News from Subliminal Sounds – Dec 2018


hope all is well. We just put out the amazing new Baby Grandmothers album “Merkurius” by some of  the ultimate living psychedelic legends Kenny Håkansson, Bella Linnarsson and Pelle Ekman. We partied and the band made some mind bending live shows. If you didn’t pick up the album yet I’d recommend you get it right away. It’s a classic.

Early winter weather has hit ol Sweden now and our hallucinatory dreams of sunny beaches are evident in the record list below with the inclusion of three impossibly rare artefacts from the deepest Californian  underground parallel dimension. Wow!

Stay high and i’ll talk to you some more before the holidays.



Purple vinyl LP, silver foil sleeve + insert. Limited edition of 300 copies 260:-
Black vinyl LP, silver foil sleeve + insert. Limited edition of 700 copies 210:-
CD with exclusive  digi-pack sleeve 100:
Merkurius is the mind-altering new surprise album from the originators of Swedish psychedelia. The band launches into drones, avant-garde dirges, and fevered hard rockin’ wig-outs heavily overblown with jams rocketing into surreal spheres. All with an urgency of the now. Baby Grandmothers are bona fide psychedelic originators and these extraordinary musicians creations run like a red thread through Swedish psychedelic music history. After 50 years in the service of psychedelic music this new album finds the Baby Grandmothers at their peak and as timeless as ever.

Here’s a short clip of what went down during the bands live show at the 1st night release party and concert in Stockholm. (It’s all I managed to shoot before I totally entered a psychedelic trance state).

OK so here’s a pile of subversive mind-expanding goodies to check out behind the barn. Some great cool records, some of them mind bogglingly (can you say that?) rare. Followed by a unusually sordid book list.

Vinyl  7” / LP records and books etc

Now here’s a  nice little pile of hand-picked out-of-this-world music and literature. Some rare OGs and some decently priced reissues.  All up for grabs. Please note that these titles are only listed here, not in our regular web-shop.  Records are graded disc/sleeve. Prices in SEK (Swedish Krona) Just send us an email to reserve. Check for approximate exchange rates.


THE AFRICAN SOULS – Hallelouia / MASEKINI – Musique Tshiluba (Out There re) Ex 300:-
Rare ltd. to 300 copies of 2 unknown African songs featuring some amaziong Afro psych soul with ecid fuzzguitars etc.  20% of the profit of this ’45 went to an NGO in Africa. Branded white cardboard sleeve. ’45s are numbered.


LES BAXTER – Tamboo!(Capitol T655US 1955) Ex/M- 340:-
Very nice original copy of this incredible exotica beauty from 1955. Includes the original inner.


THE CONSTANT SOUND (Elliot – Fergusson Inc US 1967)Vg+/Vg/Vg+  OFFERS
Extremely rare & pretty much undiscovered 1967 US demo-only 12-track mono LP of lost West Coast Sunshine Pop Psych reportedly one of just three known copies to exist. The last copy that we know of that was up for sale, and which was in Ex condition,  went for a cool 20 000 SEK. A glowing review in the ”The Acid Archives” is really its only point of reference for psych collectors worldwide. Comes with a unique pasted sleeve with gold embossed lettering. The history of this record is mysterious to say the least but its providence is sound. The songs are penned by George Wyle & production courtesy of the Elliott-Ferguson Inc. aka Jack Elliott & Allyn Ferguson this was obviously a record at the time with ambitions for release. Musically The Constant Sound is tightly arranged & consistently excellent with perfectly tuned male/female vocal harmonies. It is classic sounding Californian Sunshine Pop a la The Mamas & Papas Lovin Spoonful The Seekers 5th Dimension with top flight orchestrations. Allyn Ferguson went on to pen the Charlies Angels & Starsky & Hutch themes no less. Whats more psych collectors should note the reverb & delay drenched ”Dancing Patterns” and  & references to San Francisco hot spots in Avalon & chemicals on The Calico Bus…The whole album is trippy! Patrick Lundborg, to whom i copied the LP so he could reviuew and include it in the Acid Archives book, wrote:  ”A circa 1967 demo LP from a mystery band who deliver a dozen well-written well-arranged & well-performed tunes in the California sunshine style recalling Birmingham Sunday in particular. Unknown albums in this style arent many & this is likely to blow the mind of any genre fan as it delivers on all the key areas & has no obvious weaknesses. The bands opening theme song is great but perhaps the most remarkable thing is ”Avalon” an obvious tribute to Chet Helms acid-rock palace where these easy-breezy LA sounds were hardly the favored music. Housed in a gold-embossed title sleeve with no other clues except a Elliott-Ferguson Inc producer credit this may have been some famous guys sending out a test balloon under an alias; in any event it has to rank as one of the Holy Grails for collectors of 60s sunshine pop & lyte-psych. Only two copies are known to exist” The disc has marks and evidence that it’s been played. But it still plays strong with some clicks and surface noice that is absolutely tollerable between strong Vg+++ to super strong VG. The sleeve is nice and tidy with only some slight ringwear A slightly bent uppere left corner and a slight seam split from the opening on the upper and lower seam.


