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Vinyl  LP and 7” vinyl  records 

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AIR AFRICA : Noir C’est Noir Premiere Volume – Special Issue: Afro Beat & Soul (AZIZA AFRICA RE) M/M 230:-
Totally mad beautiful collection of wild Afro-rock, Afro-beat, soul, jerk, psych and garage, bringing together recordings by various artists from various African countries, active in various eras. All these cuts are now reissued for the first time. New copy with open shrink-wrap to save the sleeve from getting damaged in the shipping.


 AKTION – Celebration (PMG G re) M/M 199:-
Reissue of Nigerian psychedelic rock/funk album, originally released by Clover Sound in 1977. Mix righteous fuzz guitar, and I really mean the album is totally dozed with psychedelic axe action, bad-ass keyboards and ecstatic African rhythms and what have you got? ‘Celebration’ by Aktion, a slab of of heavy Afro-funk-pysch-rock from the hardest working band in ’70s Nigeria. Killer! New copy with open shrink-wrap to save the sleeve from getting damaged in the shipping.


Rare now 25 year old and long out of print reissue of fantastic UK heavy psych bands unreleased recording from 1969-70.


BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS vol 4 (Belter G re) M-/M- 299:-
Limited edition of 300 copies. Comp of rare fuzzed 45 rarities.


BOULDERS (Max Records US re) Ex/Vg++ 199:-
One of the early (1980) and mega killer comps of rare US 60s garage pun/psych 45 rarities. Killer blasting sound on this comp almost like playing the hoplessly obscure original 45s.


BOBBY CALLENDER – Rainbow 2LP (Akarma I re) M-/M- 140:-
Deluxe reissue of trippy poetic 1968 acid sitar psych. Goes both cheesy and way deep.


 DOS MUKASAN (re Russia) M-/M- 260:-
Dos-Mukasan was a legendary Soviet Kazakh psychedelic/funk/garage/beat band, formed in Alma-Ata in 1967 by students of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. The band was known for performing original material in the Kazakh and Russian languages, a well as for unusual arrangements of Kazakh folk songs. After many years this pearl is available again as a limited vinyl run on the Kazakh label Nedostovaemoe. Only 300 copies were pressed and sold out right away. Originally released in 1976. Total monster time mind bending psych journey on the long exteneded opening track


 DUOMO SOUND LTD. 2LP () M/M 289:-
Amazing 2LP collection of disco music, released between 1980 and 1984 on the Nigerian label Duomo Music Ltd. New copy with open shrink-wrap to save the sleeve from getting damaged in the shipping.


 FABIO FABOR – Pape Satan (PM I re) M-/M- 220:-
Deluxe reissue pressed on Trasparent Vinyl with Red. Limited Edition of 300 copies of rare and soght after dark absract Italian masterpiece.


FLASHBACK Vol 2 (Flashback US re) Ex/Ex- 250:-
Mind-blowing comp of mega rare 1960s garage and psych 45s. This is an ancient comp that came out during the garage wave of the early 1980s. Sound transfer from some 45s surpass any more current audio transfer. This is the original pressing.


 FROG – Witch Hunt / Living Dead (Spoke UK re) M- 120:-
Great reissue of this cool and funky psych prog soundtrack from the amazing 1973 UK horror biker incredibly strange flick Psychomania


 FUNKEES – Point of No Return (PMG G re) M/M 199:-
Reissue of Nigerian psychedelic rock/funk album, originally released by Amba in 1974. This version comes with the original Nigerian yellow cover. A balls-to-the wall Afro funk-psych-rock monster that placed The Funkees, without question, in the top echolon of the Afro funk pile. New copy with open shrink-wrap to save the sleeve from getting damaged in the shipping.


 EDMONDO GIULIANI – Il Mare (Sonor I re) M/M 249:-
Originally released in 1972 on the micro-label Dischi Egede, this mega-rare Italian electronic underwater music Library production, recorded for an obscure documentary, sees a limited edition (500 copies) reissue on 180-GRAM vinyl. This album is recommended to those who fancy infectious and trippy abstract experimental music….like me. New copy with open shrink-wrap to save the sleeve from getting damaged in the shipping.


