News from Subliminal Sounds – Nov 2018


Lemme testify! I’m so extremely happy to present this amazing new album by one of  the ultimate living psychedelic legends. These guys never ever gave up on anything but has been going full tilt since the 1960s and they just revved up their gear not just a notch but really the pedal to the metal. Wooooooooha!!! for reals. Many years in the making and it  delivers the goods of everything from hard heavy psych to cosmic trips….in spades…on a blotter sheet. Highly potent!

Baby Grandmothers

Purple vinyl LP, silver foil sleeve + insert. Limited edition of 300 copies 260:-
Black vinyl LP, silver foil sleeve + insert. Limited edition of 700 copies 210:-
CD with exclusive  digi-pack sleeve 100:

Pre-order now and receive around the release on November 23, 2018.

Merkurius is the mind-melting new surprise album from the originators of Swedish psychedelia. The band launches into drones, avant-garde dirges, and fevered hard rockin’ wig-outs heavily overblown with jams rocketing into surreal spheres. All with an urgency of the now. Baby Grandmothers are bona fide psychedelic originators and these extraordinary musicians creations run like a red thread through Swedish psychedelic music history. The three-piece band consisting of Kenny Håkansson, Bengt “Bella” Linnarsson, and Pelle Ekman originally formed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1967. Established after the dissolution of the R&B band, the T-Boones, the Baby Grandmothers group enjoyed a cult following as the house band at the legendary psychedelic music club Filips. Here they became one of Sweden’s original key psychedelic bands, together with Pärson Sound and Hansson & Karlsson. In 1968, the Baby Grandmothers were chosen as the support for the Swedish leg of the Jimi Hendrix Experience European tour. After releasing their first, and only, single (now one of the most priced records from the Swedish ‘60s psychedelic/progressive rock cannon), the band expanded to a four-piece and gradually morphed in to the Mecki Mark Men. This formation came to release two albums (one of them on prestigious US label Limelight) and became the first Swedish rock band to do a major US tour. After recording their last album in the Chess studio in Chicago, the band split up, but the original power-trio continued on with a new musical vision: to merge acid rock with Swedish folk music. And Kebnekajse was born. They became one of the most popular of all Swedish psychedelic/progressive bands of the 1970s and had a huge influence on young Swedish musicians, and are still active and very popular today. The originators of Swedish psychedelia: Baby Grandmothers, are now back at their power-trio roots, still consisting of the original band members led by the legendary Swedish psychedelic guitarist Kenny Håkansson. After 50 years in the service of psychedelic music this new album finds the Baby Grandmothers at their peak and as timeless as ever.


In conjunction with the new album release we’ve also finally re-pressed our original release of the best of the Baby Grandmothers recordings from 1967-68:


Back ina limited print run of 500 copies soon (November 23, 2018). Available for pre-order now. One of the most prolific and unique psychedelic, modal, experimental power-trios to emerge out of the Scandinavian psychedelic underground-scene in 1967. Although hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, they only released a single in Finland, which has since become one of the most sought after pieces of vinyl from the era. This unique collection brings live-recordings made at Filips, their impossibly rare single and a rare live recording made in Finland.  No fillers only the absolute best material selected here.


And be sure to catch the Baby Grandmothers alive too. If you’re anywhere near any of these locations…make the effort man and be there. It will be a highly rewarding experience. And some gigs even have free admission. Wow! See you there!

Baby Grandmothers live 2018:
22 Nov – BABY GRANDMOTHERS  – Riche, Lilla Baren, Stockholm, Sweden  (free – admission –  mini release gig)
23 Nov – BABY GRANDMOTHERS – Melodybox, Stockholm, Sweden (free admission -full blown  release gig)
24 Nov – BABY GRANDMOTHERS – Truckstop Alaska, Göteborg, Sweden (save the Truckstop! show you’re support and attend this gig if you’re anywhere near Gothenburg)
25 Nov –  BABY GRANDMOTHERS – Folk å Rock, Malmö, Sweden

also be sure to check out these fine live shows:
Fri 26 Okt – KEBNEKAJSE – Musikens Hus, Göteborg, Sweden
Sat 27 Okt – KEBNEKAJSE – Revolver, Oslo, Norway
Wed 7 Nov – KEBNEKAJSE – Katalin, Uppsala, Sweden
Thu – Sun 8-11 Nov – SKENET – Folkelarm, Oslo, Norway