MARTIN DENNY – Exotic Percussion(Liberty LST 7168 US 1961) Ex/Vg+++ 300:
Exotica masterpiece! Tiny tear on front cover.


MARTIN DENNY – The Best of(Liberty L-5502 US 1961) Ex/Ex 120:-
Great original 1960s comp. Worth it not only for thegreat exotica music but the incredible full color picture of Martin and his band live in action at the Beachcomber in Waikiki onb the back cover.


JUNIOR DELGADO AND THE HEP TONES – Warriors No Tarry Yah – LEGGO STYLE – Leave Yah (DEB Music Jamaica 1978) Ex 400:-
Huge fave rare true original (yellow labels with blue D.E.B. logo) killer Jamaican 1970s dub single. It’s especially the b-side dub version that arises my interest here. Totally surreal dub reggae that leaks over in to exotica realms with skeleton pirates carrying off their treasure chests and rum to sail off in to the night. Da killer!


ERNEST FLIPPIN II – Supersonic Space Lady (Sound of San Diego SOS 001 US 1982) Vg++ 5900:-
Insanely rare and mindbendlingly  good totally spaced out turned on funky hip-hop electronica private press 45 out of San Diego 1982. Very few copies of this important 45 has ever been up for sale. Plays great.


 KANO – Runes (Spirit Music JSG 18007 US 1986) M-/M- 1100:-
The rare original cassette tape release from 1986. A unique, dark and sparse, tribal, minimal synth, drone, trance, new age recording from the mysterious Kano. Runes is much darker and brooding compared to its new age peers of the era. Drums, metallophone, synths, and more leads you on a deep inwards trip via damp, cold and foggy caves to the ancients.


ARTHUR LYMAN – Bahia(Hifi SR 815 US 1959) Ex/Vg+ 250.-
Exotica masterpiece. Very slight tear on front cover.


