaw dropper funky psych killer with perfect beat, flute, acid dripping fuzz and wah guitars and superb deep psych organ leads. So good. Cover still in shrink like new but has a slight bend on the lower right corner and some war on then opening. The disc is perfect M-.


Colombia! – The Golden Age Of Discos Fuentes, The Powerhouse Of Colombian Music 1960-76 (Sway UK re) M-/Ex 190:-
This 2LP compilation is just fantastic. Gatefold sleeve with in-depth liner notes and photographs of the original releases with some mighty stunning sleeves inside. Superb wild Latin stuff.


Dr. Boogie Presents Shim Sham Shimmy (Sub Rosa Belgium re) M-/M- 160:-
Killer comp of wild drunk US 1940s-50s electric guitar rhythm and blues culled from the original rare 78’s records.


BOB DYLAN – Highway 61 Revisited(CBS US 1965)Ex/Vg+ 1200:-
True UK mono original 1stpressing ( 33, flipback, rough labels etc etcall the details on this copy are correct – inquire if you want) from 1965 in unusually perfect condition. This is the preferable release version of this classic album. All tracks really sounds incredible in the original mono mix and this pressing is superb. The record also comes with a rare glossy promo still from 1967 for the Dylan movie Don’t Look Back. The disc looks and plays perfect. The three part flipback cover has some small general wear like a little bumped corner and some creases but really clean and nice.


DUNGEN – Ta det lugnt (Subliminal Sounds XMLP-SUB-17) New 289:-
The complete original format of this now legendary modern psych classic celebrating it’s 15th year anniversary this year!


DUNGEN – Sweatshirt  300:-
Nice thick classic grey sweatshirt. Limited edition.  Size small only.


JIMMIE HASKELL – COUNT DOWN!(Imperial LP-9068 re) M-/M- 220:-
Long out of print exact reiusse in thick cardboard sleeve of this fantastic and rare 1959 space age rock n roll album. Uses early voltage-controlled analog synth and a theremin . Way out! Huge fave!


Hi Life MAGAZINE July 1979  Ex 290:-
HiLife the magazine of leisure highs was a short lived High Times “type” magazine. This rare and sought after copy contains 96 pages of unique articles, including a highly acclaimed and never reproduced pice on hallucinogenic shrooms, market analysis on drug trade and smuggling,  as well as amazing period type adverts for stuff like pot pipe frisbees and the likes. Amazing!


DARLA HOOD – My Quiet Village (Ray Note US 1959) Ex 360:-
Original 1959 promo release. The unique and spellbinding vocal version of the ultimate exotica classic by this stellar American child actress (Little Rascals etc).  Big band backing and sound effects. Incredible exotica! Strong Ex condition.  


101 STRINGS – Astro-Sounds From The Year 2000(Alshire re) Ex/Ex 190:-
“A space odyssey in the beat of today – with the far out sounds of tomorrow’s uncharted trip beyond the now generation.” Great sounding 180 gram vinyl and long out of print reissue of this mind-bending 1968 exploitation psych masterpiece. Also includes 4 bonus tracks of schlock sitar psych killers culled from the 101 Strings album ”Sounds of Today”,


The Ikon Records Story – America’s #1 Unsung Garage Label – 1964-1966 (Crypt US re) M-/M- 260:-
Must have companion to the Back From The Grave comps, mind blowing US 60s garage rock comp by Tim Warren of the most elusive and great rare 60s label. 2LPs, gatefold sleeve, massive liners and photos. All tracks taken from the master tapes.


The exotic sounds of Ìxtahuele Europeran Tiki Tour t-shirt. Small limited edition print. Size S and M available. They are pretty large in the sizing.


EMY JACKSON & THE SMASHMEN – Crying In The Storm / Suddenly I’m Alone(CBS LL-742-JC Japan 1965) Ex/Ex -399:-
Amazing femme vocal surf rock. Probably the pinnacle for the whole genre. The wild surf lead guitar of the Smashmen really delivers with full tilt rocking reverb/echo drenched slippery wet surf licks.  Even goes way deep in the ears for psych heads. One of those off the map masterpieces Paul Major hipped me to back in the day.  Deluxe fold-out cover too.


THE MANDRAKE MEMORIAL – Puzzle(Poppy 40.006 USA 1970) OFFERS
Here’s something you dont see everyday: a pretty much perfect copy of the rare and elusive deluxe promo edition of Puzzle It was originally sent out to a select few elite radio DJ.s prior to the official album release back in 1970. It’s a very impressive promo package and not something that was sent to the regular press (they got the regular promo copy) but only a select few VIP radio DJs.. The estimated printing quantity for such expansive promo releases, by comparing to other’s of the same style, is around 100 copies only. So this one will stay very rare forever. The album is of course one of the acknowledged foremost psychedelic masterpieces. The very frail and oversized box style outer cover rated VG has wear tear and creases and some small pieces of non-visible tape to reinforce the corners. Stains on the back as on all the few copies of this that has turned up over the years. However it’s still very nice and presentable. The promo materials inside consist of 4 unique glossy promo photos, one of each band member plus one of the full group. There is also a picture and letter of Seiji Ozawa talking about the band and a 4 page biography. All these are in perfect M-. Condition.  Then there’s a copy of the actual Puzzle LP. The sleeve has a hardly visible Not for sale – promotional use only embossing. There’s a little wear including some very slight ring wear and is rated Vg+. It includes the fine round insert of course, Poppy inner bag and then the actual LP disc, which is in M- condition. Wow!!!