Speaking of live performances…: Just check out the incredible SKENET kicking out the jams hard and seriously in this stellar psych rocking live performance of Remmen from earlier this year when they headlined the Swedish Folk Music Festival.  Sooo damn good! Perfect sound quality and multiple cameras too. You really need to check it out!

And here’s a pile of subversive mind-expanding goodies to check out behind the barn. As o you might see there’s a little horror theme running in and out in anticipation of halloween. Happy and spooky hunting! Not tricks only treats!

Vinyl  7” / 12”/ vinyl LP records and some posters etc

Now here’s a  nice little pile of hand-picked out-of-this-world music and literature. Some rare OGs and some decently priced reissues.  All up for grabs. Please note that these titles are only listed here, not in our regular web-shop.  Records are graded disc/sleeve. Prices in SEK (Swedish Krona) Just send us an email to reserve. Check for approximate exchange rates.


PRINCE ALBERT / THE PSYCHEDELIC PSYMPHONY (Arcania International US re) Ex/M- 299:-
Perfect for a psychedelic Halloween! Incredible 7” reissue of previously unissued acetate demo: The original pre-SEEDS version of “The Wind Blows Your Hair” by Prince Albert. Recorded in 1965 and is a lot different, and much wilder,  from the later tame Seeds variation. The original has early heavý fuzz and surpising Satanic (!) lyrics. This minblower is backed by a cut from the movie Mondo Keyhole “Don’t Be Afraid” by The Psychedelic Psymphony, also from 1965. Previously unreleased Hollywood Hell cuts from the mid-Sixties. Long out of print releasse.


 THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS – original movie poster  OFFERS
This is the insanely rare original 1961 movie poster (not a cheap reprint or so) for one of the most surreal of all ultra low-budget mega obscure horror/sci-fi films. On par with Ed Wood Jr. “Plan 9 From Outer Space, and actually featuring one of the same main actors. Non less than the amazing Swedish wrester Tor Johnson himself!!!! Tor’s achievements as an Swedish actor in Hollywood cant be overvalued…but has hardly been celebrated at all; the make Greta Garbo for the z-budget movie hall of fame. It has some minor tears etc but the print is strong and vibrant with no signs of fading and it will look totally amazing framed behind glass.


BIG MUFF – PI 3rd – 1976 Electro-Harmonix fuzz box 3500:-
Very unusual misprinted (no red lines) Big Muff V3 from 1976.  Perfect working condition and sounds amazing. This is the mighty fuzz box heard on many of David Gilmours classic guitar leads for Pink Floyd. Another avid Big Muff user was Frank Zappa. A fantastic weapon for any guitarist arsenal and a true collectable music history piece.  Works perfectly and is in pristine condition inside. The outside is a little worn (as is usual as it’s been on the floor in rehearsal spaces and stages now for over 40 years). There are only an few minor issues that are really just cosmetically things and does not effect the operation of the pedal in any way. (The four screws holding the upper and lower parts together are missing but can be easily replaced. Two of the control knobs are loose as the little metallic looks inside these knobs has fallen out. This can also be easily replaced. On the bottom two of the plastic pad meets are missing but can also be replaced easily).


BLUE FLAMINGO CONGO JAZZ 2LP (Excelsior N re)M-/M- 600:-
Unique and fantastic compilation of obscure 78 RPM records. Out of print limited edition and much sought after. This vinyl reissue release contains 2 two 180 g vinyls (78 record replicas). There are four interestig themes diveded of the four LPs: Jungle Crawl (1920’s – 1930’s Hot Jazz Jungle Exotica), Congo Jazz (1950’s Congolese Rumba), That Old Time Religion (1930’s – 1950’s Jubilee, Gospel & Hard Gospel), Senafone Records (1950s West African Hilife, Calypso & Jazz). For the jazzbo or exotica cat or for anyone who wants an amazing musical experience out of the ordinary.