AL MANFREDI  (Band’n  Vocal BVRS 1285 US 1973) Ex/Vg+   OFFERS
Woweeee…mega biggie here! Still almost unknown 1973 California private custom press west coast rock masterpiece. A total winner in just that right deep way like D.R. Hooker (although Manfredi doesnt go off on any xian trips). Only a few copies pressed  (100 or less) way back when and given out to record companies in an effort to secure a deal (that didnt happen) and very few copies of this mindblower ever offered for sale. Manfredi had his musical background in the a garage band Lost And Found who moved from California to Arizona. Here’s what my dear old friend and collegue Patrick Lundborg’s wrote about  the album in the Acid Archives: ”The  gods of  music  provide, and  the  gods of  music  take away.  In  the case  of  Al Manfredi,  we  are handed  a  previously unknown  album  in  the  classic early  ‘70s  California style,  loaded  with good  vibes  and talent.  But  to curb  our  ecstasy, this  find  is limited  to  a  mini LP  with  only  about  20 minutes  of  music. On  this  presumed  demo album  (pressed  up by  the  same custom  house  that handled  Brigade  and Hi-Hopes)  Manfredi,  with a  background  in Arizona  garage  band Lost  And  Found, presents  six  outstanding westcoast  tunes full  of   understated hooks,  occasional  tempo shifts  and  tricky bridge  structures.  He distances  himself  from the  usual  cust om press  losers  by hiring  a band  of session  players,  and spends  enough  time in  the  studio to  get  all the  details  right. The  light,  intimate vocals  may  seem off putting  at  first, but  on  repeat plays  they  become a  necessary  part of  the  warm yet  sophisticated  atmosphere. Non heavy,  Jerry  Garcia style guitar  leads  and  solid studio  musician  backing help  define  a finalized  sound  that is  instantly  recognizable as  Manfredi’s  own, once  you’ve  played this  a  few times.  The  aggre gated sum  of  all this  rightness  makes me  think  of early  ‘70s  titans like  David  Crosby and  Hawaii era  Merrell Fankhauser;  not  just the  acutely  captured mellowness,  but  the self confidence  and  the talent.  This  style is  considered  an apex  by  many rare  LP  specialists, and  after  decades of  collector  scrutiny a  discovery  such as  this  is unlikely;  it’s  a gratuitous grace,  a  deus ex  machina.  Manfredi himself  passed  away long  ago,  and probably  went  to the  grave  wondering why  no  major label  had  picked him  up.”


MUSIC EMPORIUM – Nam Myo Renge Kyo / Times Like This (Sentinel 4-501 US 1969) Vg+ 900:-
Nice rare promo original 45 from 1969. Legendary California psych monster 45.


JERRY SOLOMON – Virginity To All2LP (MH US re) NEW 455:-
Limited edition deluxe 2LP reissue. At PRIVATE PRESS 45S 1966-1969′ – Collected in this DOUBLE-LP set are the totally far-out and crazed psych recordings from LA-based outsider musician Jerry Solomon, originally dating back to the second half of the ’60s! The rarity and bizarre content of Jerry Solomon’s releases have music connoisseurs clamoring for them, though he funded, wrote, recorded and self-distributed his uniquely fascinating music for no other reason than to simply put it out there. Indeed, this is a sensational release! . Way back in the 1990s thids record was a secret only wispered about by tghe US psych mafia in closed circles.


JERRY SOLOMON – Past the 20th Century(MH US re) NEW 310:-
Limited edition deluxe reissue. At last, the self-released 1971 LP by LA-based outsider psych artist Jerry Solomon gets reissued on vinyl! Though his earlier recordings (dating back to the ’60s) were based on wobbly rock’n’roll beats, ‘Past The 20th Century’ features uber psychedelic and hallucinatorty droning minor-key melodies, irregular percussive jabs, toy piano strums and impenetrable lyrics delivered by Jerry’s self-overdubbed and echo-laden vocals. The reissue of this much sought after, ultra rare album comes with reproduced artwork and a zine-styled insert. Way back in the 1990s thids record was a secret only wispered about by tghe US psych mafia in closed circles.


B.W. SOULS – Marvin’s Groove / Generated Love( Round US 1969) M- 100:-
Nice original of big personal fave soul funk instrumental from 1969.


Yes this original exotica, latin, pop comp from 1960 is spectacular. Cram packed with great and over the top exotica etc with wild stereo panning.The disc is perfect but the lower part of the outer sleeve has seen better days.

…and now  here’s a specially depraved list so if you are faint of heart stay away…this is strictly for adults. Here’s….