LEE JUNG HWA / SHIN JOONG HYUN AND THE DONKEY’S – Psychedelic Sounds (MGR SK re) M-/M- 680:-
Impossible to find deluxe reissue of the ultimate Asian psych rock album from 1969. Even contains two super cool posters! Originals are impossible and so is this reissue even. Here’s the deal on the incredible sounds within: This albums has two versions  and this is the 1st pressing which is a completely different recording than the 2nd one (!).  This 1st pressing is amazing lysergic garage psych with guitars on top whereas the 2nd press is just an orchestra pop album.  This group leader is Shin Jung Hyun who was a Korean rock godfather.  He played guitar at American 8 army shows for long time before he organized this group. And he was influenced by Psychedelic music of Jimi hendrix, Jim Morrison etc. The album sounds like it was recorded onto a personal tape recorder in a dark empty basement. Full garage band with a magic acid psych guitar and great female vocals.  Shin Jung Hyeon is responsible for what seems to be 95% of rock music during the 60’s and 70’s in Korea and this album is his pinnacle.


 THE IN-KRAUT VOL 3 – 2XLP (Marina G re) M-/M- 160:-
Limited Edition, White / Gatefold. Great comp of rare German funky now sound progressive etc from the late 1960s to earluy 70s. Killer stuff all through.


Fantastic and unavailable elswehere mostly previoulsey unreleased recordings of Key West, Florida psych from 1965 – 1975. Numbered limited edition of 600 copies.


 RAS MICAHEL & THE SONS OF NEGUS – Love Thy Neighbour (Live & Learn US re) M-/M- 140:-
Exact reissue of this all-time dub reggea killers from 1979 that goes totally deep psychedelic.  Yeah one of those where the ganja reaches acid vibes. Trippy is an understatement. And should be appriciated not only by rastas but also psych-heads.


ORIENTAL SUNSHINE – Dedicated To The Bird We Love (Thorns re) Ex/Ex 150:-
Long deleted reissue on 180 g vinyl of this folky and jazzy Nowegian psych m,asterpiece from 1970.


 JEAN JACQUES PERREY – Musique Electronique Du Cosmos (Electronic Music From Outer Space) (WW SP re) M/M 210:-
Awesome early ’60s recordings from the highly rated French electronic music pioneer. This work was originally issued in a tiny edition of 500 copies. Some of the songs from the album were later used for television commercials, most notably the song ‘Chicken On The Rocks’, which appeared in a commercial for the Ideal Toy Company in the ’60s. The tracks on Side 2 of this reissue are from a very rare demonstration disc of which only one copy is known to exist. The LP is pressed in an edition of 500 copies, comes in an old style sleeve with backflaps and original artwork. The colour insert features photos and liner notes. Shrinkwrap opened to avoid the sleeve being damaged when shipping.


 PLATO’S TRIP – A Psychedelic Journey To Greece In The 1970’s (Megali Idea G re) M/M 139:-
Hand-numbered out of /600. All band / song titles as well as info insert sheet are in Greek and English.


 THE RETURN OF ACID DREAMS (AD 5199 RE 1980) Ex/Ex 149:-
With plastic sleeve and printed insert with artists. Early and fantastic comp with all the mind melting US 60s gareg psych killers mega rarity 45s.

IMG_2994ARIF SAG – Su Samsunun Evleri / Osman Pehlivan (Püfde) (Topkapi Plak re) M- 180:-
Very limited reissue of rare Turkish fuzz say psych instro killers from 1973. Haven’t even seen it listed. Amazing must have.


 TALKIN’ TRASH! (Greasy US re) Vg+/Vg+ 110:-
Fantastic com of rare and greasy rhythm and blues 45s with attitude from 1954-63.


 JIMMY THOMPSON – In My Dreams / I Wanna Die Young (Dek 69? US) Vg++ 350:-
Superb deep late 1960s lounge psych killer. Original 45


 TWIST-A-RAMA (Norton US re) M-/Vg+ 60:-
Killer comp of crude 1965 garage sounds from the Mohawk Valley.


VISITORS – My Good Friends (PMG A re) NEW 170:-
Fantastic obscure band from Nigeria 1977. The Visitors created the most righteous sounds in the east of Nigeria. We’re talking deep Afro-funk with generous dollops of rock psych fuzz synth madness. ‘My Good Friends’, their second album, finds the group at the height of its powers. Killer LP! New copy with open shrink-wrap to save the sleeve from getting damaged in the shipping.