CHOB – We’re Pretty Quick (Lavette US re) M- 220:-
Exact reissue of awesome impossible to score wyld US 1966 garage punk killer.


STUD COLE (Loopden US re) M-/M- 600:-
Exact facsimile reissue of this insanely rare and over the top Los Angeles 1968 surreal garage psychedelic nightmare. Only a few copies of this deluxe, and now out of print, reissue were done on coloured vinyl (the regular run is black vinyl). This is one of the very few coloured (greenish yellow puke color). Stud has been described as a lysergic Conway Twitty and “Elvis fronting the 1966 Yardbirds but mere words can’t truly describe the unique sounds of the late, great Stud Cole! Here’s an exact deluxe reissue of his hauntin’, tauntin’ over the top 1968 promo only LP (only 100 copies pressed in 1968). Includes incredible over the top cuts like ”Burn Baby Burn” and ”The Devi’s Coming’”! Amazing mindblower from a parallel universe!


BUDDY COLLETTE SEPTET – Polynesia (Music & Sound US 1959) M-/Ex 2900:-
Aloha! Here’s one of the few ultimate crown jewels of exotica records. A very rare and totally amazing surreal private press exotica masterpiece in a stunning almost perfect cant be better condition, only slight seam ware and a very slight touch of rubbing to the backside of the cove. It’s one of the hardest to find and most unique LPs in the genre. Contains a perfect mix of exotica, west coast cool jazz and sexy femme vocals. Side one is exotic jazz from Collette and his septet with wonderful female wordless vocals. Side two’s 9 minute “Polynesian Suite” is a monster with amazing noir-like spoken word over a Collette original composition. Very strange, feverish, druggy and intense – one of a kind!


DENISE – Boy, What’ll You Do Then / Chaos (Wee US re) M-/M- 110:-
Limited seven inch vinyl pressing. Denise Kaufman was a founder member of SF hippie mainstays Ace of Cups but in this 1966 stormer, hell hath no fury as the Berkeley wild-child let’s loose on her then beau (reputedly future Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner). The handful of original copies that have turned up, selling for in excess of $8,000, all feature an earlier, weaker take – this reissue utilizes the hyper-rare second mix, which is far more powerful.

As new in the original box this is a reissue of the orginal 1960s Cry Baby used by Hendrix etc etc for that unique early wah sound. There are several other variants of this out from Dunlop but this GCB95F is the one where they want to really make a replica of the original. Dunlop’s engineers re-tuned the circuit to have a lower frequency center and a more subtle effect while adding the legendary Italian made Fasel Inductor to create the gorgeous tone, voice, and sweep of early the Cry Baby pedals. For tonal purists, the Cry Baby Classic Wah also features true bypass switching. Heavy die-cast construction. Was-wah!


DUNGEN – Tyst Minut 12 E.P (Subliminal Sounds SW 2005) M/Ex 140:-
3 track white label 12”. Still in shrink. Long out of print.


Mind-blowing 2LP comp of otherworldly gospel, robed funk, and spiritual soul  from the 1970s. Here, heavenly harmonies, psychedelic guitars, damaged sacred steel, a bleeding french horn, off-kilter choirs, and consumer-side electronic percussion decorate the Word, with performance modes that stray far from the flock, but hew always to the message.


HENDRICKSON ROAD HOUSE (1Oth Planet UK re) M-/M- 280:-
Limited reissue of fantastic and mega rare US 1970 psych LP. Huge fave! This copy is special as it comes directly from artist and band leader Sue Randall herself.  In addition to the regular insert it has an extra one with a written note and autograph from Sue. It also tells that this copy survived a hurricane!