APOCALYPOSE CULTURE II(Feral House Adam Parfrey) M- 260:
Long out of print. Infamous massive tome where editor Parfrey again rounds up the finest writing about necrophilia, scatological pornography, apocalyptic parables, and other taboo stuff. For instance, here is Michael Moynihan tracing the progress of pretty boy Bobby Beausoleil, inaugurator of the Pleasure Dome but best known as Charles Manson\rquote s chief procurer. Moynihan downplays the Manson connection and instead recounts Beausoleil\rquote s memories of participating in avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger\rquote s Lucifer Rising. At book\rquote s end is a parable by convicted Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, as well as a picture of painter Joe Coleman, who is \ seeking out bodies for anatomical dissection to assist him in his art schooling.\rdblquote Coleman appears with a cadaver\endash \endash well, with most of it. There is disturbing stuff here, alright, in both text and illustrations, and those with weak stomachs or backbones should leave well enough alone. Those interested, healthily or not, in the dark and scary limits of the human imagination, however, will want to give a look. And may never the twain meet.


Rare now magazine with unique scantily clad or not clad 3-d pictures .


Cefalú E Il Mistero Di Crowley (Crowley’s Mystery) (Francesco Alaimo Azienda Autonoma Di Soggiorno E Turismo 1993) M- 399:-
Wow! Obscure actual Italian tourist broschure about the Abbey of Thelema with some rare photos and texts in both English and Italian.


Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective’s Scrapbook (Feral House US) M- 200:-
The strange and gruesome crime-scene snapshot collection of LAPD detective Jack Huddleston spans Southern California in its noir heyday. Warning: this powerful, grotesque collection of black-and-white photos is not for the easily disturbed. The introductory text by Katherine Dunn helps give a context to the macabre scrapbook, and the handwritten captions display irony and sometimes humor; but this is no antiquarian’s sentimental portrait of the past. This book documents butchery and brutality, horrible disease and mental illness, suicide and murder.


Eight Lectures On Yoga – Aleister Crowley (New Falcon. 3 edit. 1998). M- 160:-
Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), also known as ‘The Great Beast’ and the ‘Wickedest Man in the World,’ was one of the most profound students of Magick, Qabalah and yoga psychology. His vast influence reaches through all modern occultism. He is widely recognized as the first Western investigator to give initiation a truly scientific method. In reconciling occultism to physical science, mathematics and philosophy, Crowley achieved a lasting synthesis that remains unsurpassed for depth of insight and comprehensiveness.


GLAMOUR GIRLS OF BILL WARD(Fantagraphics Books US 2003) M- 280:-
OUT OF PRINT HARD COVER EDITION. Renowned pin-up artist Bill Ward gets the full coffee table treatment in a lavish, oversized, full-color collection of his most polished 1950s illustrations. Imagine, if you will, an innocent but stunning young woman boasting the most unlikely Barbie-like proportionsand then somepoured into a wisp of lingerie or clingy cocktail dress, silky opera-length gloves, and sheer thigh-high stockings, perched precariously but not inelegantly atop a pair of dangerously high stiletto heels, and you’ve got the recipe for the quintessential Wardian glamour girl. Ward’s girls became staples of countless men’s and humor magazines where he shared the pages with cult models like Bettie Page and fellow “good girl” artists such as Dan DeCarlo and Jack Cole. Ward became the standard bearer and justly famous through the ’50s and ’60s for his angular, high-sheen images of improbably busty glamour girls, a kind of low-rent Charles Dana Gibson. What set Ward apartand abovehis talented contemporaries was his use of a medium called the conte crayon. When drawn on a simple newsprint stock, this potent combination created a charcoal-like effect and color that gave Ward’s original art an elegant sepia-tone quality. This volume features the best of Ward’s Humorama work, including a selection of Ward’s infamous telephone girls. Tame by today’s standards, Ward’s telephone girls were considered provocative at the time, caught as they were in various states of dress or, more often, undress. The majority of the images in this volume were drawn between 1956 and 1963 when Ward was at the height of his skill, shot from original art and printed in full color. This book not only reproduces over a hundred beautifully rendered illustrations, but captures a more innocent moment in American pop culture. 120 pages color.


JAG VILL HA EN EGEN MÅNE (Forum 2005) M 240:-
Hardcover 1stediton. The ultimate book of his shocking sordid story (not the bland movie adaption) cram packed with photos and details unavailable elsewhere.


