News from Subliminal Sounds – Sep/Oct 2018


Back to school kiddies! Here’s a pile of subversive mind-expanding goodies to check outybehind the barn. Happy hunting!

Vinyl  7” / 12”/ vinyl LP records and some books 

Now here’s a  nice little pile of hand-picked out-of-this-world music and literature. Some rare OGs and some decently priced reissues.  All up for grabs. Please note that these titles are only listed here, not in our regular web-shop.  Records are graded disc/sleeve. Prices in SEK (Swedish Krona) Just send us an email to reserve. Check for approximate exchange rates.


ACID NIGHTMARES  (Numero US re) 2LP M-/M- 240:-
As the hippie movement hurtled towards its imminent demise, bad vibes infiltrated the rock world. Tainted LSD, loud motorcycles, and a series of brutal deaths spawned inspiration for guitar-wielding teenagers across the globe. Implementing deafening fuzz and satanic screams to create their proto-metal monstrosities, short-lived stoner bands pressed their lysergic experiments in microscopic quantities before blacking out entirely. Lifted from the ashes of the acid rock hell fire are 18 distorted tales of dope fiends, pill poppers, and the baddest of trips. This deluxe 2LP comes housed in a blacklight poster-style jacket replete with flocking and lysergic neon. 24 pages documenting the creeping existential dread of the hard rock underground are tucked into the gatefold pocket alongside two dead dinosaur-heavy LPs.


ANTWAFUNK – Rock-N-It-Up (To the Beat) (Antwafunk-Afan Records Us 1984)  EX  VG+ 4500:-
Mind-bending, and pretty much still unknown,  pretty much impossibly ultra rare electro private press enigma out of Texas 1984. I’ve only ever saw one copy this sell officially. That was some years ago and was a fluke and the seller had no idea what hen had and someone made a lucky purchase (not me i traded much gold for this copy). Since then zero copies available or in collections for that matter.  Looks Ex+ visually but plays a bit less due to the pros pressing.But loud and clear and amazingly groovy!


BACK FROM THE GRAVE VOL 10(Crypt re) M-/M- 130:-
Amazing comp of über rare snarling snotty mid 60s teenage garage punk 45s + band history, interviews and pictures. A must!


LES BAXTER: Caribbean Moonlight (Capitol T 733 US) Ex/Vg++ 180:-
Rainbow label edition. Superb and surreal trippy exotica from the master.


LES BAXTER – African Jazz (ST1117 US 1959) ss toc  Vg/G+ 180:-
1959 stereo original.


CAEDMON (English Garden UK re) M-/M- 230:-
Long sold-out official reissue of this amazing UK folk psych album originally released in 1970.  One of the best in fact. Original UK copies are beyond rare.


CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND HIS MAGIC BAND – Safe As Milk(Sundazed US re) M-/M- 230:-
Captain Beefheart’s 1967 debut album Safe As Milk introduced the world to a one-of-a-kind visionary whose unique output had no precedent in contemporary music. Now released on LP by Sundazed Music, this landmark album now sounds the way it was meant to sound, thanks to the restoration of Perry’s rare original – and, to most fans, superior – mono mix, which was later altered by Beefheart’s label without the artist’s involvement. “In mono, Safe As Milk is a powerful, concentrated revelation,” Fricke writes, further noting, “Safe As Milk promised comfort, exotic nourishment and rude health – and delivered. Created in a year rich in historic debuts and transformative statements about rock’s dynamic and expressive possibilities, Safe As Milk was so far in it was out.” The LP version includes a lovingly-restored sleeve, an insert containing the original custom sleeve art, plus the famous “Bye-Lo Baby” Safe As Milk sticker and the album, pressed on 180 gram vinyl.


CASTING THE RUNES (Electric Pentacle UK) M-/M-1100:-
” A grimoire of infernal rituals and pubescent incantations culled from forgotten pressings , acetates and reel audio tapes offering a momentary insight into the Recorded British Abyss 1969-1976″ 200 # copies with hand made sleeve + insert. Previously unreleased UK heavy psych/hardrock.


CHILDREN OF LUCIFER – The Origins of Modern Religious Satanism  (R. Van Luijk Uk 2016) M- 199:-
Hard-cover 1st edition If we are to believe sensationalist media coverage, Satanism is, at its most benign, the purview of people who dress in black, adorn themselves with skull and pentagram paraphernalia, and listen to heavy metal. At its most sinister, its adherents are worshippers of evil incarnate and engage in violent and perverse secret rituals, the details of which mainstream society imagines with a fascination verging on the obscene. Children of Lucifer debunks these facile characterizations by exploring the historical origins of modern Satanism. Ruben van Luijk traces the movement’s development from a concept invented by a Christian church eager to demonize its internal and external competitors to a positive (anti-)religious identity embraced by various groups in the modern West. Van Luijk offers a comprehensive intellectual history of this long and unpredictable trajectory. This story involves Romantic poets, radical anarchists, eccentric esotericists, Decadent writers, and schismatic exorcists, among others, and culminates in the establishment of the Church of Satan by carnival entertainer Anton Szandor LaVey. Yet it is more than a collection of colorful characters and unlikely historical episodes. The emergence of new attitudes toward Satan proves to be intimately linked to the ideological struggle for emancipation that transformed the West and is epitomized by the American and French Revolutions. It is also closely connected to secularization, that other exceptional historical process which saw Western culture spontaneously renounce its traditional gods and enter into a self-imposed state of religious indecision. Children of Lucifer makes the case that the emergence of Satanism presents a shadow history of the evolution of modern civilization as we know it. Offering the most comprehensive account of this history yet written, van Luijk proves that, in the case of Satanism, the facts are much more interesting than the fiction.