HOT ICE IN HELLoriginal movie poster   150:-
Original 1969 Thai movie poster for this cool Italian flick. It has tears etc but the print is strong and vibrant with no signs of fading and it will look amazing framed.


101 STRINGS – Astro Sounds From The Year Beyond 2000 (Alshire re) Ex/Ex 180:-
“A space odyssey in the beat of today – with the far out sounds of tomorrow’s uncharted trip beyond the now generation.” Perfect reissue of this exploitation psych mind bender. Total psych guitar phasing fuzz madness. Also includes 4 bonus tracks culled from other 101 String psychexploitation releases. Great sound on this reissue too.


MISUNDERSTOOD – I Can Take You To The Sun / Who Do You Love  (Fontana UK re) Ex- 130:-
Exact facsimile, except for the center hole, reissue of crazy rare 1966 psych killer two-sider. Long out of print and real hard to get now.


OS MUTANTES (Polydor re) M-/M- 260:-
Exact killer reissue of this Brasilian psych bomb from 1968.


MY TALE IS HOT – original movie poster   1300:-
This is the real rare original 1964 movie poster (not a cheap reprint or so) for the insane soft-core sleaze masterpiece featuring the famous stripper Candy Barr. It has tears etc but the print is strong and vibrant with no signs of fading and it will look amazing framed behind glass.


OMENS – Searching (Cody  US re) M- 220:-
Exact repro of impossible to find as an original ferociuos 1966 garage punk psych monster of the highest caliber.


Santo Contra La Hija de Frankenstein lobby card 200:-
Very colourful original lucha libre / sci-fi / horror film Mexican lobby card from 1972. Has excellent border graphics featuring great images of the silver-masked hero, Frankenstein’s daughter, and her monstrous creation. Light wear — no major flaws.


SHIHO – The Body Is A Message Of The Universe (Subliminal Sounds SUB-122-LP) NEW 250:-
Sold-out directly upon release but we just found a stray copy in the office. For the first time a special limited edition reissue of this rare and unusually dreamy electronic ambient new age album. 1,000 copies world-wide pressed on clear pink vinyl. Originally created and released in a small edition in Japan back in 1987 by the mysterious musician/magician Shiho. The Body Is A Message Of The Universe features floating shimmering synthesizer textures. It’s unique and extra ordinarily serene with shifting tone colors and spatial textures bringing the listener to a special magic place. It’s as beautiful as it ‘s captivating. There’s also a haunting edge to parts of the album sounding like what could originally have influenced David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti when they composed the soundtrack to the original Twin Peaks series.


60`s Punk EP Vol.3 (Moxie US re) Vg++ 100:-
Anicent (1980) 6-track single comp of ultra rare US 60s garage punk 45s. A true artefact of the 1980s garage revival.


CRAIG SMITH / MAITREYA KAI – Love Is Our Existence 2LP (Maitreya Apache Music US re) M/M 350:-
Limited edition of 500 copies. Craig Smith was an extraordinarily gifted songwriter and musician who seemed poised for a successful career in the 1960s music business until his life was derailed by drugs and schizophrenia. In 1969 clean-cut, charismatic Craig Smith became Maitreya Kali, a dark, disturbed psychedelic Messiah figure with a black widow spider tattooed on his third eye. He laid out his strange vision on a self-released double-album Apache/Inca (1972), which would become a sought-after artifact of the psychedelic era. Success came easily for Craig Smith. Turning to LSD and Eastern mysticism he journeyed through Asia along the hippie trail where he was brutally attacked, and left for dead. He was never the same again. As Maitreya Kali, he self-released the now legendary Apache and Inca albums in 1972 before disappearing into the shadows. He spent much of the 1970s in prison or in mental institutions before eventually drifting into homelessness on the streets of Hollywood. He died in his sleeping bag in North Hollywood Park in March 2012.  Professionally recorded in Los Angeles studios between 1966 and 1971, these previously unheard songs reveal a singer and songwriter of breathtaking depth and talent. Remastered from acetate discs and master tapes.


