News from Subliminal Sounds – Summer 2017


Happy Summer Solstice! It’s time for some fun in the sun folks. Time to chill a bit too and why not check out this new transmission of out of this world music stuff. (video, gigs, 7″/12″ and LP vinyl records, books and magazines. Have a good one and keep on luvin!



If you didnt catch it already here’s the hellish video for the song Satanas from the new Ball album out on Horny. The video has a shorter version of the track but should be worthwhile to watch for the weird moving images.


6 –8 July KEBNEKAJSE – Peace & Love festival
27 July KEBNEKAJSE – Emmaboda festival
28 July KEBNEKAJSE – Löderup Solhällan
4 Aug KEBNEKAJSE – Prästgårdens Cafe, Öland
5 Aug KEBNEKAJSE – Tyrolens progg och visfest, Bläsinge
11 Aug ÌXTAHUELE – Tiki Oasis, San Diego, USA
18 – 19 Aug ÌXTAHUELE – Fez Tiki 2017, Dipiazzas, Long Beach, USA
2 Sep KEBNEKAJSE – Uppsala Progressive Festival, Uppsala

See you there! More dates to be announced….

And here’s some nice unique goods up for grabs. Vinyl 7″/12″, LPs and books. Records are graded disc/sleeve. Prices in SEK (Swedish Krona) Just send us an email to reserve. Check for approximate exchange rates.

7″ / 12″ vinyl singles


LORRIE COLLINS – Another Man Done Gone / The Lonesome Road (COLUMBIA US 4-41541 US 1959) Vg 280:-
Addictively haunting 1959 rock n roll rarity.


DJ ANTRON – Earthquake 12” (Extreme Creeme) M-/M- 99.-
Official repress Of The 12″ Earthquake That Only Came Out As A Testpressing Back In The Day. Amazing West Coast Electro Track. Pressed on Red Vinyl. Comes In Picture Sleeve.


 ESQUIVEL – To Love Again (RCA Victor EPB-1345 US 1957) Vg+/Vg+Vg 380:-
Early rare and  wild Esquivel release. The master of zany 1950s bachelor pad hi-fi extravaganzas. Great discs. Cover has ringwear and seam splits.


OLUKO IMO –Praise Jah 12” (Invisible City Edition ICE 012 re) M-/M- 199:-
Limited edition Test Pressing version with silk-screened artwork of this unique 1980s total trance extended psychedelic disco masterpiece


PETCH PIN TONG BAND – Thai Northeast Local Music EP (HS 354 Thailand) Vg+/Vg+ 1700:-
Totally mind bending and very rare 70s Thai Luk Tung masterpiece. 4 amazing tracks of which one was comped on the Thai Beat’s. Unique chance to score the original pressing.


RAH BAND – Messages From The Stars (Catfish 1A K062 1653946 EU 1983) M-/Vg+ 490:-
Totally outer space UK electro disco rarity that get’s psychy. Vinyl in close to mint condition. Small price sticker on cover. 


DIANA ROSS – Love Hangover / EDDIE KENDRICKS – Date With The Rain 12” (Motown PR-31 re) M- 599:-
Rare reissue of psychedelic disco double whammy. Two killer extended part trancy disco mixes for way deep angel dust trips.


SAHARA-JA – I’m An Arabian Knight 12” (Left Ear A re) M-/M- 110:-
New reissue of rare, unusual and amazing trancy druggy Australian electronic funk soul 12” originally released back in the 1980s.


VAMPIRE EP (TO THE DEATH TTD 020 2012 Sweden 2013) M/Ex 290:-
First press x 500 Goat Yellow 45 rpm Pressed at 45 rpm instead of 33 rpm as stated on labels. Includes a flyer with information about this. The flyer was included only via Vampire’s webshop. Disc is M unplayed copy. The sleeve is Ex (has a little bumped upper right corner and seam split on the back inner bag from shipping

Vinyl LPs


ALICE COOPER – Pretties For You (Straight STS 1051UK 1969) Vg++/Vg+ 990:-
Original uncensored UK 1st edition in gatefold sleeve with an authentic Alice Cooper autograph on the back.


