News from Subliminal Sounds – October 2017


Hello and welcome back! Hope you found some time to reach deep in to your summer dreams.

Now here’s a news transmission with a nice little pile of hand-picked out-of-this-world music and literature. Some rare OGs and some decently priced reissues.  All up for grabs. Please note that these titles are only listed here, not in our regular web-shop.  But don’t forget to check the rest of the list here. It’s cram packed with goodies that you might have forgotten about.

Records are graded disc/sleeve. Prices in SEK (Swedish Krona) Just send us an email to reserve. Check for approximate exchange rates.

Vinyl  7” / 12”/ LP


STEVE AKIN – I’m Trippin’ Alone / It’s Heavy (Ash A-2002 US 1970) Vg 220:-
Great Texas psych 2-sider where Steve describes frying his mind for good. Played alot but still OK original copy. “Steve Akin came out of Houston, Texas and his recording legacy consists of two 45s for the small Ash label. With Steve on Guitar, Bill Ditto on Bass, Ed Starkey on Guitar and Bobby Prater & Paul Hughes variously on the drum stool they played through Houston under the names The Incredible Watt, Elementary Delusion and Nowhere Men. The band shared the bill with The Sound Investment, who were currently riding high with their hit Don’t Stop The Carnival, and blew them off the stage, quite literally. Armed with Vox Super Beatle amps cranked up to 10 and smoke bombs billowing smoke uncontrollably off the stage the band managed to piss off most of those in attendance, including innocent parties in the adjoining luncheon room”.


ALBERT AND CHARLES WITH GUS JENKINS & HIS ORCHESTRA – Weird / Leisha (Pioneer International re) 7” Vg+ 40:-
Exact reissue of rare and way out great 1950s R&B pop corn with a surreal slide guitar on top.


Wickedly fun and crazy comp of great and rare 1960s J-pop, asian rock nuggets from the swinging 1960s, mostly with female vocals.


BIG MAYBELLE – That’s A Pretty Good Love (Savoy US re) 7” M- 50:-
Exact reissue of fantastic 1956 R&B masterpiece.


BYRDS – Never Before (Re-Flyte US) LP Ex/Vg+++ 120:-
Great comp of very interesting unreleased material and different mixes; like Crosby’s own ultimate version of ”Triad”. Includes a fine full color foldout booklet insert.


CHURCHILLS (Sweed Dandelion re) LP M-/M- 155:-
Great sounding reissue of this ultimate pre-Jericho 1968 Israel psych monster delight. Top of the heap from over there and rates as one of the strongest worldwide trips for 1968. From total fuzz guitar mayhem to psychedelic dreamland with bubbling hooka’s going full tilt.


COB – Spirit Of Love (CBS UK 1971) LP M-/Ex-srw 3999:-
Perfect original of one of the ultimate UK folk psych albums. Also includes numerous xerox copies rare vintage (early 1970s) articles and reviews of the band.


THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF (Power Records PR-17 US 1974) 7” + magazine Ex/Vg+++ 399:-
Aarrrghgnnn! Very cool and hard to find comic book/record.“The Action Comes Alive As You Read”. Actors and sound effects act out the whole comic book. Really cool stuff and has been know to work spooky wonders on late night trips.


BO DIDDLEY- Hey! Bo Diddley (Pye International NPL 28025 UK 1962) LP Ex-/Vg+++ 399:-
UK 1st press from 1962 of this all-time killer LP with the laminated flip back sleeve. The disc has just a few minor scuffs that don’t affect the sound.


GENE ESTRIBOU / JEAN PAUL PICKENS – Intensifications (MEA CL-1 US 1965) LP Vg/Vg+ 1100:-
Rare early trail blazing San Francisco guitar/banjo avant improvisation LP. Takes you on a full on trancy trip. Disc has lots of scuffs but plays through fine with just some audible noise. Small name in ballpoint pen and price tag on front cover.