PATRICK COWLEY – School Daze 2LP (Dark Entries US re) M-/M- 240:-
Totally weird, druggy and amazing previously unreleased “disco” psycho trip recordings. One of the first 500 copies with two color inserts. Perhaps one of the most revolutionary and influential people in the cannon of disco music, created his own brand of  dance music coined “The San Francisco Sound”. This very special LP features a compilation of restored Cowley productions unearthed in the garage of vintage porn company Fox Studio. Spanning nearly 80 minutes, with tracks (originally recorded between 1973 and 1981) which have never before been released on vinyl, epitomize Cowley’s forward thinking and his affinity for mixing elements of varying styles of music. Simply put, Cowley was a musical trailblazer ahead of his time.


COMMON PEOPLE – Off The People, By bThe People, For The People (Captitol US re) M-/M- 170:-
Exact reissue on 180 sms vinyl. Superbly moody album first released by Capitol in 1969. Produced by “LORD” TIM HUDSON (The Seeds, The Lollipop Shoppe) and arranged by DAVID AXELROD, it’s a superb blend of garage rock and orchestrated
psychedelia, featuring a three-song opening salvo truly unlike
anything else in pop/psych history.


J.C. DAVIS – Monkey / Sweet Sweet Love (Chess US 1958) Vg 260:-
Awesome wild r&b exotica pop corn. Strong Vg, more like VG+ byt the label is a bit worn. Plays great, loud and ballsy.


MARTIN DENNY -Quiet Village (Liberty LST 7122) Ex/Vg++  260:-
1959 stereo original of mega exotica classic.


KATHLEEN EMERY – Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child / Evil Ways (Love US  1970) Vg++-/Vg++ 2700:-
Rare and highly sought after amazing piece of vinyl. Has been reissued by Jazzman but this tis the real deal crispy original…and with the very elusive sleeve too! If you don’t know it it’s a parallel universe vanity release from 1970 with the A-side  incorporating heavy fuzz guitar, a funky hip-hop style beat, string and brass orchestra arrangements. Totally unique. Looks Ex and plays between Vg+ and Ex.  The flip is a huge fave of mine too with some great third eye lounge sounds…and she actually performed on cruise ships. Wow!


ESQUIVEL – Infinity In Sound 2 (RCA Victor LPM 2296 US 1961) ss Vg+/Vg 180:-
1961 original 1st pressing of space age bachelor pad mescal hi-fi extravaganza.


FUNKY SOUNDTRACKS 3 (Sound Score Corp UK re) Ex/Ex 100:-
Super cool and super bad comp of really swinging tracks. Rare stuff too. One of the better comps in the genre.


GRATEFUL DEAD (Warner Bros. WS 1689 US 1967) Ex+/Vg+++ 900:-
Original 1st pressing with gold labels. Very nice copy.


HANSSON & KARLSSON – Monument (Polydor LPHM 46 260 SW 1967) M-/Ex 750:-
Pretty much prefect copy of one of the most classic of all Swedish psych albums.


HAWAIIAN SPOTLIGHTERS – Mauna Kea Breeze (D US re) M-/M- 180:-
Reissue of this awesome, extremely rare and unknown exotica private press album from the mid-’60s. A reported 200 copies of the original album were made by the Century Custom label. The music was recorded by a musical family inside their garage. Still in shrink.


HIGH LIGHTS (Carol Sherman, Andrew Smith, Erik Tanner ASB C 1999) M- 160:-
The illustrated history of cannabis. Big format and full color 162 pages.


HÖGA NORD 2 (Headshop SW 1998) Ex 130:-
Part 2 of this legendary compendium of herbs and chemicals. All in Swedish.


The I Was a Teenage Juvenile Delinquent Rock’N’Roll Horror Beach Party Movie Book: A Complete Guide to the Teen Exploitation Film, 1954-1969 (Alan Betrock St. Martin US) Vg+ 160:-
An illustrated guide to more than two hundred low-budget, teen exploitation films of the fifties and sixties includes profiles of the famous people behind them


SCOTT JONES – Man In The Bowtie / Love That Wanders Free (Hi There US 1975) Ex 1200:-
Once again I can offer up a great and completely unknown, undocumented, psych 45 enigma! This time out of Roanoke Virginia, 1975. Think D.R. Hooker, Darius, Jade Stone etc. Wow!


ROBB KUNKEL – Abyss (Tumbleweed TWS 111 US 1973) M-/Vg++ 650:-
Best copy i’ve seen of this awesome west coasty psych masterpiece. The record is just perfect and the sleeve is the cleanest ever. Practically no ring-wear and just some creases and the punch hole that is on practically all copies.