BALL (Horny HOR-666-LP1)
Still some copies in stock but they are moving quickly. The album comes in a couple of different limited edition sets:
DELUXE BIG BALLS PACKAGE LP 180 g transparent red with black splatter vinyl LP ltd 285 copies + Poster + Ball black devil t-shirt +Ball devil felt patch 460:-
BALL LIMITED EDITION SPLATTER LP 180 g transparent red with black splatter vinyl LP ltd 285 copies only available here + Gatefold sleeve + Poster 280:-
BALL regular LP
Black 140 gram vinyl LP limited edition of 700 copies + Gatefold sleeve + poster 200:-
BALL CD: Digi-pack CD 99:-
The debut album is finally out! One deranged album housed in a gatefold sleeve. Intensely disturbed, dirty, smut peddling, Swedish slime hardrock-psych-madness from the deepest cesspool of humanity.  Fucked up subhuman fuzz guitars. Depraved, screaming vocals. Gut rumbling bass and caveman drums. A nightmare of revolting sounds. Ball is hardrock from hell. This is the much-anticipated follow up to the bands acclaimed Fyre Balls single. Ball´s debut album is a deranged hard rock psych tour-de-force that will have you gasping…and gagging. Parental advisory – inside of the gatefold cover features explicit X-rated content. Buy at your own risk!


BEATLES – Abbey Road (Apple PCS 7088 UK 1969)Ex/Vg+ 999:-
Unusual and rare 1st pressing XEX 749-1 // XEX 750-1 Disc is clean and shiny Ex with only a few hairlines that does not affect play. The sleeve is perfect except for a little blemish on the lower backside where’s there’s some whitening and creases like it got a blow there. Not very noticeable.


BIANCHI & THE JUNGLE SEX-TET – Music To Play In The Dark (Hi-Standard LP-101US 1956) Vg+ /Vg+ ss rw cw 360:-
Special early exotica mystic late night beatnik vibe. Featuring several Eden Ahbez compositions that are not available elswhere. Disc is M- ecept for a mark on side B.


RUPA BISWAS  – DISCO JAZZ (Ovular re) New 230:-
Exact re-issue of super-rare disco album originally released in 1982 in India. Disco Jazz was the only record by Indian singer Rupa Biswas released and it was recorded in Canada with a team of Canadian disco elites. Includes the fantastic cosmic disco nugget ‘Aaj Shanibar’.


CAPTAIN BEYOND (Capricorn CP 0105 US 1972) Ex/Vg++ 400:-
Almost perfect copy of the original US 1st pressing of this legendary mindblowing hardrock psych banger with the cool 3D cover.


CREAM – DISRAELI GEARS (REACTION 593 003 UK 1967)   Ex-/ Vg++  900:-
Fantastic UK mono original (and that’s how you want to hear this amazing album) with A1 – B1 matrixes and fully laminated cover with a perfect spine. Vinyl has very gentle edgewarp not affecting play.


PETER DAVISON – Glide (Avocado AR 102 US 1981) M-/Ex 500:-Black vinyl 1st edition of this real new age masterpiece.


 ROBERT DRASNIN – Voodoo Exotic Music From Polynesia And The Far East (TOPS L1679 US 1959) EX-/VG++ 700:-
One of the best exotica albums ever and with a stunning sleeve to match. Ex-vinyl and a shiny with only a few superficial imperfections and a small sticker on label side B. Vg++ sleeve with hardly any cover wear only a seam split on the top and spine seam.


DEAN ELLIOT –  Zounds! What Sounds! (CAPITOL T1818 US 1962) VG+/VG 220:-
Fantastic and surreal space age bachelor pad masterpiece. Cover has some ringwear, seam splits, H2O damage (some paper tissue stuck to lower right part of the cover, stains and slight tears on the back and a partly wavy look. But it’s still very much presentable.


FABIO FABOR –  MR. DIABOLICUS – MR. MYSTERIOUS    (Schema I re) NEW      270:-
Given his fascination with obscure and esoteric topics, an interest that lasted throughout his whole career as a composer of library music, Fabio Fabor must have been diabolic and mysterious for real. The Milan-born composer, who passed away in 2011, had always showcased a darker side compared to other fellow musicians of his era. A side that is well portrayed in works like the famous masterpiece ‘Pape Satan’, or ‘Satanas’, which is included in the very accessible ‘B 81’ (Serie Usignolo) or in this splendid and experimental ‘Mr. Diabolicus – Mr. Mysterious’. This is still a library music release, but it is kind of difficult to imagine TV or radio shows accompanied by tracks like ‘Neutroni’, ‘Mr. Mysterious’, ‘Fucina Diabolica’ or ‘Idillio Cosmico’. Originally from 1973, now reissued.