FREE DESIGN – You Could Be Born Again (Project 3 Total Sound PR 5031SD US 1968) LP M-/Ex 320:-
Perfect original copy of this groovy smooth swinging US west coast harmony vocal mind melter. Their best album for my ears.


GIN GILLETTE – Train To Satanville / BARON DAEMOND & THE VAMPIRES – Ghost Guitars (Wavy Gravy re) 7” M- 70:-
Split single reissue of two very rare and amazing early 1960s horror rockers. “Train To Satanville” got to be heard to be believed, a totally over the top surreal trip like no other.


BRUCE HAACK – The Way Out Record For Children (Dimension 5 D 131 1968 US) LP Ex/Ex- 600:-
Original 1968 pressing. Very lysergic and deeply whacked out electronica with lotsa psych touches These were used as motivational dance and movement records in schools in the Bronx back then and my theory is that this is what future electro hip-hop artists, like Africa Bambata, heard when they were kids in school. So their electro influences did not initially come from Kraftwerk but from Bruce Haack who’s music pre-dates those by many years. Cover still in shrink. Includes a unique folder with lots of copies of articles, lyrics etc.


Very impressive and deeply whacked out electronica psych masterpiece concept album from 1970. Huge fave! Here’s a perfect original copy except for a small punchole on the sleeve and slightly dinged corners. Bruce Haack was one of the pioneers of electronic music during the 1950-60’s but stayed mostly unknown until the 1990s. He was a prolific composer behind a huge span of wildy creative music, as well as being an inventor of weird musical instruments. Bruce Haack robotic songs were a precedent to the work of Synth Pop artists from the 70’s such as Kraftwerk and Gary Numan.


 HERB JEFFRIES – The Shepherd / A Man Wrote A Song (Columbia 1-398 zlp 1724 US 1949) 7” Vg+ 300:-
Very rare Eden Ahbez track that has yet not made it to any comps. It’s a really great song in Eden’s unmiskable style and performed by Herb Jeffries, with whom Eden collaborated on several productions including the full-blown “Nature Boy Suite, ”, with his strong and deeply heartfelt voice.


JOHNNY GUITAR – Supanahong E.P. (ROSANA THAILAND 196?) VG+/VG+ 799:-
Rare and mind frying early 1960s Thai E.P peaking on the spooky and very psychedelic title track with cool distorted guitars and weird atrrangements. A milestone in the history of psychedelic records.


BILL JUSTIS – Electric Dreams / The Dark Continent Contribution (Bell 921US 1970) 7” M- 399:-
Amazing “exotica/now sound” trippy tour-de-force. This 45 is rare and isn’t listed on either Discogs or Popsike which makes it damn elusive. The only pictures I’ve seen listed in a few discographies have all been promos but this here is a genuine silver label stock copy, which makes it even more rare.


JOE KEMFA – Jungle Juice (PMG A re) LP M-/M- 150:-
Exact reissue of rare, mind-blowing and tripped out Nigerian deep jungle funk jam from 1978.


 CHILO MORAN – Rock En Mexico (Dinsa DML-8114 1962 Mexico) LP Vg/Vg 380:-
Ay caramba! Very rare Mexican rock n roll LP from 1962. Contains the ultimate Mexican loco rock n roll follow up to “Tequila”. “Mezcal” that is….gimme MEZCAL!!!! Plays solid as is in fact the best copy i’ve ever seen. The sleeve is in a totally presentable VG condition with seam splits and a peel off from a price sticker on the upper right front.


WILLIAM ONYEABOR – Good Name (Wilfilms Records WLP 030 Nigeria 1983) LP M-/Ex- OFFERS
Perfect original of this Nigerian mindblower. Both sides are long drawn out synth-funk tracks that will have you levitating, totally amazing! Deadstcok, the disc is as perfect M- and the sleeve has some minor corner dings and two smaller white spots on the lower right front, hardly noticeable from when it’s been stored for over twenty years in a hot and humid climate. You can’t find a better copy ever of this rare Onyeabor LP.


