News from Subliminal Sounds – December 2017 – January 2018


Lotsa good news here. First of I’ve got the full story on one of the most mythical and rare 45s from the Swedish psychedelic underground here. So, let me introduce you to:


Paul Edoh’s Class Breakers. I was planning a reissue some fifteen, or so, years ago when the original record was first discovered and I hooked up with the band hoping to find some unreleased bonus cuts. That search took forever and in the end what we have are the original tracks that were recorded back in 1970. But those two tracks are amazing extended psychedelic Afro-Swedish dynamite and have still only been heard by a few. I will do a vinyl reissue next year but for now you can enjoy the sounds of Paul Edoh’s Class Breakers here directly from the master tape and read my article of this incredible band (both English and Swedish language text available) here!


In other news here’s more from our hero the one and only Paul Page. A full blown vinyl/CD etc reissue of his spellbinding music should see the light of day next year but for now here’s two unusual and rare recordings by him from 1958 where he serenades the exotic Alaska. Check it out on Spoitfy here! Also available at iTunes etc.

End of the year live dates . Hope to see you there!
8 Dec KEBNEKAJSE – Fasching, Stockholm
9 Dec KEBNEKAJSE – East & West, Örebro

Vinyl  7” / 12”/ vinyl LP records 

Now here’s a  nice little pile of hand-picked out-of-this-world music and literature. Some rare OGs and some decently priced reissues.  All up for grabs. Please note that these titles are only listed here, not in our regular web-shop.  Records are graded disc/sleeve. Prices in SEK (Swedish Krona) Just send us an email to reserve. Check for approximate exchange rates.

IMG_2616 (1)

ANONYMOUS – Inside The Shadows (A Major Label AMLS 1002 US 1980) LP M-/Ex 2600:-
Fantastic still in shrink copy of the presumably superior alt.cover 1980 pressing (made from the same stampers as the 1976 release but I’ve heard that this is the better sounding pressing) of this amazing US psych rock rarity. Only 300 copies were pressed. Cover in shrink and as new except for a tiny split at the upper left opening and small bump at corners. The disc is perfect.


ARBETE & FRITID – …Sen Dansar Vi Ut (HURV KRLP-3 SW 1977) 2LP M-/M-/EX- 300:-
Fantastic and way underrated fantastic Swedish folk psych album. The way they mix the drum kit in with the fiddles is just amazing. Small sticker white on white residue on front cover that should probably be removable and a slightly bent corner.

ball st tape cover.indd
(HOR-666-CA) MC New 99:-
In stock at last. By popular demand here’s a very limited (100 copies only) cassette tape version (real commercially factory produced) of Ball’s acclaimed debut-album. The groovy ferro analogue cassette tape sound fits this crazy album perfectly. Intensely disturbed, dirty, smut peddling, Swedish slime hardrock-psych-madness from the deepest cesspool of humanity.  Fucked up subhuman fuzz guitars. Depraved, screaming vocals. Gut rumbling bass and caveman drums. A nightmare of revolting sounds. Ball is hardrock from hell. Ball´s debut album is a deranged hard rock tour-de-force that will have you gasping. Parental advisory – inside of the cover features explicit full frontal nudity. Buy at your own risk.


BENJAMAS & SAWANEE (Thailand 7?) 7” Ex/Vg+++ 900:-
Incredibly strange Thai rarity.


FREDDY CANNON – 20th Century Fox (WB 7075 US 1967) 7” Vg++ 350:-
Fantastic version of this song from the 1st Doors album. Freddy’s take on it totally blows away any competition and makes it a wild winner. Out rocking the Doors or hell just anyone. You’ll be surprised. Huge fave around here. Don’t miss this killer!


PATRICK COWLEY – Afternooners (Dark Entries) 2LP NEW 180:-
Way out dark, deep and surreal porn soundtracks by the legendary San Francisco-based musician and producer Patrick Cowley for the first time on record. Cowley was one of the most revolutionary and influential figures in the canon of disco, Cowley created his own brand; “The San Francisco Sound”. New copy in shrink which has just been opened to remove the discs when shipping (to avoid getting the sleeve damafged).