ARTHUR LYMAN – Bwana A (SR 808 US 1959) ss Vg+/Vg+ 250:-.
1959 stereo original of supreme exotica classic.


ARTHUR LYMAN – Blowin’ In The Wind (Hifi L1014 US 1964) Ex/Vg+ 180:-
Includes their superb exotica version of Eden Ahbez “Eden’s Island”


THE MAGIC KINGDOM (Steven Watts HMC US 1997) Ex 130:-
Hard cover 1st edition,. The Magic Kingdom sheds new light on the cultural icon of “Uncle Walt.”  Watts digs deeply into Disney’s private life, investigating his roles as husband, father, and brother and providing fresh insight into his peculiar psyche-his genuine folksiness and warmth, his domineering treatment of colleagues and friends, his deepest prejudices and passions.  Full of colorful sketches of daily life at the Disney Studio and tales about the creation of Disneyland and Disney World, The Magic Kingdomoffers a definitive view of one of the most influential Americans of the twentieth century.


Long out of print 1st edition release with some very groovy and sexy disco going totally outer space.


PINK FLOYD – Meddle (Harvest Uk 1971) Ex/Ex 2800:-
Original genuine 1st press with A1-U / B1 U, textured sleeve, original Harvest innerbag. Beautiful copy.


PUGH – Ja, dä ä dä (Metronome MLP 15336 SW 1969) wofc stofc Ex/Vg++ 330:-
Nice copy of this classic Swedish 1969 psych feast.


PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE (Timothy Leary Academy Editions UK 1972) Ex 240:-
Nice UK 1972 big format UK edition of Leary’s classic LSD trip guide.


R.T. & THE POT LICKERS – Sticky Pig Feet (Hooks US 1964) Vg 1100:-
Absolute killer R&B rockin’ Northern Soul funky as hell  instro rarity from 1964. Vg but these kinda 45s are built like tanks and it plays ballsy loud and strong baby!


SEARCH PARTY: Montgomery Chapel (Rapturdelic US re) M-/Ex 450:-
The most sought after and desirable reissue of this mindpulverizing heavy Xian fuzz feast psych beast private press. Housed in a thick pasted on cardboard sleeve.


ANANDA SHANKAR – 2001 (Shiva Sound UK re) M-/M- 190:-
Fantastic outer space groove Indian trip. Fantastic LP,  long out of print reissue.


SPACE ODDITIES 1972-1982 (BB re) M-/M- 170:-
During the ’60s and ’70s, three distinguished old gentlemen who had built their careers playing “made in France” exotic jazz — Roger Roger (1911-1995), Nino Nardini (1912-1994), and Eddie Warner (1917-1982) — met every evening in the Ganaro recording studio, playing like kids with their new toys: souped-up keyboards that looked more like prototypes of spaceships to explore the Milky Way. Flying high on whimsical and joyful inspiration, the improbable trio used their strange instruments to sketch out the beginnings of something that, at that time, resembled the future of music; this set collects their productions from 1972-1982. With their library productions, Roger and Nardini made a clean break with rigid French traditions, via compositions featuring unexpected instruments like the harpsichord, marimba, and Ondioline, and, later the first analog synthesizers, oscillators, and other electronic keyboards. Nardini got deeply into musique concrète in the early ’60s, as put forward by Pierre Schaeffer (who had just founded the Groupe de Recherches Musicales or GRM), popularized by Pierre Henry, and twisted by the whimsical Jean-Jacques Perrey. Roger and Nardini’s Ganaro studio in Jouy-en-Josas, southwest of Paris, became the scene of magical nightly sessions of experimentation, in the company of their friend Eddie Warner. The acquisition of a Moog synthesizer brought these pioneers of electronic music to a new level. Roger Roger manufactured his own punch cards to invent new sounds. Then, in 1969, under the pseudonym of Cecil Leuter, he published the albums Pop Electronique and TVMusic 101(with Nardini), two truly avant-garde “100% electronic” discs that anticipate the hegemony of machines in pop music, from space disco in the late ’70s to the electro funk of the early ’80s. The duo composed more than 40 albums (including the incredible Informatic 2000 (1982)) for specialized labels including Chappell Music, Southern Library of Recorded Music, Neuilly, L’Illustration Musicale (Eddie and Hannelore Warner’s label, which published, notably, The Strange World of Bernard Fèvre in 1977), Mondiophone, Hachette, Musax, and Crea Sound Ltd. Still in shrink.

Much sought after and long sold-out fantastic 2LP comp of rare esoteric, modal and deep jazz from the underground 1968-77.


YMA SUMAC – Legend of the Sun Virgin (Capitol US 1955) Ex/Vg+ 260:-
Nice copy of the 1955 edition. Way deep Inca exotica trip masterpiece.


TOM ZACHARIAS – Är du ärlig – är du härlig (Grammofonverket SW 1973) wofc Ex/ Vg++ 700:-
Tom Zacharias (of the Belinda records fame) legendary and rare 1st LP. Seldom seen these days. Accidentally the copy pictured is not the one for sale. That coups has just a slight name signaturen on the front sleeve