JOHNNY PATE COMBO – Cha Cha Blues / Duck Pin (Drake 1961 US) Vg+ 210:-
Superb afro cuban jazz tittyshaker original 45 from this legendary jazz bassist and producer.


PEBBLES VOL 12 (AIP US re) LP M-/VG+ 100:-
Original 1983 pressing of this comp of 1960s garage psych 45 nuggets.


VIPARAT PIENGSUWAN – Yok Yok ( PJ 001 Thailand 197?) Vg+/Vg+ 999:-
Very rare and in demand funky 1970s Thai femme masterpiece.


 GERALDO PINO – Boogie Fever (PMG A re) LP M-/M- 160:-
Perfect reissue of this rare and excellent LP by Sierra Leone’s Geraldo Pino. Originally issued in Nigeria in 1978, the album reveals some zonked out funk with a dark, edgy vibe.


PINK FLOYD – Piper at the Gates of Dawn (Columbia SX 6157 UK 1967) LP Ex-/Vg+++ 4999:-
Beautiful, clean original mono Press 1ST UK press with black/blue labels, KT Tax code and EMI inner sleeve.


Exact reissue of this rare 1950s doo woop killer. The flip is the ticket for my ears; a totally drunk and surreal exotica doo wop trip.


PEARL REAVES AND THE CONCORDS – You Can´t Stay Here (Step It Up And Go) / I’m Not Ashamed (Ugly Woman) (Harlem re) 7” M- 50: –
Exact reissue of fanatic 1950s rock n roll / R&B 45.


SWAMI KARINA RAMAYANA – Hymn To A New Age (Satang Fellowship US 1981) LP Ex+/Vg+ sew so 1200: –
Rare and sought after real 1981 deep New Age private press album that is a way deep, unique, other wordily haunting and beautiful musical journey. One of the best in this genre for me that totally vibes on a real psychedelic level. Beautiful and deeply mysterious instrumentation with analogue synthesizers, gongs and (bass) flute drones.


GOOGIE RENÉ – Romesville (Class MO-CS-5003 US 1959) LP Vg/Vg 140:-
Super cool and hip beatnik jazz extravaganza daddy-o!. Rare mono original deep groove pressing with shiny vinyl that has some light wear but nothing severe and it plays and sounds good and ballsy but of course with some crackle and pops but no skips or repeats. Cover taped seams and splits and some ring wear, but still displays ok.

IMG_2291 (1)

RIVER CITY GOOD TIME BAND (Private US 1978) LP M-/Vg+ ss rw 240:-
River City Good Time Band is a group of developmentally disabled adults from Sacramento, California. Very special private press from 1978 album and their version of “Do You Wanna Dance?” is an alternative universe masterpiece.


SOUTHERN COMFORT (London SHK 8405 UK 1969) LP M-/Vg+ 3300:-
Genuine original 1st press of this unique album from 1969 with Martin Stone guitar charged long lysergic psych raga jammer. Has the original inner sleeve. Recorded when legendary Chicago blues harp player Walter ‘Shakey’ Horton visited the UK in 1968, Southern Comfort is a superb showcase for his talent, as well as those of bassist Jerome Arnold (Butterfield Blues Band), drummer Jessie C. Lewis (Otis Rush) and trailblazing guitarist Martin Stone (Savoy Brow and Mighty Baby). The album has part classy blues part zonked out experimental psych blues set, however, the epic closing track goes way further and is one of the most mind-blowing psychedelic workouts ever recorded. The disc is perfect M- except that the label side B has a very light ballpoint pen name tag. The sleeve also looks great and presentable apart from some minor blemishes and a name signature on the back cover having been “whited” out.


SWING FOR A CRIME (GMG G re) LP Ex/Vg+ 110:-
Classic and killer titty shaker, bump n grind swingin’ rok a rola comp.