PAUL EDOH’S CLASS BREAKERS – It’s Raining / Africa Speaks – Sweden Answers (Nila Private SW 1970) 7” M   OFFERS
Yes, here’s an ultra rare  record that almost never got made except for a few white label test pressings back in 1970. This is as you now the the most mythical and ultra rare 45s from the Swedish psychedelic underground. Two amazing tracks of extended psychedelic Afro-Swedish dynamite. Once in a lifetime chance to score.


FLÄSKET BRINNER –  The Swedish Radio Recordings 1970-1975 (Mello SW 2003) 4CD M-/Vg++ 600:-
Limited edition 4 CD set with all incredible and previously unreleased material. The CDs are perfect M- only played once. The case has some minor edge wear and bumped lower right corner. On the inside there’s tear on the flap that holds the booklet. but overall it’s very nice. The booklet is M-.


THOMAS MERA GARTZ – Luftsånger = Cloudsongs (Silence SRS 4687 SW 1984) LP M-/M- 1200:-
The masterpiece solo album by Trad Gras och Stenars Thomas Mera Gartz. It’s really rare too. Includes both the innersleeve and insert. Way out trip! Very nice copy.


HANSSON & KARLSSON : Man At The Moon (POLYDOR LPHM 46265 SW 1969) LP Ex/Ex 670:-
Original 1st pressing. Very nice copy.


MAY BLITZ (Vertigo 6360 007 UK 1970) LP M-/Ex 3000:-
Includes the original Vertigo swirl inner bag. The disc is perfect with the matrix 1Y//1,2Y//1 1st press matrix. The original matt gatefold sleeve has some edge wear with whitening but the spine is almost perfect as well as and both the outside and inside front back .


MC CHOCOLATE STAR / THE PROFESSOR – The Pop / Space Walking & Slow Walking (Chocolate Star US 1982) 12” M- 1500:-
Very rare and seriousley twisted private press 12” elctro hip hop funk masterpiece. Way spaced out, surreal, laid back but at the same time edgy as hell. Record collector legend has it that this 12 ”was the first record of it’s kind to feature a drum machine (a small Casio keyboard with a build in drum machine). Mindblower!


MERRELL FANKHAUSER AND (HIS TRUSTY) H.M.S. BOUNTY – Things! (Shamley SS 701 US 1968) LP Ex-/Vg+++ 1300:-
Small punsch hole lower right corner, and an even smaller one on the lower left corner, as most opies have. Slighly bumped lower right and left corner. These blemishes are minor. Otherwise the sleeve is very nice and shiny.

1-2-3 – Love Stories (Lamaha US 1980) LP M-/M- 1100:-
Very rare third eye lounge psych pseudo disco killer out of Philadelpiha 1980. Fantastic surreal oddity that even has a song about alien abduction “Outer Spaced” but the whole things is pretty mind boggling.


GUNNER PEDERSEN – Stoned (FR DK re) LP NEW 330:-
Perfect limited edition reissue of this rare and fantastic Danish psychedelic electronica private press album from 1974. Included is a booklet featuring liner notes. Gunner Moller Pedersen is a pioneering composition that’s partly electronic. It was originally self-released in a minuscule run in 1974. The music has an original and meditative quality which transcends time = stoned! Christiania never sounded better! New copy in shrink which has just been opened to remove the discs when shipping (to avoid getting the sleeve damafged).

SKIN DIVING (Skin Diving Records #8001 US 196?) M-/Vg+ 350:-
Found another copy of this rare proto psychedelic trip LP that takes you way way deep. Over the top poetic narration and great sound effects. On sea blue vinyl and this copy also includes both a 6-page insert and a book! Very cool! Last copy was much requested and this one has all the extras.