FIRYUZA       (Nedostovaemoe R re) NEW   250:-
Firyuza was an instrumental Turkmenian ethnic/prog/jazz/fusion band, founded in 1979 in the USSR. The group won the first prize at the sixth All-Union Entertainers Competition in Leningrad, thus gaining the privilege of releasing an album on the Melodiya label. The resulting eponymous work blends improvised prog-rock, psychedelic jazz/rock and funk fusion with strong ethnic flavors. The seven members imitated sounds of traditional Turkmen instruments, such as dutar, dili tuiduk, and g’ijjak, on regular keyboards, guitars, saxophone, flute, and violin. Original copies in decent condition are very rare nowadays, bumping the price up to $500-600 and making Firyuza one of the “holy grails” of Soviet psych jazz from Central Asia, together with the Gunesh and Dos-Mukasan LP’s. This awaited reissue edition is limited to 300 copies. Originally released in 1979.


HIPSVILLE Vol. 3 – Return Of The Frozen Few (Kramden Kran-Mar 103) M-/Vg+ 90:-
Ultimate Kicks magazine cool Billy Miller 60’s frat garage punk comp.


V/A: ITTIOLOGIA (Cardium K 501 I 1973) Ex/Ex 1800:-
Rare and mindbending Italian library album of the first order. Way deep abstract and ambient electronica. Features maestros Allesandro Alessandroni, Amedeo Tommasi, Atmo and Franco Tamponi. Cover has German library sticker on front and running order fixed with tape on back. Top edge is worn approx. 5cm with a slight split from storage.


STEVE MONITE – Only You (PMG G re) NEW 230:-
Only You’ is a prime slab of Nigerian boogie. It’s sinewy, compact and sexy, a little bit of disco mixed with a big dose of funk. Loose and groovy, it’s a sonic seduction from another dimension. Originally released on His Master’s Voice in Nigeria in 1984, now back on vinyl.


THOMAS MORTON – Caribbean Escape (Finbro House Music FHM-501 US 1987) M-/Ex 2999:-
How does one describe this one-of-a-kind utterly surreal, and extremely rare and unknown, album from another dimension? Real people genius from Florida hallucinates about a dream trip to the Caribbean backed by a crew of relaxed but highly skilled musician. The mix is a marriage in real psychedelic heaven. File next to Bobb Trimble for the heavies real 1980s psych rarities. Was sealed and shrink opened and played once. M- disc has a slight warp like I heard most copies of this extreme rarity have. Plays perfect on my 2 g weight stylus. Cover is still in shrink but has some slight whitening on the upper and lower left corner from storage.


SHIRLEY NANETTE – Never Coming Back (Satara SATS-9 US 1973) M-/M- 840:-
Perfect rare original copy of this heavy femme soul jazz album with some psychedelic flashes from 1973. Cover still in shrink.


NINO NARDINI – Musique Pour Le Futur (WRWTFWW 013 S RE) NEW 270:-
Nino Nardini’s experimental/musique concrète/sci-fi masterpiece is available for the first time since 1970 and housed in a phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark heavy cardboard sleeve from… the future! Originally recorded for Crea Sound Ltd, ‘Musique Pour Le Futur’ finds French composer, arranger, producer, possible time traveler, and all around music library legend Nino Nardini experimenting with synthesizers, percussions, prepared piano, echo, and special effects. Fans of electronic oddities, eerie cinematic audio-landscapes, Piero Umiliani or Bernard Parmegiani will rejoice at this full-length musical adventure that could very well be the soundtrack for a film in which characters from a ’70s Italian horror movie visit a distant (forbidden) planet from a ’50s sci-fi-movie.


ONSTAGE MAJORITY – Solo Flight (Private OM 896 US 1971) M-/Ex 630:-
Nicest copy I’ve ever seen of “Solo Flight” from this surreal Chicago lounge act that was championed heavily by the early psych mafia crowd. I first heard this in Paul major’s house so you could say it was pretty much the perfect setting. The album opener #For Now” with goofy moog, fuzz & effects is the killer here and one of four originals. Their “Hair medley” is also entertaining with absurd mock star vocals.


PEBBLES VOL 10 (AIP BFD-5027 US RE) M-/VG+ 120:-
Original 1st press of this classic com of rare US garage and psych 45s.


THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE Vol 2 (Mystic re) M-/Vg+ 270:-
Now rare and excellent comp of mega obscure US 45s not available on any LPs. Includes the red insert sheet. 11/500


SEEDS –Raw & Alive In Concert At Merlin’s Music Box (GNP Crescendo GNPS 2043 US) M-/Vg+ 140:-
Really great (pseudo) live album from 1968. Their wildest recording. Killer west coast garage psych. This is a genuine early pressing of this orange label edition from the 1970s. Not the later reissue.