TEMPOS – Speaking of… (Norton US re) LP M-/M- 100:-
Exact reissue off the ultimate 60s garage punk LP. The original pressing on Justice is impossible to score.


13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS – Reverberation (Doubt) / Fire Engine (International Artists  IA-111 US 1966) M- 1390:-
Perfect M- original stock copy. The only minor imperfections are some minor rubbings on the label the clean cut-out hole. Both songs are unique and differs from the LP versions. They are both in great punchy mono and the mixing is different. “Reveberation” is considered superior to the album version and “Fire Engine” “at least on par with the mono LP version.


 VICTIM – Framtid Med Hopp/Det Var Då Han Vann (Pang PSI 054 SW 1982) 7” Vg+ 900:-
I finally have a spare copy of this one of my alltime fave Swedish underground 45s for sale. Over the top and one-of-a-kind mega rare and amazing and Swedish xian unique “real people hardrock” 45. Funnily described in the “What we have here is probably the worst example of white metal I’ve ever discovered. It’s damn slow and even then sloppy. It has been said before that the first track “Det Var Då Han Vann” sounds like the cross-breed of NWOBHM’s slowest and sloppiest, Mithrandir, and the slowest, most under produced caveman like Hellhammer. There are failed harmonies and “musicianship” that somehow lacks the “musician” part. Thing is, I haven’t even arrived at the worst aspect of this single yet. That’s the vocals. Those who sing out of tune or just lack range can be forgiven. Calle Karlsson can not. His corny lyrics aren’t really an issue, but the fact that his voice appears to be miles off target all the time is. It gets even worse in the attempted falsetto. A bit like the sound of a cat that is stepped upon can do if there’s a megaphone conveniently switched on.”  But then on another level all these components really catapults this, to my ears, awesome slab of wax in to another dimension making for a truly unique head rush. Huge personal fave Don’t miss! Includes a Xerox copy of the much elusive sleeve.


DOUGLAS WARD – From An Elevated Platform (Forward FS1001 UK 1971) LP M-/Vg++ 280:-
Great UK third eye lounge type psych album recorded in Bermuda 1971. Surreal, strange but groovy and with great drum breaks. Contains two original promo pictures. Cover is autographed by the artist on the back.



4973: Berkeley protest posters, 1970 (C. Williams, B. Miles Publishers & Maggs Bros Ltd UK) M- 150:-
145 color illustrations of UC Berkeley antiwar protest posters from 1970. “The posters in this remarkable collection were produced by students in a Political Poster Workshop in May of 1970 at the University of California at Berkeley. They were designed and manufactured by predominantly white middle-class students, paradoxically, under the radical gaze of the political activist, poster designer and co-founder of the Mexican American Liberation Front, Malaquías Montoya.”


 Black Monk Time (Thomas Wdward Shaw & Anita Klemke Ectoplasm Press/Carson Street Publishing) Ex 199:-.
Deluxe Hardbound Special limited edition of 200 signed copies of this amazing and very rare book about the weirdest 60s band ever. The book is perfect like new except for a small tear on the upper spine as it was a bit damaged in the shipping, but theres no piece missing.


Dressing for Pleasure in Rubber, Vinyl & Leather: The Best of Atomage 1972-1980 (J. Trunk Fuel UK) NEW 220:-
Hardcover.. For early devotees of leather, rubber and vinyl fetish wear, Atomage magazine was the underground bible of the 1970s. Founded, designed and published by the English designer John Sutcliffe as a platform for his extraordinary talents as a manufacturer of weatherproofs for lady pillion riders, it quickly became a rallying point for explorers of every kind of fledgling clothing scene, functioning as both an instruction manual and a mirror. The experimental clothing showcased in its pages, including items made by the readers themselves, transformed a passion for a sexual proclivity into a cult phenomenon. From motorbiking and mask-wearing, to mudlarking and wading worship, Atomage covered every conceivable variant on and use for fetish wear. The amateur photographs reproduced here reflect a golden age of DIY enthusiasm, before fetish became the industry it is today, and inadvertently depict a suburbia from which dressing for pleasure was a necessary escape. The outrageous costumes found in Atomage also served as inspiration to a then-new generation of fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, and many of these costumes have since been acquired by high-end collections. Compiling the most astonishing imagery from all 32 issues of this now extremely rare and sought after cult magazine, Dressing for Pleasureillustrates not just Sutcliffe’s exceptional designs, but also, through their own photography and writings, the fantasies and desires of the Atomage followers.