THE SMUT PEDDLER – original movie poster   1200:-
This is the rare original 1965 movie poster (not a cheap reprint or so) for the obscure soft-core sleaze masterpiece film. It has tears etc but the print is strong and vibrant with no signs of fading and it will look amazing framed behind glass.


MICHAEL STEARNS – Planetary Unfolding (Continuum Montage CM 1004 US 1981) M-/Ex- 900:-
Rare original 1st pressing. Beautiful condition. Disc like new with amazing fidelity . The cover just have some minor bumps. One of the ultimate releases in the ambient new-age genre. A totally mind bending outer space electronic symphony with a Sege modular synth.


TVÅ & TVÅ (FJUGERSTAPOJKARNA) – En helt ny dag (Cavatina C71 –1005 SW 1971) Ex/Vg+ 350:-
Very obscure Swedish xian part psych progressive electric pop album from 1971.  Nobody knows this one. Great album althrough with stellar harmony vocalas, great guitars /in particular some awesome Leslie speaker type sounding guitar leads. The works really on this one. Several tracks rip of Beatles melodies without giving any credits even! Big wibnner for these type of sounds. Only ever seen one other copyfor sale. Comes with lyric insert.


VISIONS OF THE PAST 1 (Disc De Luxe L re) Ex/Ex 250:-
Limited edition on green vinyl. Great and long out of print ancient comp of rare German psychedelic and garage late 1960s – early 70s prime cuts including some amazing singles


WINSTON FUMBS – Real Crazy Apartment / Snow White (RCA Victor UK re) Ex- 130:-
Exact facsimile, except for center hole, reissue of crazy rare 1967 UK psych killer two-sider. Long out of print and real hard to get now. 

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL – some archival discoveries. Amazing records that’s somehow been lost in the archives. Some are quite cooky and spooky too! Here’s your chance to grab some goodies and they are all 20% off! Yes, you can deduct 20% off the price listed on the below titles. Don’t miss out!


CARLO MARIA CORDIO – Absurd (Rosso Sangue) 2LP (DEATH WALTZ US RE) M-/M- 290:-
If you love prog-rock horror music, ABSURD will be right up your alley. A cult classic from the video nasty; Carlo Maria Cordio’s fantastic musical score to Joe D’Amato’s notorious ABSURD (aka ROSSO SANGUE). A pseudo-sequel to ANTHROPOPHAGUS, the film reunited D’Amato with George Eastman, star of the previous film, and brought the action from Greece to America where the near-invincible Mikos escapes from a hospital to go on a typically gory killing spree. Using drills, band saws, axes, scissors, and an oven, Mikos terrorises the kids of an American (Italian) family until he gets his inevitable comeuppance courtesy of a drawing compass. Carlo Maria Cordio’s score is centred around a versatile seven-note piano riff that gets an amazing amount of use without ever feeling too stale or repetitive. Cordio augments the riff in interesting and varied ways, sometimes going down the Goblin route with the big and impactful percussion and the funk beats, with a healthy dose of synth, or going for a bit of a chilled out proto-LETHAL WEAPON tune, with noodling electric guitar. Tension is the order of the day much of the time, with synths, an electric keyboard, and a snare drum being Cordio’s weapons. Double vinyl housed inside a gate-fold sleeve printed on 425gsm reverse board featuring embossed intestines and an exclusive lobby card. 22 tracks (8 of which have never been heard before) & includes not only the full score to Absurd but also all of the cues used in the legendary splatter movie Pieces. Exclusively re-mastered for vinyl from the original CAM tapes.


THE ADDICTS – Sing (Word US 1966) ss M-/Vg+ 240:-
Back cover art is one of the most classic ever, with the Addicts posing around a hippy van and an illustration of a man shooting up.


ADOMONO – A Night At The Beachcomber (DECCA DL 74097 US 1961) Vg+/Vg+ tobc wobc 240:-
A fantastic document of the exotica/tiki era. Adomono outerwordly exotic surfy guitar twang live at Donn The Beachcombers tiki bar in Hawaii. Wow! Wish i could have been there. Rarer stereo version.