Träd gräs och stenar tack för kaffet trad gras och stenar thanks for the coofee

 TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR – Tack för kaffet (So Long) (Subliminal Sounds/Gåshud SUB-118-LP G2017-3V)
2LP on clear vinyl – limited edition 250 copies. 300:-
CD 99:-
The long awaited new album from the legendary pioneers of transcendental psychedelic rock music and DIY culture in general. Tack för Kaffet is a tribute to founding members Torbjörn Abelli and Thomas Mera Gartz, both of whom contributed to the album before their deaths, and forms something of a farewell show for the old Träd Gräs och Stenar, with all the old and new members – cofounder Bo Anders Persson, Abelli, Gartz, Jakob Sjöholm, Sigge Krantz, and Reine Fiske (Dungen, The Amazing) – playing and contributing. Recorded live to tape in the band’s countryside music workshop, these seven mind-melting improvisations travel beyond time and space and through the magical unknown, a manifestation of the timelessly organic music and free creation that has been a TGS hallmark since their formation in 1969.


TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR –Djungelns Lag CD (1/2 Special US re) NEW 99:-
New in sealed shrink wrap but the plastic CD case inside has some cracks.


VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO (Verve V6-5008 US 1967) EX+/EX OFFERS (let me know what you think it’s worth to you).
Very very nice clean Ex+ original disc with just some hairlines that does not affect play. and Vg+++ sleeve with the complete banana peel still in place (only has a tear over the top part but it’s still fully intact). Also has the original Verve inner sleeve . A very fine copy indeed


VILE VINYL Vol II (High Noon US re) Ex+/Vg+++ 199:-
Rare now and long gone cool comp of mega obscure US 60s garage and psych 45s issued back in the mid-80s garage heyday.



In 1973, El Perfecto Comics was organized by Aline Kominsky and published by The Print Mint to raise funds for the Timothy Leary Defense Fund. Leary had been jailed on drug possession charges and faced 25 years in prison (eventually, he squealed on his dealers and got off). The comic features 31 underground artists contributing mostly one-pagers about drug experiences (primarily LSD). The majority of the stories convey a negative experience, but usually with a ripe sense of humor (unlike some other anti-drug comics). The best of all the stories may be Sharon Rudahl’s “Acid Revolution.”


THE FAMILY ACID JAMAICA (Family Acid US 2017) M 690:-
An amazingly drugged out photo book deluxe extravaganza. The Family Acid Jamaica showcases 40+ years of photography from Roger Steffens’ trips to the island. Hardcover, 88 pages. Full color. Limited edition. Signed by the author and one of the first 500 that come with a special one-off Peter Tosh postcard.


THE GREAT POSTER TRIP: ART EUREKA – Cummings G. Walker / Richard D. Teater (COYNE & BLANCHARD Inc.   1968) Ex 240:-
One of the first psychedelic poster books. An irreplaceable resource for studying the poster art of the West Coast during the 60’s. Most of the examples shown come from 1967.


 LSD – Richard Alpert (The New American Library 1966) Ex- 250:-
Scarce early softcover First Edition (First Printing) of the 128 page edition of LSD by Richard Alpert, Sidney Cohen, with Forward and Photography by Lawrence Schiller. One of the first books on the subject of LSD, published the same year that it was outlawed in the United States. A classic of the counter-culture, author Richard Alpert later changed his name to Ram Dass and became the spiritual teacher and the author of the seminal 1971 book “Be Here Now”. He is also known for his personal and professional associations with Timothy Leary at Harvard University in the early 1960s, where they were among the first in the U.S. to study LSD and related psychedelics, and from which both were dismissed for those same studies, or perhaps for the effects the drugs were having on their professional responsibilities.


PHANEROTHYME – A Western Approach To The Religious Use of Psychochemicals – LISA BIEBERMAN (Psychedelic Information Center US 1968) Ex 360:-
Very rare original printing of this very cool 1968 book pamphlet. Takes its name from Aldous Huxley early term for “psychedelics”. While studying at Harvard University, Lisa Bieberman volunteered at Timothy Leary’s office, later helping him with daily operations at Millbrook and acting as circulation manager for The Psychedelic Review. After graduating in 1963, Lisa opened the Psychedelic Information Center near Harvard Square, where for a few years she sold photo-offset reprints of various topical publications, along with her own writings. She dreamed that similar information centers would someday be available in every major city, providing advice and factual data for people interested in learning about the potential benefits and possible pitfalls of psychedelics. In 1965, Lisa started publishing the bimonthly Psychedelic Information Center Bulletin; 35 issues were produced in total. In their 1967 book LSD–The Problem-Solving Psychedelic, authors Peter Stafford and Bonnie Golightly describe the PIC Bulletin as “the outstanding example of an LSD newsletter, focused around events associated with the burgeoning ‘psychedelic information centers.'” Within her booklet Session Games People Play: A Manual for the Use of LSD, Lisa shared her no-nonsense advice for those considering trying psychedelics.