High Art: A History of the Psychedelic Poster (Ted Owen, Denise Dickson. Sanctury US) Ex 320:-
Sixties psychedelic poster art has stretched beyond the ephemeral and functional nature of its design to become highly collectable and internationally recognized. High Art explores both the creation of psychedelia and the imagery born of this movement. It covers the Avalon and Fillmore ballrooms who commissioned the art, the UFO Club in London and features leading American artists, profiles of British artists and it describes the collectors’ experience. 178 pages big format full color.


Hardcover. This eye-popping book offers a visual history of the psychedelic sensibility. In pop culture, that sensibility is associated with lava lamps, album covers, and “teashades,” but it first manifested itself in the extreme colors and kaleidoscopic compositions of 1960s Op Artists. The psychedelic sensibility didn’t die at the end of the 1960s; Psychedelic traces it through the day-glo colors of painters Peter Saul, Alex Grey, and Kenny Scharf, the pill and hemp leaf paintings of Fred Tomaselli, the intensified palettes of Douglas Bourgeois and Sharon Ellis, and mixed-media and new media works by younger artists in the new millennium. As contemporary art evolved into a diverse and pluralistic discipline, the psychedelic evolved into a language of color and light. In Psychedelic, more than seventy-five vivid color images chart this development, exploring the art chronologically, from early Op Art through recent work using digital technology. The book, which accompanies an exhibition organized by the San Antonio Museum of Art, includes three essays that set the works in historical and cultural context. Artists include Isaac Abrams, Albert Alvarez, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Chio Aoshima, Kamrooz Aram, Jeremy Blake, Richie Budd, Gordon Cheung, Judy Chicago, George Cisneros, James Cobb, Steve DiBenedetto, Carole Feuerman, Jack Goldstein, Alex Grey, Peter Halley, Al Held, Mark Hogensen, Constance Lowe, Erik Parker, Ed Paschke, Lari Pittman, Ray Rapp, Deborah Remington, Bridget Riley, Susie Rosmarin, Alex Rubio, Sterling Ruby, Julian Stanczak, Jennifer Steinkamp, Frank Stella, Philip Taaffe, Barbara Takenaga, Fred Tomaselli, Victor Vasarely, Michael Velliquette, Andy Warhol, Robert Williams. Essays byDavid S. Rubin, Robert C. Morgan, Daniel Pinchbeck. Copublished with the San Antonio Museum of Art