L.A. DESPAIR – John Gilmore(AMOK US) Ex 160:-
This singular book follows a mad, tumultuous landscape without remorse or pity, the high and low life of Hollywood/LA. Gilmore obsesses on a relentless panorama of sex, violence and death in five new chronicles of So Cal sickness: The sex-and-drug soaked Wonderland murders featuring porn legend John Holmes. Sexpot Starlet Barbara Payton’s hellbent descent into the gutters of Tinseltown. the Hollywood Hooker who landed in San Quentin’s gas chamber, the Ice Blonde Murderess Barbara Graham. For those already steeped in the canon of John Gilmore’s work, this is the long-awaited true-crime capstone to a celebrated collection of works, a blood-and-semen-soaked noir trail of all-night diners, nightclubs and cheap motels.


Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash and the Germs-  (Feral House-  Brendan Mullen, Don Bolles, Adam Parfrrey)  Ex 160:-


Lain Kirja: Liber Al Vel Legis (Finnish Edition) (Thelema Publ 2007 OTO) M 240:-Deluxe hardcover in Finnish of Crowley/Aiwass classic. Hand numbered edition, this is copy #13.


Little Essays Toward TruthAleister Crowley (New Falcon. 2 edit.1991.)Vg+++ 140:-
Some of Crowley’s clearest and most mature thoughts on sixteen concepts fundamental to human existence reflected in the light of the Qabalah: Man, Memory, Sorrow, Wonder, Beatitude, Laughter, Indifference, Mastery, Trance, Energy, Knowledge, Understanding, Chastity, Silence, Love and Truth. This all new edition also includes a new foreword, glossary, bibliography and index.


Oriflamme Nr. 95(Psychosopische Gesellschaft 1969) Ex 420:-
Yikes, this one is way cool Oriflamme was the order O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis, Ordo Illuminatorum, Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua, Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica), magazine in Switzerland. Stronglý influenced by the teachings of Aleister Crowley. Very rare original magazine with lots of rae color photos of the order and it’s members, their temple, the order band (!) and their ping pong room (!!!) etc…


ReSearch / PRANKS! (RESEARCH US 1989) 180:-
Long out of print. A prank is a trick, a mischievous act, and a ludicrous act. Although not regarded as poetic or artistic acts, pranks constitute an art form and genre. Here, pranksters such as Mark Pauline, Monte Cazazza, Jello Biafra, Joe Coleman, Karen Finley, Henry Rollins, John Waters and Henry Rollins challenge the sovereign authority of words, images and behavioral convention. Some tales are bizarre, as when Boyd Rice presented the First Lady with a skinned sheep’s head on a platter. This iconoclastic compendium will dazzle and delight all lovers of humor, satire and irony. A great quotations section is also included.


The RE / Search Guide to Bodily Fluids (Paul Spinrad –Re/Search. 1994) Ex 160:-
Just what the title says.


The life and death of Anita Berber (1899-1928), who was what we would now call a performance artist, are inseparable from the frantically erotic climate of Weimar Germany, as this tabloid-style tell-all biography by Gordon (Voluptuous Panic) makes abundantly clear. A child of divorce, the Dresden-raised Berber began dancing at 16, earning major Berlin reviews and working in film by 1918; she began dancing nude in 1919, and did films titled Prostitution and Different from the Others that same year. Gordon provides numerous photos and titillating anecdotes taking readers from that point to Berber’s death in a Beirut nightclub (including her alleged sexual enslavement to a woman and the woman’s 15-year-old daughter). This intriguing, haphazard document offers a plethora of clues into a the life of a woman whose repertoire included a dance entitled “The Corpse on the Dissecting Table.” Berber’s life cries out for thorough study, such as that recently accorded inspired Dadaist Baroness Else von Freytag-Loringhoven.