Much fun lingo in this one you need to learn. Rare original brochure produced by the New York State government in 1972, outlining the new vocabulary that originated when recreational drug use became mainstream. This “drug dictionary” is a revised edition, indicating the government likely produced several of these small publications throughout the 70s


A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of the Grateful Dead (Dennis McNally Broadway Books US 2002) Ex- 260:-
Hardcover 1st edition edition. The complete history of one of the most long-lived and legendary bands in rock history, written by its official historian and publicist–a must-have chronicle for all Dead Heads, and for students of rock and the 1960s’ counterculture. Dennis McNally, the band’s historian and publicist for more than twenty years, takes readers back through the Dead’s history in A Long Strange Trip. In a kaleidoscopic narrative, McNally not only chronicles their experiences in a fascinatingly detailed fashion, but veers off into side trips on the band’s intricate stage setup, the magic of the Grateful Dead concert experience, or metaphysical musings excerpted from a conversation among band members. He brings to vivid life the Dead’s early days in late-sixties San Francisco–an era of astounding creativity and change that reverberates to this day. Here we see the group at its most raw and powerful, playing as the house band at Ken Kesey’s acid tests, mingling with such legendary psychonauts as Neal Cassady and Owsley “Bear” Stanley, and performing the alchemical experiments, both live and in the studio, that produced some of their most searing and evocative music. 


DRUG ANTIQUES (Jed Powers US 1986) Ex 180:-
A photographic look at old and unusual drug arifacts and rarities. 1st edition. Signed by the author.


22″ x 28″ rare poster that came with their 1972 album.


Hardcover 1st edition. Long out pf print book. Formed in San Francisco in 1965, Jefferson Airplane helped pave rock’s psychedelic road of the 1960s and 1970s. Tamarkin, who wrote the liner notes for RCA’s 10th anniversary CD collection of Airplane songs, offers a fan’s notes of the band. Drawing on interviews with the many musicians and others who wandered through Airplane on its way to the heights of musical history, Tamarkin chronicles the course of the band as it soared to its early successes, floated through in-fighting and excessive drug use, and eventually crashed and burned-out in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Tamarkin effectively traces the ways that band members’ egos and their creative differences both molded Airplane and brought it to its demise. He efficiently narrates the early days when its founding members Marty Balin, Paul Kantner and Jorma Kaukonen played folk rock clubs in the Bay area and then, joined by Grace Slick in 1966, took off into new musical directions, changing rock music forever along with bands like Quicksilver Messenger Service and the Grateful Dead. Tamarkin weaves his own adoring interpretations of each song from almost every album into his chronological narrative of the band’s history, demonstrating that Airplane’s music often reflected the days of their lives. He provides an epilogue in which he brings readers up-to-date on the band’s members and a complete discography. Although Tamarkin’s hagiographic portrait of the band is hardly objective, his friendship with and complete access to the players in this story certainly makes his account the definitive one.


This case study is an objective analysis by as anthropologist of the subculture of a hippie ghetto. William Partridge spent over a year as a participant-observer in the ghetto. He returned to recheck his earlier observations. Partridge chooses not to regard the hippie ghetto group as a counter-culture, as others have since, he writes, it is in reality “a part of a product of American society.” Partridge believes that the core hippie values are drawn from the cultural heritage of Western civilization and Judeo-Christian mythology.


LiarTown: The First Four Years (Sean Tejarachi vFeral House US 2017) M 145:-
 Liartown is a convulsively funny and head swirling hallucinatory viusal compendium of Sean Tejaratchi’s brilliant takedowns of popular culture and societal trends. For the past four years, Tejeratchi’s Liartown USA blog has delighted thousands of online visitors with each new slice of satirical visual commentary. With a selection of the best posts and otherwise unseen material collected into a glossy, full-color trade paperback, readers can now immerse themselves in an alternate world. Working with a stunning array of source material, Tejaratchi creates clever, uproariously detailed visuals and descriptions of book and magazine covers, films and TV shows, celebrities and “historical” images that at first glance would pass for the real thing. 