PSYCHEDELIA (Patrick Lundborg Lysergia SW) Vg 400:-
Rare 100 copies only printed original hadrcover edition. There is a tear on the upper left corner of the front but no pieces missing, and a small bump mark on the back. Otherwise the book is like new. A groundbreaking book from the author of the highly-acclaimed Acid Archives: Psychedelia: An Ancient Culture, A Modern Way of Life is a product of 20 years research and Patrick Lundborg’s greatest achievement. A larger number of people are exploring psychedelic states of mind in the world today than at any other point in history. Their shared experiences form the outline of a vast underground culture, whose steady influence upon society can be traced across thousands of years, back to Amerindian plant drug cults and the psychedelic celebrations in ancient Greece that gave birth to our Western society. But the full scope of this psychedelic culture, and its many expressions in the past, has remained poorly understood or even unknown. Psychedelia has usually been taken as a metaphor, or a symptom of something else, even though its true nature is singular and unparalleled. Psychedelia by Patrick Lundborg is the first-ever book to present psychedelic culture in its full complexity and range. Out of a colorful history that spans 3,500 years, emerges a philosophy and way of life that is as dazzling and rich as the psychedelic experience itself. As this book shows, psychedelia is a living underground culture, engaged in constant dialogue with its mainstream counterpart. Psychedelia’s creative, visionary presence in art, rock music and pop culture is thoroughly examined, highlighting many unique and at times unknown works and traditions, from William Blake to Philip K. Dick, from Eden Ahbez to Shpongle, from Haight-Ashbury to the beaches of Goa. The 20th century’s misguided attempts to reduce psychedelia into a branch of psychology or religion are given a critical, sometimes controversial look. A case is made for psychedelic philosophy, a fresh, unprejudiced model to replace the failed interpretations of the past. In the third millennium, psychedelic culture may be standing on the brink of a mystery greater than anything encountered in the past. This mystery comes forth in chapters on ayahuasca and DMT, and has reverberations far outside the realms of psychedelia, cutting into vital questions of consciousness and evolution. Most of all, psychedelia is a celebration of life, in the here and now and in the deep realms of inner-space. The final chapters of Psychedelia discuss the challenges and rewards of the psychedelic experience, as mastered by shamans and teachers from various entheogenic cultures.


Re/Search #10: Incredibly Strange Films (V.vale, Andrea Juno Re/Search) Ex- 99:-
Incredibly Strange Films (Re/Search #10) was, and is , a groundbreaking book  on an  important territory neglected by the film-criticism establishment, spotlighting unhailed directors – Herschell Gordon Lewis, Russ Meyer, Larry Cohen and others – who have been critically consigned to the ghettos of gore and sexploitation films. In-depth interviews focus on philosophy, while anecdotes entertain as well as illuminate theory. The book also includes biographies, genre overviews, filmographies, bibliography, an A-Z of film personalities, articles, quotations, lists of recommended films, and sources.


REVOLUTIONARY TIDES The Art of the Political Poster 1914-1989 
(Jeffrey T. Schnapp Cantor Arts Center) M- 399:-
Beatiful hard cover book. Public assemblies and multitudes in action are fundamental to our notion of political life. Through 120 posters-many never previously reproduced-the book examines the impact of large gatherings of people in politics and society concentrating on the turbulent years of the first half of the 20th century. The posters will be presented in a nearly year-long US exhibition, drawn from the massive collection of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, and augmented by works from the Wolfsonian Museum, Florida International University, and the Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University. The exhibition catalog, published in conjunction with the Cantor Arts Center, explores the decisive importance of large gatherings of people and its correlative, the mass medium of poster art, and considers the complex nature of the portrayal of political crowds in the modern period. Schnapp’s text frames the featured works within a broader history of the images of the crowd in Western art. The essay aims to sharpen the reader’s perspective by creating a synthetic understanding of how emerging principles of popular sovereignty in politics shaped new images and myths of a new, collective sense of our humanity.


My Music My Life (Ravi Shankar Vikas Publishing House) Ex 169:-
Hard cover. Beautiful vintage book and biography on this master musician.


SURF MUSIC: The Illustrated Discography of, 1961 – 1965 4th Edition (John Blair US) Ex- 250:-
This is the definitive book on the subject and the most updated edition. It includes the full spectrum of surf music, from its inception in 1961 through the end if its heyday in 1965. John has compiled the authentic, the commercial, the garage, and the studio groups. Hundreds of 45s and LPs with labels and album covers in full color. The new edition is 248 pages with a Foreword by Dick Dale. There are Appendixes for compilation albums, movies and documentary soundtracks, and surf music on the Top 100. The new 4th edition also has a greatly expanded index from earlier editions. Front cover has a slight bend on the lower right corner otherwise perfect.