LES BAXTER – The Primitive and The Passionate(Reprise US 1962) Vg+/Vg++ 240:-
Great and rarer Baxter release. Has the exotic femme guest singer Tiki (!) on board. Tracks like “Peking Tiger” with deep tiger roars is great stand-out track on this one. Cover has some seam splits and a clean cut-out hole.


CAPITOL HI – Q SERIES – Reel D-131 (Capitol UB-2661 US 1958) M- 500:-
Very rare production music disc with weird suspense themes and tracks including: ”LSD”, ”Robotto”and ”Space Explorer”. Wow!!!!!!! These were released without any sleeve.


THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF (Power Records PR-17 US 1974) 7” + magazine Ex/Vg+++ 300:-
Aarrrghgnnn! Very cool and hard to find comic book/record.“The Action Comes Alive As You Read”. Actors and sound effects act out the whole comic book. Really cool stuff and has been know to work spooky wonders on late night trips.



DEAN ELLIOT –  Zounds! What Sounds! (CAPITOL T1818 US 1962) VG+/VG 220:-
Fantastic and surreal space age bachelor pad masterpiece. Cover has some ringwear, seam splits, H2O damage (some paper tissue stuck to lower right part of the cover, stains and slight tears on the back and a partly wavy look. But it’s still very much presentable.


DEXTER GARDNER – Last Testimony Of A Teenage Dope Addict(Broadcasting For Jesus Records Ep 003 US 196?) Vg+ 450:-
”Here’s a grimly disturbing 45 made by Dexter Gardner, a deeply troubled teenaged (and self-identified) LSD addict from Kearns, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City. As the record label indicates, the audio was “reproduced from a tape recorded message just before death by suicide.” The original recording concludes with the sound of the gunshot that ended Gardner’s life, but the version that appears on this record is a bit more genteel; the sound of the gunshot was removed. The 45, released on Atlanta’s Broadcasting For Jesus record label, is entirely spoken word. Side One features the first part of Gardner’s rambling farewell. Over on Side Two, we hear the conclusion of his message, followed by a short piece by NBC news reporter Bill Ryan. Ryan’s report includes the information that Gardner’s parents chose to have the recording played at their son’s funeral in the hopes that some of his friends would be persuaded not to board the drug train”.


BORIS KARLOFF – Tales Of Mystery And Imagination (Cricket US 1959) Ex/Vg+++ 260:-
Fantastic copy of this rarity. Sleeve has a little seam split otherwise super clean and no ringwear.


BOBBY MANKIN – Doomed By Dope (Rainbow 1968 US) M-/Vg+ 490:-
Cool and freigtening private release of one Texas man’s struggles with the devil’s weed. Bobby Mankin is from Houston and his 1968 album tells quite a powerful story about involvement with drugs, pushers, and the law. And of course, his conversion to Christianity afterward. This rare LP is M-but due to a poor pressing it plays with a bit of crackle.


REX KONA AND HIS MANDARINS – Wild Orchids – The Exotic Sounds Of… (COLUMBIA CL2174 US 1964) Vg+/Vg+ 240:-
Rare exotica album that includes the totally crazy wild mindblower track “Bird Train”. Tear on back cover but no pieces missing and plays with some clicks but not bad at all.


JIMMY NAMARO TRIO – Driftwood (Dot DLP 3246 US 1958) Vg+/Vg+++ 300:-
Pretty rare and way cool and mindbending 1958 exotica obscurity.


BRIAN RUUD – From A Bum Trip To… The Trip Beyond (TRIP BEYOND Records US 1971) M-/Vg+ 330:-
Totally wild, amazing and surreal spoken word inspirational LP of a journey from a hedonistic drugs-and-crime lifestyle to religious redemption. This set also includes some rare ephemera I haven’t seen included with this record before; Brian Ruud’s rare book ”Walkin’ With The Man” and the cool color magazine ”Scenes from The Trip Beyond”.