SEVERED – John Gilmore(AMOK US) Ex 160:-
The Black Dahlia murder hit post-War Los Angeles like a bombshell . . . an impenetrable mystery―the haunting crown jewel of LAPD’s “unsolved” murders. Even before her savage death, beautiful 22-year-old Elizabeth Short, an aspiring starlet and nightclub habitué, was known as the Black Dahlia―now a magnetic icon in American pop culture, an almost mythical symbol of noir Hollywood. ohn Gilmore plumbs the dark core of this terrifying story that he argues can never be truly solved. Here is the real Elizabeth Short―the enigmatic Black Dahlia. Includes lots of exclusive shocking photos.


SIN-A-RAMA(Feral House 2005) M- 300:-
Deluxe hardcover edition. Long out of print In all its forbidden glory, period “sleaze” erotica receives an investigation into the medium with extensive interviews and cover art.Sin-A-Rama celebrates the near-forgotten world of erotic paperbacks from the 1960s when sex acts were described with code words, writers used pseudonyms, and publishers hid behind mail drop addresses. Sleaze paperbacks sold by the million, and their unorthodox content provoked FBI investigations, court battles, and prison sentences for the crime of “obscenity.” Earl Kemp, the notorious Greenleaf Books editor, provides an insider’s perspective. In “My Life as a Pornographer,” science fiction legend Robert Silverberg divulges how he and other authors learned their sleaze craft. The bizarre glories of cover artists Robert Bonfils, Gene Bilbrew, Eric Stanton, Bill Ward and others are seen throughout in lurid color. A useful appendix reveals the actual names behind the pseudonyms, revealing both the established and fly-by-night sleaze paperback operators.


UN SEMAINE DE BONTE: A Surrealistic Novel in Collage(DOVER US 1976) M- 200:-
This is the legendary collage masterpieces of Max Ernst (b. 1891), one of the leading figures of the surrealistic movement and among the most original artists of the 20th century. From old catalog and pulp novel illustrations, Ernst produced this series of 182 bizarre and darkly humorous collage scenes of classic dreams and erotic fantasies which seem mysteriously to lure the unconscious into view: Stern, proper-looking women sprout giant sets of wings, serpents appear in the drawing -room and bed chamber, a baron has the head of a lion, a parlor floor turns to water on which some people can apparently walk while others drown.
Une Semaine De Bonté is divided into seven parts, one for each day of the week, with each section illustrating one of Ernst’s “seven deadly elements.” “Oedipus,” “The Court of the Dragon,” and “Three Visible Poems” are among the startling episodes of Ernst’s week. The Dada and surrealist epigraphs which introduce each section appear in this edition in both French and English. Une Semaine De Bonté first appeared in 1934 in a series of five pamphlets of fewer than 1,000 copies each, and has never been reprinted before this present edition. Previously available only to a few libraries and collectors, this is a major source and great treat for anyone interested in the surrealists and their work, in collage, visual illusion, dream visions, and the interpretations of dreams.


When Sex Was Dirty – Josh Alan Friedman (Feral House US) M- 160:-
The grittiest, most perceptive look yet at Times Square – the Deuce when it was run by desperadoes, not Disney. This grab bag of essays has an emphasis on sleaze (and on the humanity of those who traffic in it), For example  Friedman’s haunting portrait of stripper Maria Krupa, daughter of jazz drummer Gene Krupa, who died of a heroin overdose. “The Strikeout King” brings readers vividly back to the oversexed Manhattan nightclubs of the mid-’80s and pits an editor who can’t get a date against a lothario who sleeps with almost every woman he meets. And “The Rise and Fall of Al Goldstein”—traces with empathy and amazement the arc of the infamous pornographer, for whom Friedman once worked.


UNGHINGSTEN (Vincent Senise Bjurström – Aktiebolaget Kvalitets Litteratur – 1966) Ex 300:-
Very rare semi privately issued Swedish semi biographical tales of sexual exploits.  Famous from ”Kapten Stofil” etc. The real “Sunkit” kinda literature. The real Swedish sin literature.

You made it to the end of the list. Congratulations! :)