TRES AND KITSY – Dandelions (KBK MK 27-61US 1971) LP S/S 5600:-
Incredible still sealed in the shrink copy of this unique album. Truly remarkable  folk/singer-song-writer/ psych album by the two talented young girls Tres & Kitsy, aged 10 and 11. Here’s an excellent review of it from the always trusty Acid Archives 2nd Edition: “The album is in some ways, exactly what you would expect, but is also quite a bit better than that. The songs (all self-penned) cover child-like subject matter to be sure, with an appealing wide-eyed innocence and joy, but also tackle more complicated issues (i e: ―War‖) with surprising poignancy. The lyrics may be simplistic, as would be expected, but I find them a lot more intelligent than much of the quasi-high brow, quasi-poetic and naively political songs spewed forth by a lot of adults in the genre. The songs are pretty catchy too, and it‘s a short album that, while sparse (acoustic guitars and some light jazzy drums) and simple, doesn‘t drag the way a lot of guitar-and-voice and harmony folk records do. I like them better than well-known collector favorites like Wendy & Bonnie, for example. It‘s a real breath of fresh air to find a record from this time period without any guile or obvious agenda, and, unlike, say, the Shaggs or New Creation, this is legitimate music that shows budding talent. And I love the way they keep using the phrase ―hey man‖.”


TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Live 1972 (1/2 Special US re) LP M-/M- 499:-
Numbered limited edition 239 of 500 copies and rare now.. Fantastic live recordings from 1972.


WITCH – Lazy Bones!! (Zambezi Zambia ZTZ 1 1975) Vg-/G+ OFFERS
Yeeha! One of the ultimate global heavy psych grails. One has to understand the rarity of Zambian records in something resembling playing condition and then the rarity of those that come with covers. This has a whole cover and the record plays through reasonably well without any skips. It’s well known that the original doent have the best pressing so even the exremely few clean copies around aren’t really in that great shape. This one can definetely be enjoyed and sounds way better and clearer than any of the reissues.



APOCALYPSE CULTURE (Adam Parfrey Feral House US 1990) Ex 80:-
Expanded and revised edition. Nihilist prophets, born-again pornographers, transcendental schizophrenics and just plain folks are united in their belief in an imminent global catastrophe. What are the forces lurking behind this mass delirium? This book is a startling, absorbing and exhaustive tour through the nether regions of today’s psychotic brainscape. First published in 1987, itimmediately touched a nerve. Alternately excoriated and lauded as “epochal”, “the most important book of the decade,” APOCALYPSE CULTURE had begun to articulate what many inwardly sensed — the-fear inspired irrationalism and faith, the clash of irreconcilable forces, and the ever-looming specter of fin de race. In its present incarnation for Feral House, APOCALYPSE CULTURE has significantly increased in size, taking on new perspectives on our current crisis, with pertinent revisions of many articles from the original edition.

IMG_2600 (1)

BARBARELLA (Semic Jean-Claude Forest SW 1969) Vg+ 120:-
Beatiful, comic book published in Sweden 1969. The book is in perfect condition except for a storage bend on the back cover and a small spine spli. Inside it’s M unread.


CHILDREN OF THE SUN (Gordon Kennedy Nivaria US 1998) Vg 80:-
Children of the Sun is a one of a kind pictorial anthology from Germany to California…covering the period from 1883 to 1949, and includes short biographies of 16 individuals…naturopaths, philosophers, nature boys and 4 social reform movements. But the story is told mostly through the 144 photos, both color and black and white. It clearly describes the important links between the German health and nature pioneers, and their latter day American counterparts. Revealing the true origins of the organic, alternative and natural lifestyles which eventually took root on American soil and have become the huge phenomenon that they are today, this unusual book will forever challenge the historical media conception of our great-grandparents generation, while revealing the powerful influence many of these people had on our future. Key words: Nature cure, raw foods, organic farming, naturopathy, eden ahbez, vegetarianism, Gypsy Boots, Nature Boys, Mahatma Gandhi, Hermann Hesse, Dr. Benedict Lust, Arnold Ehret, paganism. This is the last copy of the old stock i used to have. Somehow I’ve accidently spilled Kava Kava on this copy so the pages are a bit crubled but otherwise perfect. A must read book.


DE GEER (Carl Johan De Geer Boo-Horray US) M 180:-
The MOCA exhibition catalog De Geer has silkscreen covers and presents an 80 page overview of De Geer’s striking black and white photography from Sweden 1960s.


SNÖRET (Lars Peterson Gidlunds SW 1978) Ex 160:-
Rare and infamous Swedish 1978 coming of age novel in a world filled with rock n roll and drugs, and especially a Kiss concert described in vivid and hilariousley exaregated detail.