MARY BUTTERWORTH(Breeder Austria re) Ex/Vg+ 250:-
Long out of print (actually reissued like 30 years ago now) reissue of killer obscure US 1969 psych mega rarity private press. The reason to get this one is that later reissues, on CD,  don’t feature the original album but a substandard re-mix and this is the only existing vinyl reissue. This reissue features the true original album and sounds great. The cover is one of the best for a US private press too.


THE MONKEES – Head (Rhino RNLP 145 US re) Ex/Vg+ 230:-
Exact long out of print reissue (from 1985) of this exploitations TV band true psychedelic LSD 1968 masterpiece. This reissue features the full 4:00 single version of the amazing psychedelic ”Porpoise Song”. Also has a real silver foil on thick cardboard sleeve like the original.


 THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE Vol 3 (Mystic Records re) Ex+/Vg++ 700:-
Ultra Rare Acid Punk Fuzz Monsters From The 1960s! Long op legendary limited edition comp filled with uber rare US 60s garage psych 45s killers.


 THE ROOSTERS – Love Machine / I’m Suspectin’(Philips 40504 US 1968) M- 120:-
Fantastic psych pop unknown that goes deeper in the lysergic department than you would first expect. Total LSD winner for cheap.


Savage! – Tihati’s South Seas Spectacular (Don Over 1001 US 197?) Ex/ Vg 120:-
Great and cool LP Tiki exotica floor show at Don The Beachcomber. Lotsa wild shark skin drum rhythms and other wild stuff. Probably the best Tiki bar restaurant floor show albume ever.


THE SEEDS (GNP Crescendo GNP 2023US 1966) Vg/Vg++ 790:-
Original 1st pressing US mono release. Blows away and stereo pressings…this is how this killer US 1966 garage psych masterpiece album should be heardTotal mind melt musicallyHas “Includes the hit single Pushin’ Too Hard” sticker on cover. Labels are red with curved white “GNP Crescendo” at top  The records has marks, some feelable, but plays amazingly quiet and loud with just occasional clicks and crackle. Like most of the marks weren’t even there. I’d say this is a keeper copy and no need to upgrade ever really. The sleeve has two small cut out holes on the upper right corner no problem..


SKENET – Allting Rullar – T-Shirt 160:-
Size small only limited edition tour t-shirt print.


SKOGEN BRINNER – Buurp – T- shirt 180:-
Size XL only limited edition print.


 THE SOUNDZ –  Freak Out Part 1 b/w Freak Out Part 2(Crown-Psychedel*ite US 1967) G+ 460:-
Four minutes of the outer most surf psychedelia, absolutely as good as it gets. Part 2 is really the same without the massive tripping echo. Condition of this rare 1967 45 is G+ with shiny fine vinyl but scratches are heard, especially during the quiet beginning.


JIM SULLIVAN(Century City Records CCR5000 US 1970) Ex/Vg+++ 1400:-
Very nice condition original 1970 US pressing of this highly acclaimed (but previously almost unknown) psych LP. The story about this guy who disappeared with his car in the desert never to be found again is like out of the Twilight Zone. What an incredible recording he left as his legacy. Tracks like ”Higways” ”UFO” and ”Rosey” are total mindblowers. The gatefold jacket looks very fine with only some ring wear and whitening along the seams but no splits.


SURFMEN – Hawaii(Somerset SF 17100 US 1963) Ex / Vg+ 260:-
Both the Surfmen’s exotica albums are huge faves here. Deep exotica numbers with sound effects and some hookey swirling hulas. Cover still in shrink.


THE SWEET – Block Buster / Need A Lot Of Lovin’ (RCA 74-16235 Germany 1973) Ex/Vg++  60:-
THE SWEET – Turn It Down / …Someone Else Will(RCA Victor G 1974) Ex/Vg+ 60:-
The ultimate junk shop glam hard rock band ever. Misunderstood back in the day but nowadays they finally get’s acknowledged for their unique brand off ripping hard rock. The flip to “Turn It Down” contains the outrageous lyrics about out their fans “ If we don’t f**k you, someone else will” which was toned down to the slightly less offensive “go down on you” for the single release.


Vintage Elevators t-shirt circa early 1990s with the awesome pyramid design. Tag says size L but it’s pretty short in length for a L. All over nice condition vintage tee.