The White Rabbit and Other Delights: East Totem West : A Hippie Company, 1967-1969 (Alan Bishort US 1996) Ex 199:-
In 1967-1968, a small group of immensely talented people in the San Francisco Bay Area came together to form a short-lived but highly inventive poster and note card company, East Totem West. Its founder, Joseph McHugh, took the poster – heretofore used primarily as a travel enticement or concert announcement – to a new, revolutionary place: the poster as art. he began creating images – through the process of printing – that harkened to acid-trip visions and spiritual mandalas – posters and note cards that sold by the thousands to the growing generation of hippies, freethinkers, bohemians, and individualists who were thriving in San Francisco and had begun to find themselves all over America. – It was as much a function of the place and times as it was the combination of people that made East Totem West happen: the Bay Area was host to several underground newspapers (The Berkeley Barb, the Black Panther Party Paper, the Oracle, among others), influential personalities (Alan Watts, Bill Graham, Ken Kesey), a music revolution (Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, etc.) and no fewer than five college campuses. Posters were the medium of choice, and poster stores enjoyed a heyday that has never been approximated. It was the perfect time for East Totem West to create, produce and distribute its vital artwork. — After the preface, a history, and a profile of Irene (Pshorr) and Joe McHugh, there are many full color pages of the posters and note cards.


OEI # 71-72 Mix-Up/Dig-Out : Utanför-det absoluta-stadssystemet-aktiviteter; publiceringspraktiker & andra saker – Stephen Willats NEW 230:-
In Swedish only! An incredible archival book (thicker than and a brick) with unique picture and text material on the original Digger movement in England in the 17th century who inspired the diggers of the 1960s. So lotsa unique coverage of the 1960s Diggers and the wealth of material they produced as well.  Also and incredible essay and photos on utopian Kimbo Kift movement in the UK during the 1920s and much much MUCH more. OEI #71-72 2016: Mix-Up/Dig-Out: Utanför-det-absoluta-stadssystemet-aktiviteter; publiceringspraktiker; Stephen Willats; & andra saker (624 sidor) fokuserar spänningsfältet mellan stad och landsbygd, och dess möjliga upphävande, i en lång rad text- och bildprojekt av/om bland annat Mårten Björk, Bodo Hell, Helena Eriksson och Emilio Araúxo, Annebella Pollen, Kibbo Kift, Peter Jackson, Johan Jönson, Verner Boström, Mai Corlin, Rasmus Graff, Mathias Kokholm, Ou Ning och hans Bishankommun i Kina, Giovanni Rossi och den anarkistiska gemenskapen Cecilia i Brasilien, Tommy Tommie och Bildaktivisterna samt Norrlandsbulletinen och Norrbottens Bildgrupp, Sven Dalsgaard, Poul Pedersen, Gerrard Winstanley och Diggers-rörelsen under mitten av 1600-talet i England. Numret gräver också djupt i Marx relation till geologi (se framförallt Johan Redins “En underjordiskt inspärrad storm – stratigrafi och politisk geologi hos Karl Marx”), i de konstnärligt-litterära publiceringspraktikernas omvandlingar sedan 1960-talet och framåt, genom bidrag av/om bland annat San Francisco Diggers, Communication Company och Free Press under det sena 60-talet, INCA, Katarina Elvén och Louise Lawler, Hinrich Sachs och Claus Böhmler, Gefn Press, Imri Sandström, Publication Studio, Mount Analogue, Rasmus Graff, David Jourdan, Kristen Mueller, Michalis Pichler, Sylvie Boulanger, Lasse Krog Møller, Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, Thomas Hvid Kromann, Manfred Mohr, Olle Essvik och Skaraborgs museum museum. Numret innehåller även en nittiosidig sektion med en intervju med samt en rad tidigare opublicerade texter av den engelske konstnären Stephen Willats, kring hans arbete med tidskriften Control Magazine och en lång rad sociala konstprojekt sedan 1960-talet och framåt. Dessutom finns i OEI #71-72 en introduktion till den italienska konstkritikern och feministen Carla Lonzi.