MIRROR AT THE END OF THE ROAD (Mel Lyman American Avatar US 1971) Vg+ 300:-
1st print soft cover. Like Dylan’s early story, this is the diary of a young artist as recorded in his letters from 1958 and onwards. Melvin James Lyman (March 24, 1938 – March 1978) was an American musician, writer, artist and founder of the Boston Fort Hill Community., Lyman became acquainted early on with many artists and musicians in the vibrant Boston scene, including Timothy Leary’s  group of LSD enthusiasts, (IFIF).  At some point thereafter Lyman began to realize himself as destined for a role as a spiritual force and leader. In 1966, Lyman founded and headed The Lyman Family, also known as The Fort Hill Community, centered in a few houses in Boston. The Fort Hill Community, to observers in the mid-to-late Sixties, combined some of the outward forms of an urban hippie commune with net-transcendentalist socio-spiritual structure centered on Lyman, the friends he had attracted and the large body of his music and writings. Although Lyman and the Family shared some attributes with the hippies – prior experimenting with LSD and marijuana and Lyman’s cosmic millennialism  – they were not actually hippies; in fact, the ethos of the community was virulently anti-hippie.  A macho, bullying ethic prevailed and guns were frequently brandished. Lyman seemed to believe that one could only be truly creative when one was “real” or “awake” – defined in practice as experiencing intense pain or anger – and that fear and cowardice caused one to remain “asleep” or even to die. People were subjected to rigid discipline and highly structured lives. Rather than the gentle and collectivist hippie ethic in other underground publications of the time, Lyman’s writings espoused a philosophy that contained a powerful alternative voice to the prevailing ethos.  – “I am going to reduce everything that stands to rubble / and then I am going to burn the rubble / and then I am going to scatter the ashes / and then maybe SOMEONE will be able to see SOMETHING as it really is / WATCHOUT” 226 pages. 42 photographs, 38 drawings.


PSYCHOTOMIMETIC DRUGS (Daniel H. Efron – Raven PressUS 1970) Vg+++ 350:-
Rare and very interesting psychedelic litterature . Proceedings of a workshop organized by the Pharmacology Section, Psychopharmacology Research Branch, National Institute of Mental Health. Held at the University of California, Irvine, on January 25-26, 1969. The research presented deals with all levels of current interest: from the electro-physiological effects on single nerve cells to effects on the biochemical and metabolic levels.


The Rock: The Life and Crimes of Palmer Rockey (Cookie Ann Rockey Trafford US 2012) NEW 240:-
Hardcover edition. The history of the Palmer Rockey record and the stories behind it are quite extraordinary. Psychedelic flim-flam man “disco lounge-lizard from hell” from Texas. One of the weirdest true tales ever. The background finally reveled here by his former wife. 


TARANTULA (Jiritt Rangel JR. Rangel Adhouse US 2017) M  125:-
Hardcover edition. Psychedelic pulp. Satanic noir. The story of three unusual agents of order trying to bring justice to a world on the brink of chaos. The pulp of yesterday retold through the lens of modern, over-the-top, psychedelic storytelling. The team that took the indie world by storm with SPACE RIDERS sets their sights on pulpy supernatural action/adventure!


 TIHKAL: THE CONTINUATION Signed Limited Edition HC (Alexander & Ann Shulgin  Transform Press US 1997) Ex 550:-
Very rare edition of this amazing and groundbreakin psychedelic work. Inslipcase. Limited Edition Hardcover, Blue Cloth Over Boards in Matching Slipcase, 276 of 300 hand numbered copies, Signed by both authors on 1/2 title page. Ex with some slight dog ears on some pages. TiHKAL is a 1997 book written by Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin about a family of psychoactive drugs known as tryptamines. A sequel to PiHKAL (Phenethylamines i Have Known And Loved), the full title of the book is Tryptamines i Have Known And Loved. TiHKAL, much like its predecessor PiHKAL, is divided into two parts. first part is a autobiography, continuing where PiHKAL left off, but it then continues into a collection of essays. These essays range from psychotherapy and the Jungian mind to the prevalence of DMT in nature, ayahuasca and the War on Drugs. second part of TiHKA is a detailed synthesis manual for 55 psychedelic compounds (many discovered by Alexander Shulgin), with dosages, chemical structure and qualitative comments. Like PiHKAL, the Shulgins were motivated to release the synthesis information as a way to protect the public’s access to information about psychedelic compounds, a goal Alexander Shulgin has noted many times. Following a raid of his laboratory in 1994 by the United States DEA, Richard Meyer, spokesman for DEA’s San Francisco Field Division, stated that “It is our opinion that those books are pretty much cookbooks on how to make illegal drugs. Agents tell me that in clandestine labs that they have raided, they have found copies of those books. ” This attitude emphasized Shulgin’s need to release the information to ensure its preservation, and led to the release of TiHKAL and his other publications.